The Green Bay Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12 of NFL action.
Chris Boswell kicked a career-long 53-yard field goal as time expired to give the Steelers the victory.

Steelers 31

Packers 28
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers leaves the game early and Minnesota Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon totals nearly 100 yards and two touchdowns in a Vikings victory.

Vikings 23

Packers 10
The Green Bay Packers faced off against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5 of the 2017 NFL season.
Aaron Rodgers threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams with 11 seconds remaining for the WIN!

Cowboys 31

Packers 35
Can't-Miss Play: Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson shakes off defenders after deep ball from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Watch the best plays from the Week 4 TNF matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes, and the Packers converted three turnovers into scores. 

Bears 14

Packers 35
ankdsa just scored 597 points in Scrambled Legs!
Check out the highlights from the Green Bay Packers matchup against the Washington Redskins in Preseason Week 2.
Aaron Rodgers made a surprise start and proved to be in great form.

Packers 21

Redskins 17
Jarvis, Fitz or Jordy

Who is your pick?  Tell us in the comments!
In Week 8 the Falcons took down the Packers at the Georgia Dome. Now the Packers return looking for Vengeance with a trip to Super Bowl 51 on the line. For Green Bay and Atlanta, it is Judgment Day!

Check out the top plays by Jarvis Landry, Tyreek Hill, Jordy Nelson, Ty Montgomery, Marvin Jones, Odell Beckham, and Marqise Lee- all from Week 15!
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers throws a 60-yard bomb to wide receiver Jordy Nelson!
Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson celebrates his touchdown catch during the first of the game against the Seattle Seahawks!
Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson had 8 receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown in their Week 13 win over the Houston Texans!

Is Jordy Nelson on your Fantasy team this season?
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers finds wide receiver Jordy Nelson for a 13-yard gain!

Is Aaron Rodgers on your Fantasy team?
The one hand snag by Brandon Marshall, the 3-yard TD by Julio Jones, and the 32-yard TD catch by Michael Thomas against the 49ers!
Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson out muscles Darius Butler for a touchdown.
Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson pulls in a tough juggling catch on a pass from QB Aaron Rodgers for 21 yards.
Check out the 78-yard drive by C.J. Anderson, the amazing catch by Breshad Perriman, and the impressive throw from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson!
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers finds Jordy Nelson for an awesome 6-yard touchdown!
Poll: Two Truths Revealed!
The two truths about Jordy Nelson were:

A. I've made one Super Bowl and one Pro Bowl appearance.

C. I played college football at Kansas State.

And the trick was:

B. I have a special refrigerator in my house for different kinds of Wisconsin cheeses.

Fact: Jordy Nelson appeared in one Pro Bowl (2014) but was an alternate other years.

Did we trick you? Let us know below and don't forget to check out next week's edition of Two Truths and a Trick Play.

Poll: Two Truths and a Trick Play!
Below are 3 statements about Jordy Nelson. Two are the truth and one is a trick.

Can you determine which are real and which one is fake? Good luck!

A. I've made one Super Bowl and one Pro Bowl appearance.

B. I have a special refrigerator in my house for different kinds of Wisconsin cheeses.

C. I played college football at Kansas State.

Check back Thursday at 2pm EST to see if your guess is correct!

Hey NFLRush Readers! I’m Kid Reporter John and this season I’ll be writing a series of columns breaking down the NFL action called Read Option.

I’ll tackle three main topics (the options) from around the league and occasionally add a check down option. With the Hall of Fame happening this past weekend, let’s get started!

X Option: Packers, Colts aiming to take back divisions in 2016

Favored to win their divisions, the Packers and Colts were off their game in 2015, losing the division title to Minnesota and Houston, respectively. Both teams have a chance to bounce back this year, thanks to the returns of several offensive playmakers. For Green Bay, the return of receiver Jordy Nelson should provide a huge boost to an offense that took a step back. Indianapolis get back Luck, their superstar quarterback, and with a rebuilt offensive line and loaded receiving corps, the Colts will be one of the best offenses in the NFL. Both Green Bay and Indianapolis will figure prominently into the playoff picture and maybe even the Super Bowl conversation.

