Poll: Who Ya Got: Defensive Line?
Which of the 32 NFL teams has the best defensive line? Here are a round up of the top five options, make sure to vote for your favorite below!

1. New York Giants: Olivier Vernon, Jason Pierre-Paul, Johnathan Hankins, Damon Harrison, Kerry Wynn

2. Carolina Panthers: Kawann Short, Charles Johnson, Star Lotulelei, Kony Ealy, Vernon Butler

3. New York Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, Jarvis Jenkins, Steve McLendon

4. Los Angeles Rams: Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, William Hayes, Michael Brockers, Dominique Easley, Eugene Sims

5. Cincinnati Bengals: Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson, Domata Peko, Pat Sims

On Monday February 1st, I attended Media Day as a Reporter for NFL Rush for the second consecutive year. Unlike last year, the event was now being televised in Primetime on The NFL Network. Media Day is now known as "Opening Night" for the Super Bowl.

The day started at 3:00 PM when I picked up my Media Day Credentials at the SAP Center in San Jose. After I received my credentials, I walked the floor of the arena to get my bearings, which is my favorite part of the whole day. As I walked around I could feel the excitement in the building as fans began to file in and as camera crews scrambled for the best spot to film the day. A band was blaring overhead, although I wasn’t really paying attention. I took that first half to walk around and just soak it all in. There were eleven gold podiums setup across the back of the floor with a large replica of the Golden Gate Bridge above them.

As I was walking around the floor I met Rich Eisen who was nice enough to invite me to the NFL Network set at Media Day. As I toured the set, I got to take a picture with the Lombardi Trophy, which goes to the winning team of the Super Bowl! As if that wasn’t cool enough out of nowhere the coach of the winning Pro Bowl team, and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin photo bombed my picture!

After that, it was time for the Broncos Media Day session to begin. The Broncos were brought out one by one on the bridge and then walked down the stairs to reach the arena floor. As soon as that happened, the 60-minute session began. For the first 10 minutes I had no luck with interviews. The podiums of Owen Daniels and Aqib Talib were just too crowded. I finally got to ask Chris Harris Jr. a question. I asked him, "what adjustments the Denver secondary was going to make this week facing a very fast Carolina receiving group." He answered, " Everyone just has to do their job.

 We have been through the test when it comes to covering good receivers if you have a look at our schedule. We have seen it all and now we just have to go out there and cover our guy and not change who we are." After that I found my confidence and quickly got interviews with Malik Jackson and Bradley Roby. Now there was 20 minutes left. I wanted to get a couple more big names under my belt, so I took a glanced over at Peyton Manning on the podium but, it was still packed. I looked to my left, and Coach Kubiak on the podium had freed up. I asked Coach Kubiak “What the message you have been preaching to his team all week.” He told me, "I just told them to be themselves and be who they are because that is what has gotten them here and put us in this position to win the Super Bowl." With only 5 minutes left I made my way over to Von Miller. I wanted to know how the Broncos stopped Tom Brady last week. Even Von Miller himself had no idea, his response was," I don’t know we just played really well, I really don’t know.” With that, the Broncos Media Session was done.

Next there was a 45-minute break where the Media has access to food and drinks. After that, I was ready to meet the Panthers. I knew I only had 1 hour left in Media Day and I wanted to make it count. I got off to a great start by asking Jonathan Stewart, "What the biggest lesson the team had learned throughout the regular season that they have applied to the playoffs.” He answered, “ Just being yourself. We have had people all year that have doubted us, so we just be ourselves and have fun doing it.” Next, I went on to interview Jerricho Cotchery, and Charles Tillman, I then went up to Greg Olson on the podium and I asked him, “Why do you think you have been able to be so effective this year.” He responded, “ I am not really sure. I have been improving steadily the past 4 years. I take great pride in how I prepare for games every week and how I carry myself on and off the field. It just all came together for me this year." After Olson, I interviewed Ryan Kali, Thomas Davis, and Star Lotulelei. I finished the day off with a Luke Kuechly interview. I asked him "What the key to success would be to get his 3rd consecutive pick six in the playoffs." He said, "We'll he have to hope for some pass rush, because he (Peyton Manning) is very smart with the football and won’t give you a lot of chances to get a turnover. But I just have to drop back and hopefully make a play." Just like that the buzzer went off and Media Day was over.

