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Read Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador Maliyah’s story and how she became a Carolina Panthers fan!

This Texas elementary school spends the day with the Houston Texans mascot and cheerleaders to learn more about PLAY 60 and have a special day of fun.

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Players gonna play, play, play, play.

Sure, the NFL players are going to play during the Super Bowl.

But what about you? You need to play, play, play too!

If you're like much of the country, it is mighty cold outside right now. And if you're lucky enough to be in a warm weather place, you are still likely to be watching the Super Bowl indoors.

So we've got our top 5 NFL PLAY 60 indoor games for you to play during the Super Bowl!

Jumping Jack Jubilation
Every time there's a score, jump to your feet and do one jumping jack for each point on the score board. Let's say the Seahawks score first with a field goal to make the score 3-0. You'd do three jumping jacks. If the Patriots respond with a TD to make it 7-3 you'd do 10 jumping jacks...and so on. If you're feeling really strong, substitute push-ups and see how long you can keep up.

One-Legged Commercial Countdown
Don't just sit there, stand up! Every time there's a game break for the awesome Super Bowl commercials, stand up! But here's the catch: stand on only one leg for the entire commercial break! Can you do it? The fun is in trying. You can also try switching legs for each commercial.

Punt the Crab
When one teams punts, it's crab-walk time! As the punt sails into the air, walk like a crab: hands and feet on the floor, stomach facing up. Crab-walk from one side of the room to the other!

Halftime Hop-Around
At halftime, when Katy Perry starts rockin', you start hoppin'! See if you can hop for a full song. There's still another half of football to go; aren't you hoppy?

Celebration Shimmy
After every quarterback sack and turnover, you get to show off your very own celebration dance! Jump right off the couch and show everyone your best moves for 30 seconds. Can't think of a dance? You can always do the crazy legs, funny face boogie. (We made that up, so good luck.)

Do you have other indoor PLAY 60 ideas? Tell them to us in comments!

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The NFL Experience is the most exciting continuous event surrounding Super Bowl -- pro football's interactive theme park offering participatory games, displays, entertainment attractions, kid clinics, autograph sessions, and more.

Fans can look at NFL history with past Super Bowl rings and the Vince Lombardi trophy itself!

One of the most popular areas of the NFL Experience is the NFL Play 60 Zone, which is full of fun clinics to teach you how to throw a better pass, and or, kick the perfect field goal. Pittsburgh Steelers star WR Markus Wheaton dropped by to hang out and take photos with some of the kids.

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Twelve year-old Pittsburgh Steelers fan Bobby S is this year's NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid! Watch Bobby's video to see why he is this year's Super Kid!

On February 1st, Bobby gets to run on the field and hand the game ball to a referee moments before kick off of Super Bowl XLIX. SUPER cool, huh?

Bobby and his family will travel to Arizona for a week-long adventure leading up to game, where he'll meet the players, appear on NFL Network and of course watch the Super Bowl in person!

Congratulations to Bobby S, the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid!

kannubhaiya just scored 1,315 points in Lateral Collateral!

Fuel Up to Play 60's Youth Advisory Panel meets over the phone every month to offer their thoughts, opinions and ideas for the program. Recently, they had a very special guest join them: Johnny Hekker, punter for the St. Louis Rams!

Johnny attended the 2014 Student Ambassador Summit and coached the ambassadors as they ran through football drills, so he is definitely a Fuel Up to Play 60 Team expert.

Check out highlights from their conversation by visiting The Huddle today!

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Nearly 200 students and teachers from Western NY were on hand for the annual Fuel Up to Play 60 "Be the Change" forum. The students were joined by Buffalo Bills Running Back C.J. Spiller, Bills team nutritionist Dan Liburd and dairy farmer Jason Kehl.

Students learned how healthy eating and physical activity can benefit them not just in school but for a lifetime. It's all a part of Fuel Up to Play 60, a national partnership between the National Football League and the American Dairy Association, to encourage students to eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains, and low fat and fat free dairy products) and exercise 60 minutes daily.

The participants also received leadership and communication training to help find their voice in order to drive healthy change within their schools.

Michael Johnson, the 6'-7, 270" pound star defensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, knows a thing or two about the importance of exercise.

"You got to get out and do some, get you heart rate up and your blood flowing for at least 60 minutes a day!"