Y Option: Hall of Fame inductees Brett Favre and Tony Dungy receive their moment in spotlight

The highlight of the Hall of Fame game is always the presentation of the Hall of Fame inductees, and this year was no different. On Sunday, Canton welcomed owner Eddie DeBartolo, coach Tony Dungy, quarterback Brett Favre, defensive lineman Kevin Greene, receiver Marvin Harrison, offensive lineman Orlando Pace, quarterback Kenny Stabler, and offensive lineman Dick Stanfel. The Colts and Packers are represented in that list, by Tony Dungy for Indianapolis and Brett Favre for Green Bay. Dungy and Favre represent the gold standard of a Hall of Fame inductee- difference makers on and off the field.

Based on statistics, it is easy to see why Brett Favre was a first-ballot selection. The longtime Packers legend hung up the cleats after racking up the most passing yards, passing touchdowns, and most consecutive games played of any player in NFL history. Favre was revered for his incredible talent, winning three MVP awards and leading the Packers to a Super Bowl victory, and his durability, playing for 20 seasons with 11 Pro Bowl selections and nine 30+ touchdown seasons.The football IQ of Brett Favre also one of his greatest strengths.

Tony Dungy is the only coach in this year’s Hall of Fame class after impressive tenures with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. In 13 years of coaching, Dungy’s team reached the playoffs 11 times and his 2006 Colts team won Super Bowl XLI. But his impact extended far beyond on-field results. He was the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl and his assistants, including Mike Tomlin, Jim Caldwell, and Lovie Smith, have all coached their own teams to the Big Game. Dungy was also influential in the lives of his players, teaching them the values of family and character.

Z Option
One deserving player who didn’t make the Hall of Fame cut While eight players, coaches, and executives were honored on Sunday, one worthy player is missing from the festivities. That player is Kurt Warner, the former quarterback of the Rams, Giants, and Cardinals. Warner had the most miraculous journey to superstardom of any player, leaving a grocery store job to sign with the Rams as a third-string backup in 1999. Players out in the preseason gave Warner an opportunity to be the starting quarterback, and 16 wins and a couple months later, St. Louis won its first Super Bowl and Warner became a legend. The Northern Iowa product put up monster numbers, took home MVP awards, and was the main man in the Greatest Show on Turf, one of the best offenses ever. After a couple mediocre seasons with the Giants and Cardinals, Warner resurfaced in Arizona and reverted back to MVP form, helping the Cardinals reach their first Super Bowl and coming within inches of a Super Bowl victory. With three Super Bowl appearances, two MVP awards, and one incredible story, Warner’s career merits Hall of Fame honors.
-Kid Reporter John

Poll: Kid Reporter Peter: Early Predictions
Maybe a too early prediction list but here it goes...

Bold predictions:
1. Cam Newton throws 15 INTs.
2. Josh Gordon comes back and breaks receiving record with new Browns QB.
3. Cam Newton will be on the Madden 17 cover (sorry I had to).


AFC Wildcard
Jets 13 vs Bengals 21
Steelers 38 vs Colts 35

NFC Wildcard
Cardinals 28 vs Panthers 14
Cowboys 10 vs Vikings 24

AFC Divisional Round

Bengals 14 vs Patriots 10
Broncos 20 vs Steelers 4

NFC Divisional
Seahawks vs Cardinals 20
Packers 13 vs Vikings 10

AFC Championship
Bengals 35 vs Steelers 21

NFC Championship
Packers 23 vs Seahawks 17

Super Bowl
Packers 27 vs Bengals 17

Passing Leader
Drew Brees
5,021 yards 46 tds 27 INTs

Rushing Leader
Todd Gurley
1,679 yards 15 tds 2 fumbles

Receiving Leader
Antonio Brown
1,899 Yards 17 TDs

MVP-Russell Wilson
OPOTY-Aaron Rodgers
ROTY- Jalen Ramsey
Comeback Player Of The Year: Jordy Nelson

-Kid Reporter Peter

Some NFL teams did great. Some did horrible. Some did in the middle. I will show you my report cards on NFL teams.