Other notable highlights for the day include, having a chance to talk to Chris Berman from ESPN. Meeting Marshall Faulk and former New York Giants Osi Umenyiora. While most seem to be picking the Panthers, I asked Osi who he had winning the game. He responded, "If DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller could get loose it would be a very long day for the Carolina offense." However, the highlight of the day for the fans, or at least the loudest cheers of the day, were reserved for San Francisco 49ers own Jerry Rice. Jerry took the number 80 of a fan jersey, put it on and the crowd went crazy.

It truly was a remarkable day and one I will never forget!

-Kid Reporter Jake

The Panthers have some BIG players!

So big that we have no idea how they all fit on one airplane. Maybe you can help us figure it out by putting the following players in order from tallest to shortest.
A. Star Lotulelei
B. Kawaan Short
C. Shaq Thompson

See the Answer

Carolina Panthers (17-1) vs. Denver Broncos (14-4)

Carolina vs. Denver History

1997 at Denver- 34-0 Broncos
2004 at Denver- 20-17 Broncos
2008 at Carolina- 30-10 Panthers
2012 at Carolina- 36-14 Broncos

The Carolina Panthers Road to Super Bowl 50
Carolina is the number one seed in the NFC and finished the regular season at a great record of 15-1. They won the NFC South by 7 games and got a first round bye. In the Divisional round they played the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks had made it to the Super Bowl two years in a row. In the Wild Card round they faced the Minnesota Vikings in very cold weather. The Seahawks won 10-9 on the missed Blair Walsh kick with 26 seconds left.

Carolina came out very strong in the Divisional game. At halftime they lead 24-0. In the second half Seattle started to comeback. It was a great comeback by Seattle but the Panthers held on to win only by 7 points. In their next game they would need to face the Arizona Cardinals at home. The Arizona Cardinals were the second best team in the NFL by record at 14-3 and they had the best offense in the league. Carolina again went ahead early and toOe a 17-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. Unlike Seattle, the Cardinals did not comeback at all. Carolina later went on to win 49-15 and to be 2015 NFC champs.

Breaking Down the Panthers
The Carolina Panthers have been amazing this year. They won their first 14 games before losing to the Atlanta Falcons. Many people thought that Carolina would not be as good without rookie star wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. Many other people have stepped in his place. First, tight end Greg Olsen has had another amazing year and is a Pro Bowler. They also have Philly Brown, Ted Ginn Jr, Jerricho Cotchery, Ed Dickson, and rookie Devin Funchess.

Carolina also has a very good running game. They have Pro Bowler Jonathan Stewart as there leading rusher. As their second leading rusher they have quarterback Cam Newton. Newton is amazing in so many ways. He can do a good QB draw, he can escape the pocket and get many yards, he can also drop back and be one of the best pocket passers in the league.

Another good rusher is Pro Bowl FB Mike Tolbert, who is also great at blocking. They also have Fozzy Whittacker and rookie Cameron Artis- Payne. They also have great blocking with two Pro Bowl offensive lineman with Trai Turner and Ryan Kalil. The rest of the offensive line is great. Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula has done a great job calling the offense. Another great coach they have is head coach Ron Rivera who will probably be the Coach of the year.

Carolina Panthers defense is just as good. They have defensive lineman Charles Johnson, Star Lotulelei, Pro Bowler Kawann Short, and Jared Allen. At linebacker they have former defensive player of the year Luke Kuechly, Pro bowler Thomas Davis, and rookie Shaq Thompson. Their defense is close to being as good as the Broncos defense. For defensive backs they have Pro Bowler Josh Norman, Charles Tillman, Roman Harper, and Kurt Coleman. They also have a great kicker with Graham Gano who is 32 for 38 in field goals this season, Sadly, none of the Pro Bowlers on the Panthers will be playing in the Pro Bowl game.

What Carolina Must Do to Win
All Carolina needs to do is be classic Carolina Panthers and just do what they have been doing the whole season. The Panthers has a great chance of bringing Carolina their first Super Bowl trophy.