Check out how other NFL stars play at NFL PLAY 60.

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Long before Colin Kaepernick became the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, he was a kid who simply loved football. Throwing it, kicking it, running it's football was just fun for young "Kap.".

Colin began playing youth football at age eight, starting off as a defensive end and punter. It did not take long for Colin to find his natural position, becoming his team's starting quarterback at age nine and completing his first competitive pass for a long touchdown.

His next stop? NFL Punt Pass & Kick competition, where he won several events mainly due to his stellar passing ability.

Think the 49ers were scouting him as a 9 year-old??? What about you? Do you like throwing and kicking the pigskin? Then you might like doing a Punt, Pass and Kick competition.

Check it out at NFL PPK.

How does Aaron Rodgers play? Not football, but what does he do to just flat out have fun when he's not playing football?

How about DeMarco Murray? Matthew Stafford? Victor Cruz? DeMarcus Ware?

Over 100 NFL players tell us what they do when they go out to play, and we created a shout board that lets you tell the world how you do it.

Go to NFL PLAY 60 and get your click on!

In support of local veterans, Bears tackle Michael Ola presented a $300,000 check to the Road Home Program at the Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush University Medical Center, reflecting a three-year commitment to fund outreach and direct clinical care services. The donation was made on behalf of Bears Care, the charitable arm of the Chicago Bears.

Bears alumni players Anthony Adams, Desmond Clark, Rashied Davis, and Jason McKie also helped distribute food and gift cards to 400 military families in Chicago.

Green Bay Packers player, Sam Barrington, Morgan Burnett, A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones, Datone Jones and Corey Linsley attended a cool Fuel Up to Play 60 School event at Appleton West High School.

It was a celebration for being selected recipients of a $12,500 Fuel Up to Play 60 fitness grant. How cool is that?

Detroit Lions stars, Joique Bell and Matthew Stafford share how they came out to play, and surprise local kids in Detroit along the way!

Learn how to come out to play with NFL PLAY 60.

Check out how San Francisco 49ers DB Eric Reid came out to play in Baton Rouge, and watch him surprise kids at the 49ers academy!

Be sure to come out to play with NFL PLAY 60.

Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray grew up playing tetherball and foursquare after school. Watch as he encourages kids at the Salvation Army Youth Education Town to find an activity they love to play.

Find out to to come out to play with NFL PLAY 60.

Chicago Bears OT Jordan Mills and NFL Play 60 strive to help the youth eat healthy and stay active.

See how New York Jets DB Kyle Wilson went from playing outside to playing in MetLife Stadium, and is inspiring kids to do the same.

Enjoy the brand new 2014 NFL PLAY 60 Commercial!

Be sure to come out to play with NFL PLAY 60.

Imagine what it'd be like to meet one of your favorite NFL players! When Grace, a seventh grader from Wisconsin, met Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson at a Fuel Up to Play 60 event in her school, she knew she had to get in on the action.

Now, she's serving as a National Ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60 and making a difference for kids across the nation!

Read more of Grace's story on The Huddle, Fuel Up to Play 60's student blog

Atlanta Falcons fullback Pat Dimarco shows off his childhood baseball skills.

What do you do like to do when you come out to play?

The Cleveland Browns recently congratulated students and teachers at Central Middle School.

The school had participated in the NFL Play 60 Challenge this fall, so to thank them, some team players and the mascot made a memorable and exciting trip to their school!

Central Middle School logged over 2.2 million minutes of physical activity in the six-week span and engaged their entire student body of 585!

Way to go. Way to PLAY 60!

Atlanta Falcons kicker, Matt Bryant and his sons show off their baseball skills.
Check out Matt Bosher, the punter for the Atlanta Falcons, as he gives a demonstration of his amazing soccer skills.
The Dallas Cowboys prepared for Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the best way possible: they PLAY 60-ed!

The kids of London showed the Cowboys of Dallas that they can play both football and futbol, and a great time was had by all.

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The Dallas Cowboys, who are in London for this week's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, spent the day at an NFL PLAY 60 event near Wembley Stadium.

The players, coaches, and cheerleaders led over 100 elementary school kids, from Wembley Primary, in football drills and also had some fun with them in soccer drills.

The Tottenham Hotspurs from the English Premier League also participated by running the soccer drills. At the end of the event players from both teams exchanged jerseys.