Patriots, A
Near the end of the season, things got shaky but they are still definitely a playoff competitor.

Bills, C+
With new coach Rex Ryan they still didn’t make the playoffs but I think things will progress over time.

Jets, B+
They missed the playoffs just because they lost to their division rival, the Bills. If they adjust, definitely the team to beat next season. And could use a versatile TE because Jeff Cumberland isn’t doing much.

Dolphins, C-
They got rid of Joe Philbin which was an improvement. They would be good if the defense keeps the pace and Ryan Tannehill can be consistent.

Ravens, D-
Players being out affected them this year and things didn’t turn out so well. If they keep their franchise in check, they are the playoff competitor they always are.

Bengals, A-
This team has been doing some great things lately. But they need composure (Vontaze Burfict) or they will be in trouble. I don’t think they will be in the playoffs for long, though.

Browns, F
They were just horrible this season. Defense couldn’t find ways to stop offenses in the run or pass defense. Offense just couldn’t get plays. Is this even a franchise?

Steelers, A-
They arguably have the best offense in the league, when healthy, and the defense improves every week. If the Steelers stay healthy, I see a Super Bowl coming their way.

Texans, B+
Even though they didn’t finish with an amazing record, they still made the playoffs. You have to give this team credit though. DeAndre Hopkins has just been snagging pass and didn’t care who was the QB. And yeah, J.J. Watt is still a beast. This team needs a confident QB though if they want to make it far in the playoffs for years to come.

Colts, C
People always favored the Colts to win the AFC South, but not this year. They were one of the best Super Bowl competitors but yet this year they didn’t make it. Andrew Luck didn’t play though and the defense is to blame. The defense could not stop top notch offenses this year that’s why they didn’t do good this season.

Jaguars, D+
They are getting there. People always said they would die before they saw the Jags did anything great. This year they definitely improved and the offense is just lethal. The OL needs some improvements though and the DL and secondary can be more fierce. In a couple seasons, I think someday they can make the postseason.

Titans, D-
Marcus Mariota
has lots of potential. I can’t deny that. But he didn’t really give them an improving franchise record. But the blame goes to the OL. With his level of athleticism, they need to give him space in the pocket. The secondary and front 7 need lots of help on the other side. They give too much QB time and lots of yards and TDs. They can’t go anywhere if that keeps happening.

Broncos, A
This team is just flat out amazing. On defense, they rank about first in each category. Defense does win championships. The offense has lots of weapons as well and can be good when they want to. They don’t get an A+ because of the QB situation. The Bronco’s staff needs to stop being “fence sitters” and have a decision. It is between Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning. I say Peyton Manning because he has way more experience than Brock and will be clutch in crunch time.

Chiefs, A-
This team just has everything. An amazing secondary and front 7 that can defend the pass and run. The offense is pretty good. The problem is though, first they lost their Pro-Bowl RB, Jamaal Charles. Second, Alex Smith is inconsistent. Yeah, Alex Smith is the most underrated QB in the NFL, but he just needs to keep his game on check. And did I tell you they started 1-5! Now they are the 5th seed at 11-5 right now. That’s what you call a comeback season!

Raiders, C-

Lot’s of improvements. Offense is balling with Derek Carr and Amari Cooper. OL can definitely be better. I mean they can practice better, not a draft pick. Sadly, the great Charles Woodson will retire. SO this makes their defense a little bit worse. Though, Khalil Mack in his second season is a superstar. But he can’t do all the work though. The linebacker group needs to be hard hitters and secondary will need lots of work after Charles Woodson is gone. But I definitely see a bright future for them again since the John Madden era.

Chargers, F- 
Yes, I will give the Chargers a BIG FAT F. They flat out are terrible. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Keenan Allen, and Eric Weddle have been balling but not this organization. They OL is just horrible. The RB have not produced anything for the run game. Defense is just… Do I have to say it? The secondary and front 7, EVERYTHING, needs better work ethic. And also the fans are disappointed. That is sad when you are at home and the away team has more fans there.