Denver Broncos Road to Super Bowl 50
The Broncos were also dominant. They also won their division and got the number one seed in their conference. In the regular season they went 12-4 and won their division. They had the first round buy also. In the second round they went on to play the number 6 seed Steelers. Many people did not think that Peyton Manning was still able to play good football and lead the team. In that game the Broncos most scored on field goals by Brandon McManus. McManus had 5 field goals. The Steelers also played good football but then Denver pulled ahead after a big fumble by a Steelers running back. The Broncos held on to win that game 23-16. The next team that the Broncos would have to face was the mighty New England Patriots.

The Broncos where very big underdogs coming into the game They toke an early 7-point lead in the first quarter. The Patriots got a touchdown but Patriots’ Pro Bowl kicker Stephen Gostkowski mist the extra point. It was the first PAT he missed since 2006, and it was a big miss. At half time the Broncos were up 17-9. It was a defensive battle. At the two minute warning the Broncos led 20-12 but the Patriots were driving downfield. They got a big fourth down conversion but they had another fourth down at the 3-yard line. On that play Tom Brady was being pressured and throw it up to the back of the end zone and tight end Rob Gronkowski made a great catch but the Patriots didn’t get the two-point conversion and the Broncos went to the Super Bowl.

Breaking Down the Broncos
The Denver Broncos have been a great football team the whole year. They were undefeated for their first 7 games before losing to the colts. Later in the year Peyton Manning was out and backup Brock Osweiler had to come in. The Broncos got new coach Gary Kubiak after getting rid of coach John Fox. Kubiak has done a great job coaching his Denver Broncos. Another great coach on the Broncos is defensive coordinator Wade Philips. Wade Philips is the coordinator on one of the best defenses of all time. The leaders of the Broncos defense are outside linebackers Von Miller and Demarcus Ware. The Broncos had a very good defensive line and Linebackers but their Defensive backs mite be just as good as the rest. They have shutdown cornerbacks Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr, and Bradley Roby. They also have great safeties: T.J Ward, and Darian Stewart. Up front they have Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Demarcus Ware, Von Miller, and rookie Shane Ray. Their defense will have to shut down Cam Newton and the mighty Panthers offense to have chance to win the Super Bowl.

They also have a good offense. Brock Osweiler looked like he would be the playoff starter after he had played great as a backup to Peyton Manning but in the final game of the regular season against the San Diego the Broncos were losing by a lot and the Broncos put in Peyton Manning. The Broncos won that game and he has started every game since. Denver also has a good offensive line. A struggle they is the running game. Some games the running game is good and so games it is bad. Their main running backs are C.J Anderson, and Ronnie Hillman. The Broncos have great receivers. They have Emmanuel Sanders who is having the best season of his career, Demaryius Thomas, Cody Latimer, Andre Caldwell, Owen Daniels, and Virgil Green.

What Denver Must Do to Win
There are many things that Denver has to do to win the Super Bowl. First they need Manning to had a way better game than he has been having. Also, they need their running game to be great. Another thing they have to is to shut down the Panthers great offense. Then, they need to get their offense moving and to have a great passing game. The Broncos have a small chance of winning but if they can do those things they might be able to pull off an upset and beat the Carolina Panthers and win the Super Bowl.

I think that the Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl 44-7. I think that because in the last two games they have started out great and with Arizona they ended great. The Panthers have so much more skill then the Broncos. The Panthers have a Pro Bowler at almost every position. I think that the Broncos are not good enough to beat the Carolina Panthers.

-Kid Reporter Nate
Hey guys! Kid reporter Jacob here to say I hope you enjoyed the happy Pro Bowl! This week my article is on the Super Bowl.

I would also like to give a shout out to Captainkirk1738 for suggesting this. I took the Panthers and Broncos rosters and created this list of the 50 Best Super Bowl 50 Players list so here you go:


QB Cam Netwon
RB C.J. Anderson
FB Mike Tolbert
WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Ted Ginn Jr.
TE Greg Olsen
T Michael Oher
G Louis Vasquez
C Ryan Kalil
G Max Garcia
T Mike Remmers
K Graham Gano

DE Jared Allen
DE Derek Wolfe
NT Star Lotulelei
OLB DeMarcus Ware
OLB Von Miller
MLB Thomas Davis
MLB Luke Kuechly
CB Josh Norman
CB Aqib Talib
SS T. J. Ward
FS Kurt Coleman
P Britton Colquitt

Thanks for reading. Please comment below with suggestions for my next article and you may get a shout out like Captainkirk1738 did.

-This is Kid Reporter Jacob signing off for now.
cardsfan1998 just scored 381 points in Frankfurter Fling!
Hey guys! Kid reporter Jacob here to say happy Pro Bowl! This week my article is on the Super Bowl. I also would like to give a shout out to captainkirk1738 for suggesting this. I took the Panthers and

Broncos rosters and created this Super Bowl 50 best players list so here you go:

QB Cam Netwon
RB C.J. Anderson
FB Mike Tolbert
WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Ted Ginn Jr.
TE Greg Olsen
T Michael Oher
G Louis Vasquez
C Ryan Kalil
G Max Garcia
T Mike Remmers
K Graham Gano

DE Jared Allen
DE Derek Wolfe
NT Star Lotulelei
OLB DeMarcus Ware
OLB Von Miller
MLB Thomas Davis
MLB Luke Kuechly
CB Josh Norman
CB Aqib Talib
SS T. J. Ward
FS Kurt Coleman
P Britton Colquitt

Thanks for reading. Please comment below with suggestions for my next article and you may get a shout out like captainkirk1738 did.

This is Kid Reporter Jacob signing off for now .
 Star Lotulelei: DT, Utah Carolina Panthers – 14th Pick Overall   The Panthers expect DT Star Lotulelei’s combination of size and agility will make him the ideal cornerstone of their defensive line.   5 Random Facts 1. His last name is pronounced LOH-too-LEL-ay.   2. He helped lead Bingham High School to a 14-0 record and the state championship.   3. During his senior year at Utah, he recorded 42 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 pass breakups, 4 fumble recoveries and

Star Lotulelei: DT, Utah

Carolina Panthers – 14th Pick Overall


The Panthers expect DT Star Lotulelei’s combination of size and agility will make him the ideal cornerstone of their defensive line.


5 Random Facts

1. His last name is pronounced LOH-too-LEL-ay.


2. He helped lead Bingham High School to a 14-0 record and the state championship.


3. During his senior year at Utah, he recorded 42 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 pass breakups, 4 fumble recoveries and 3 forced fumbles. 


4. Star was the first Utah lineman to be drafted in the first round since 1995 (Luther Ellis).


5. He was born in Tonga.

In an effort to embrace the community, Carolina Panthers DL Star Lotulelei went to his first NASCAR race. WR Tavon Austin has been getting some reps at RB for the Rams. Buffalo Bills QB E.J. Manuel has been focusing on improving his footwork. A name to remember for fantasy football this year is RB Giovani Bernard. Word out of the Bengals camp is that he’s been opening eyes with both runs and catches. Miami Dolphins first pick, DE Dion Jordan, was one of many players around the league

In an effort to embrace the community, Carolina Panthers DL Star Lotulelei went to his first NASCAR race.

WR Tavon Austin has been getting some reps at RB for the Rams.

Buffalo Bills QB E.J. Manuel has been focusing on improving his footwork.

A name to remember for fantasy football this year is RB Giovani Bernard. Word out of the Bengals camp is that he’s been opening eyes with both runs and catches.

Miami Dolphins first pick, DE Dion Jordan, was one of many players around the league unable to participate in OTAs because his school year was not over yet.

WR DeAndre Hopkins has excelled so far and is already running with the Texans first team.

Jets QB Geno Smith has been working to improve the accuracy of his throws. Additional reps should easily remedy these types of timing issues.

LB Manti Te’o has impressed the Chargers players and coaches so far.

Former rugby player, Lawrence Okoye, has flashed a ton of athleticism in the 49ers camp.

A couple QBs looking good so far are Oakland’s Tyler Wilson and Kansas City's Tyler Bray.

Poll. Is Cam Newton an elite QB?
It was supposed to be a resurgence for the Panthers with their do-it-all QB, but struggles early in the season derailed their chances.  This team is just a few good pieces away from being a contender, but what are those pieces?

Carolina Panthers

2012 Record: 7-9


Grade: C+


The Good:


    • - Last year's top draft choice, LB Luke Kuechly, was named Defensive Rookie of the Year
  • - They ended the season on a promising 4-game winning streak
  • - After a slow start, QB Cam Newton produced 14 TDs in the final 6 games of the season



The Bad:


  • - Failed to play to early season expectations by opening 2-6
  • - RBs DeAnglo Willams and Jonathan Stewart failed to deliver on their big contracts
  • - Sophomore Jinx: QB Newton’s TD passes, completion percentage, and yards all dipped last year



The Future:

  • - Draft Position #14: DT Star Lotulelei or DT Sheldon Richardson
    • - Free Agent Targets: WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, CB DeAngelo Hall and OT Eric Winston
  • - Trade for: The Panthers could really use a quality veteran QB to mentor Cam Newton



Poll. Where will he go?