Cowboys, D+
They just wanted the off season to come, I just knew it. They did a bad trade with DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo were out for a lot of games and so did Dez. The OL always brings good, but the offense just couldn’t be consistent. The defense wasn’t being competitive and was bringing momentum. The only people doing their job was the OL, the new RB group, and Jason Witten.

 Giants, C-
They didn’t do horrible. They didn’t do amazing. But they are an improving, accomplished team. Odell Beckham Jr. did a little better this season, but Eli Manning has to be able to give the other receivers the ball. All the Giants had was basically Odell and the alright run game. The defense didn’t help the team and that’s why they didn’t make the playoffs.

Eagles, C
This team was horrible under Chip Kelly. The acquired the NFL’s best RB DeMarco Murray and they didn’t even use him right. They got Sam Bradford. Yeah, Sam Bradford and he didn’t even help them much. The defense could be really good or really bad but their season just ended up a blab.

Redskins, C+
They got lucky to be in the playoffs, but you have to credit them for their hard work and determination. The offense was just lethal. They had TE Jordan Reed and WR DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. They had a nice RB game and had decent OL. The defense could have stepped up a little bit more and it’s clear they have a bright future.

Packers, B

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t exactly on his top game but he did downgrade. His star WR Jordy Nelson was out in the postseason so that was a huge lost for the Packers. The defense is amazing but should be consistent and the offensive line hasn’t protected A-Rod so they haven’t been helping much.

Bears, D+
This is one of the best years for Jay Cutler. Though their #1 draft pick Kevin White didn’t play this season. Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte were still beasting though. Jeremy Langford did pretty well this season. They need to build Jay Cutler into an elite and stabilize the defense in the draft.

Lions, C+

They didn’t do their best this season. They got on a really rough start this season but they TRIED to come back. This off season they need to work on the secondary and Calvin Johnson have a tough decision. Will he retire or keep playing?

Vikings, B-
The reason I did this is because the team BASICALLY is Adrian Peterson. Teddy Bridgewater will have a bright future and I can’t just put into conclusion that he needs to be ready but he needs to step his game up if he wants to stay in Minnesota. The defense is underrated and will need to step up more during big times. The Vikings should work on consistency that is all.

Falcons, C-

They started 5-0 with an unexpected star Devonta Freeman but then near the middle of the season they started to go down. I put the blame on the defense and Matt Ryan. First, the defense wasn’t strong. They couldn’t stop the pass or run game. And Matt Ryan wasn’t consistent. You have one of the best receivers in the league, Julio Jones, and he shouldn’t have gotten way more receptions on their easy schedule. The Falcons should turn Matty Ice into Matty Hot and the defense can still use some work

Panthers, A+
They were so good this season. The offense was rocking out with Cam Newton! They lost their young star Kelvin Benjamin for the season and that was a huge loss. I still think the D-line can still be more effective and the secondary will just become even better.

Saints, D

I saw some improvements. With Jimmy Graham gone and Ben Watson to replace and he did incredible. The Saints should build around the offensive line and the defense. The they should get at least two big, fast, and athletic lineman. The should get a smart defensive coordinator and get good defensive players on the team.

Buccaneers, D
Jameis Winston
definitely and positively changed this franchise around! He will be improving his throwing and accuracy to receivers. They should get a couple of offensive lineman though. In my opinion I think the defense is super underrated. The D-line can be better and the linebacker group can be more lethal. The biggest problem is the secondary. I would work on getting a safety though. A safety would be a bigger help than a corner because the safety would be in the deep zone and be able to get tackles that were longer down the field.

Seahawks, A
I think they should get a "big" WR like Corey Coleman or Josh Doctson. They should fire Darrell Bevell because I think he does not have smart play calling.

Cardinals, A+
This team is legit and I think they could get linebackers that are big and strong.

Rams, C
There is nothing wrong with this team. They have an amazing defense and I thought it was wrong to get Todd Gurley when they already had Tre Mason but I was wrong and was this year's Odell Beckham Jr. They will be moving to L.A. I think the only things holding them back is a QB. I think Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff would be a great fit, but I think Jared Goff would be a better fit. And the coaching staff needs to be a little bit more "supportive."