I think that Darelle Revis will end up playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2013-14 season. The Jets are just a complete wreck, and they are wasting their money on positions they do not need. The Jets have 4 quarterbacks on their roster that have started an NFL Game in their career. They signed David Garrard, and so far, Tim Tebow is still on the team, which is a loss of about $7.3 million that could be used to strengthen the team in other areas. The Buccaneers have some cap space and I believe that they have an edge in the race to sign him. Revis would be a good fit in Tampa Bay. The weather is better than New Jersey by far. Also, Coach Schiano is a defensive-minded coach and Schiano was the former defensive back coach of the Chicago Bears.

Tampa Bay is looking to draft the DL, Star Lotulelei, who might end up being like former Buccaneers star Warren Sapp. With Revis and Lotulelei in the mix, the Buccaneers will be tough to beat on defense. And with a young offense including Josh Freeman (25) and Doug Martin(24), Revis could be a huge part of their future success, if he stays healthy.


By aaronshark

Poll. What are the chances of the Chargers winning the AFC west division?

The Chargers hopes definitely were a little dimmer when they heard Peyton Manning joined the AFC West at the beginning of the season but winning seven games is still just not enough.  QB Philip Rivers will need to reenergize this team come 2013. 

San Diego Chargers

2012 Record: 7-9


Grade: C


The Good:


  • - LB Shaun Phillips led the team with 9.5 sacks
  • - Even in a “down” year, QB Phillip Rivers threw for 26 TDs with a QB Rating of 88.6
  • - Free agent signings of RB Danny Woodhead and DB Derek Cox



The Bad:


  • - They had the 30th ranked offense in total yards
  • - RB Ryan Mathews gained only 707 yards on a career low 3.8 yards per carry
  • - Their OL gave up the league's 4th most sacks at 49



The Future:


  • - Draft Position #11: G Chance Warmack, NT Star Lotulelei
  • - Free Agent Targets: CB Antoine Winfield, T Andre Smith and RB Ahmad Bradshaw
  • - Trade: RB Ryan Mathews––he’s young enough to have value, but has been disappointing enough to let go


Poll. What will be the most drafted position in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft?

The 2013 NFL Draft is nearing and there is definitely some great talent that could be on your team's roster. Here are my predictions on the first round picks!

1. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs did a fantastic job by getting Alex Smith from the 49ers for a second round pick. Not only did they get rid of their quarterback problem, but they also saved their first round pick to improve on other needs. Their offensive line was definitely lacking, and with explosive Jamaal Charles at running back, a fairly good Dwayne Bowe catching passes, and now Alex Smith, getting an offensive lineman would complete their offense.


Eric Fisher (OT)

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars are actually in a good position, believe it or not. With young wide receivers that will improve in the coming years and a defense that can easily be turned around, the one thing they inevitably need is a quarterback. In a draft short on young quarterbacks (and Alex Smith gone) I believe the Jaguars will take a surprising route.


 Matt Barkley (QB)

3. Oakland Raiders: The Raiders put arguably the worst outside pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Carson Palmer will do for now. What needs to be cleaned up is the defensive end position, especially in a draft with so many available.


Ezekiel Ansah (DE)


4. Philadelphia Eagles: Everything fell apart for the Eagles last year. They simply could not get anything going on either side of the ball. With so many needs, I believe they will draft a linebacker who will make explosive plays on defense.


 Jarvis Jones (LB)

5. Detroit Lions: The Lions have a decent quarterback and the best receiver in the NFL. They have Reggie Bush now, but they lack the blocking to get a dangerous running game going. However, with the eighteenth ranked defense, they should work on the defensive side of the ball, particularly defensive end, with Kyle Vanden Bosch being cut and Cliff Avril leaving Detroit.


Dion Jordan (DE)

6. Cleveland Browns: Rookies Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden made a sufficient duo on the offensive side of the ball. Unfortunately, with Sheldon Brown hitting free agency, the Browns will be lacking a cornerback, which is a spot where they did not have much talent in the first place. Get the best cornerback in the draft.


 Dee Milliner (CB)

7. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals have a solid, underrated defense, a top receiver, and an okay running game now with Rashard Mendenhall. A quarterback is one piece they are missing. If they pick up one of the best quarterbacks in the draft (although there are not many of them) they very well may be in the playoffs this year. 


Geno Smith (QB)

8. Buffalo Bills: Steve Johnson was able to get over 1,000 receiving yards this year, and C.J. Spiller gave a performance well worth an applause. Creating a frightening defense would be great for the Bills. Start by drafting a defensive tackle.


Sheldon Richardson (DT)

9. New York Jets: Sanchez has not come to the point where he is out of reach of being rescued. He needs more resources to work with. Like the Bills, I believe the Jets should get a receiver, except the Jets will not create any duo. They will simply be putting some good talent into that position.


Tavon Austin (WR)

10. Tennessee Titans: Dee Milliner is probably at the top of Tennessee's draft board. Unfortunately for them, by the time the tenth pick comes around, he will probably be gone. There are other cornerback alternatives though!


Desmond Trufant (CB)

11. San Diego Chargers: Like many other teams, the Chargers offensive line is lacking. Because of the variety of offensive linemen in this year's draft, expect them to pick up one of them in the first round.


Chance Warmack (G)

12. Miami Dolphins: Once again, there are as many offensive linemen in this draft as there are defensive ends. The Dolphins need a player with talent in each position on their roster. In the first round, however, I believe they will pick a defensive end.


 Damontre Moore (DE)

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs' secondary was scorched this year after Tampa Bay traded away Aqib Talib and lost Eric Wright due to injury and suspension. To make sure that does not happen again, they should help their secondary, but not if the best two cornerbacks are already drafted. Not to worry. There is plenty of talent elsewhere.


Lane Johnson (OT)

14. Carolina Panthers: The Panthers lone bright spot on defense this year was Luke Keuchly. If they put some other dangerous defensive playmakers around him, Carolina might become one of the better teams in the NFL. They can start by drafting a safety in a league that is starting to depend on safeties more and more.


 Kenny Vaccaro (S)


15. New Orleans Saints: With Sean Payton's suspension over, it is likely that Drew Brees will not throw as many interceptions. With a solid running back and multiple receiving weapons for Brees, the offense should not be near the top of the priority list for the Saints in this year's draft. What should be their concern is their struggling secondary. Although the best two cornerbacks are likely to be already drafted at this point, there are still others.


 Xavier Rhodes (CB)

16. St. Louis Rams: Rams coach Jeff Fisher has defended his quarterback, Sam Bradford, multiple times by stating they need a better offensive line. More blocking up the middle will give Bradford more time in the pocket. Why pass up the opportunity to pick up a guy who can play center, guard, and tackle?


 Jonathan Cooper (C, G, OT)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: With linebacker James Harrison not coming back to play another year with the Steelers due to the lack of ability to stay healthy and salary, Pittsburgh is also likely to start looking for a linebacker in the draft. My prediction for their selection may surprise you, but after he handled the interviewers at the combine, I believe he deserves a second chance.


 Manti T'eo (LB)

18. Dallas Cowboys: As I stated earlier, the safety position is becoming more vital in the NFL. For this reason, I am going to assume the Cowboys have Kenny Vaccaro on their wish list. But if he is gone by this time, they will have to go with another safety.


 Matt Elam (S)

19. New York Giants: It is unfortunate that the former Super Bowl champions did not qualify for the playoffs this year. They had the offense and several playmakers on defense. But those players were not enough to have a consistent defense for the Giants. General manager Jerry Reese loves putting good pass-rushers out on the field, and with Osi Umenyiora entering free agency and Justin Tuck having a down year, expect Reese to put another one out on the line.

 Barkevious Mingo (DE)

20. Chicago Bears: The Bears, I think, will have a great bounce back year after just missing the playoffs in 2012 due to a second-half meltdown. To make their playoff run longer, they should draft an offensive lineman to give Jay Cutler more time in the pocket. This would make Chicago's deep pass play threat larger. This would also mean that Jay Cutler would not have to scramble as much, which has led to injury several times.