49ers, F
They did nothing to improve this "rich" franchise. Colin Kaepernick has done nothing but made matters worse for this team. The WR group is great. The O-line has cinderblock feet though. They would be good with Tim Tebow. They lost Vernon Davis so now they need to get a versatile TE. They added Chip Kelly as HC. That was a bad decision. I feel like he is going to do something foolish and trade a good player.

All of these teams get to rethink over and make improvements to the team. I hope players and the coaching staff and owners can make smart and good moves for the franchise. I hope all these teams luck and hope the franchises have bright futures.

-Kid Reporter Solomon

For four excited fan bases- their team is one win away from Super Bowl 50! For 28 others, the focus is next year and the next Super Bowl. Could your team win Super Bowl LI? Without taking into account the offseason, these teams that aren't in the Final Four could make a run...

In the Mix- Your team has a real shot at the Super Bowl:

Minnesota Vikings
With another strong off-season, Minnesota will be a Super Bowl-caliber team.

Pittsburgh Steelers
With health and an improved defense on their side, Pittsburgh could be early Super Bowl favorites.

Green Bay Packers
A healthy Jordy Nelson and better running game would make Green Bay a contender.

Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks have one more good shot at dynasty status.

Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City can go on a hot streak at any time.

Cincinnati Bengals
Getting a postseason win would be nice for this playoff-challenged franchise.

Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys were Super Bowl hopefuls before Tony Romo was out last year.

Oakland Raiders
Improving the defense is key for this rising contender.

Buffalo Bills
Rex Ryan
and his team have an impressive roster and high upside, but the team must overcome sloppy execution.

Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens had players out 15 of 16 games last season and a healthy Baltimore squad could be a contender.

Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck
and the Colts could be back and better than ever next season.

Houston Texans
Houston could strike gold with a new quarterback and a strong draft.

San Diego Chargers
Philip Rivers could lead a huge bounce-back year with offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt coming back.

Jacksonville Jaguars
This is a total long shot, but a great draft along with a talented young roster gives Jacksonville fans hope.

Los Angeles Rams
The QB position must be addressed, but the new team has serious upside.

No Chance- Look forward to 2017.

New York Giants
Ben McAdoo
has a tough job in his first year and a championship is unrealistic.

Philadelphia Eagles
Philly doesn't have the excitement of a Chip Kelly team or the roster of a playoff team.

Washington Redskins
Washington took a big step forward, but a step back is more likely for a squad that didn't have any wins over teams with winning records.

Detroit Lions

A playoff berth is a possibility, but with Calvin Johnson contemplating retirement and a franchise makeover, a Wild Card is the Detroit Lions ceiling.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are on the decline and a couple free agents won't change that.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
There are too many questions and a first time head coach in Tampa.

Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta can't contend in a loaded NFC with their roster.

San Francisco 49ers
Chip Kelly
can't get this team in Super Bowl contention.

New York Jets
This was a magic year, but the Jets peaked and reached their ceiling.

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland isn't a playoff team, period.

Tennessee Titans
Tennessee needs two or three more years.

Chicago Bears

If Adam Gase didn't join Miami, the Bears would have a shot. Chicago is going in the right direction.

Let me know your thoughts on this below!

-Kid Reporter John
One of the craziest games was played in the divisional round of the playoffs. That game was the Packers vs Cardinals.

I was shocked when I watched this game. There was everything from a deflected pass that was caught for a touchdown to an amazing Hail Mary with no time left on the clock. All of it left me speechless. The degree of difficulty and improbability in this game and specifically on the Hail Mary and not to mention the 4th and 20 from the Packers own end zone were very low and Aaron Rodgers made it look easy.

That brings me to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has battled back from a down season which for any other quarterback would be a career year. He has thrown two Hail Marys with time expiring and has dealt with many players being out on the team including Jordy Nelson. He has overcome all of this and yet the one moment where it looks like the Packers are going to win until Larry Fitzgerald ends it. That’s how crazy the game was. I will never forget this amazing game.

Let me know your opinion in the comments section.

-Kid Reporter Oliver