D.J. Fluker (OT)


21. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have a solid quarterback, another top receiver, and can squeeze some yards out of BenJarvus Green-Ellis when they want to. To get a middle linebacker would be a good strategy for Cincinnati. By improving their defense, they will get to the playoffs for a third straight year, and perhaps even win a game in there.


 Kevin Reddick (LB)

22. St. Louis Rams: Oh look! The Rams get another pick! Well, the linebacker position has been a problem. It would not be logical to pick another offensive lineman, which is one of their big problems, so fix your other big problem.


Alec Olgetree (LB)


23. Minnesota Vikings: Percy Harvin will not be back with the Vikings, and even if he stayed, they have inconsistent receivers to play behind him. Minnesota should draft a wide receiver with good hands.


 Keenan Allen (WR)


24. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts did surprisingly well this year, considering they had the No. 1 pick last year. To make themselves even better, they should draft a good cornerback to cover the opposing team's best receiver. It seems as if Indianapolis's option is obvious.


Jonathan Banks (CB)

25. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawk's defense played tremendously well this year, but they lacked a pass-rusher that could make offensive coordinators go, "So how are we going to stop him today?" That can easily be fixed by drafting the best defensive tackle available.


 Sharrif Floyd (DT)

26. Green Bay Packers: I do not think that the decision of cutting Charles Woodson helped the team at all. In fact, I think it actually hurt the team a lot. Now that Woodson is gone, the Packers will need to find a way to replace him. But the fact that they pick twenty-sixth will not give them many players to work with in the draft. Try to get a tight-end since Jermichael Finley might not stay.


 Tyler Eifert (TE)


27. Houston Texans: Four players who play the middle linebacker position for the Texans are all questionable as starters for various reasons. There are a few linebackers available in this year's draft, and fortunately for the Texans, one of them should still be around.


 Kevin Minter (LB)

28. Denver Broncos: Running back is a good way for the Broncos to go. Denver's starting running back, Willis McGahee is reaching the end of his career, and he needs to pack his bags. There is a possibility that a running back will not be picked in this year's draft by this pick, so the Broncos might get the best one available if they decide to go that route.


Eddie Lacy (RB)

29. New England Patriots: The Patriots have a very good chance of getting a decent defensive tackle. That is fortunate for them since they did not have much of an interior pass rush last year. Get a defensive tackle and improve your defense while leaving Tom Brady to do his magic on the other side of the ball.  


Star Lotulelei (DT)


30. Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan has put himself in the position where he is fighting to get into the category of elite. Michael Turner was cut, but I would not worry about the running game. The passing game has Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez. Enough said there. Defensively, the Falcons could pick up an end to improve their team.


Datone Jones (DE)

31. San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers trading Alex Smith for a second round pick was a great move. Now with three picks in the first two rounds and a history of nailing the draft the last two years, expect San Francisco to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Strong, athletic, and monstrous. These are the words that describe the defensive end they should take to put on the line with Justin and Aldon Smith backed up by Patrick Willis.


Margus Hunt (DE)

32. Baltimore Ravens: Finally, the pick of the Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens. Putting an outside linebacker who can cover receivers in a 3-4 defense would be a smart strategy, especially because Baltimore was on the lower side of pass defense rankings and legendary Ray Lewis is retiring.


 Bjorn Werner (LB)



Poll. Who should be the Raiders QB in 2013?

Raiders Nation has seen better days but there's still hope ahead as they have the third pick in this years draft and a few very good pieces to build on.  Check out our ideas for them for 2013.

Oakland Raiders

2012 Record:  4-12


Grade: D


The Good:


  • - QB Carson Palmer threw for over 4,000 yards and 22 TDs
  • - 8th ranked passing offense
  • - Craziest fans in the league, which should count for something


The Bad:


  • - Darren McFadden had his worst year as a Raider (707 yard, 3.3 per carry avg)
  • - 28th ranked rushing offense
  • - 31st ranked defense in sacks



The Future:


    • - First Draft Position #3: DT Shariff Floyd or NT Star Lotulelei
    • - Free Agent Targets: NT Glenn Dorsey, DB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, and G Louis Vasquez
  • - Trade For: Veteran DB Darrelle Revis
  • - What IF: They switch to the read-option offense and start Terrelle Pryor at QB?