Lions are signing RB LeGarrette Blount to a one-year deal!

Bye, Eagles. It was fun while it lasted.

Poll: Dream Vikings Team?
The Vikings are building up quite the line-up.

Will it get them to the Super Bowl next year?

A) Yes! With Kirk Cousins at the helm of the Viking ship, there will be RINGS TO WIN!

B) The Vikings always choke. They will get close but it won't happen.

C) Anything is possible. 
Poll: Patriots say Bye to Danny Amendola!
Danny Amendola is expected to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

How much will the Patriots regret letting him go?

A) OH, SO MUCH! He was the backbone of that offense.

B) They won't. Brady has plenty of options.

C) Only time will tell if they regret it and how much.

Awwww, Aaron is going to miss his bestie, Jordy.

Awwww, you guys. We are getting a little misty-eyed.

harizardc just scored 513 points in Frankfurter Fling 2!

Kirk Cousins likely to sign three-year, fully-guaranteed deal with the Vikings

The name KIRK kind-of has a Viking ring to it... And maybe Kirk is the secret ingredient to give the Vikings a Super Bowl RING!

The Chiefs released pass rusher Tamba Hali!

Where should he go?

The San Francisco 49ers signed Richard Sherman to a three-year contract!

Wow! He was a free agent for like zero seconds! 

Richard Sherman...

Free agent for like one point two seconds.

Snatched up the 49ers!

Poll: Browns in the Playoffs?
The Browns acquired a bunch of new fantastic players over the weekend. And they still have great positioning in the draft! 

So, what do you think, will the Browns make it to the Playoffs?

A)Yes! They are putting together quite the line-up!

B) HA. The Browns will never make the playoffs.

C) They still need to build. Maybe in a couple more years.

The Packers are receiving Deshone Kizer in exchange for Damarious Randall!

Tyrod Taylor to the BROWNS!

Jarvis Landry has been traded to the Browns! 

Landry will become the first player in 40 years to change teams in the season after leading the NFL in receptions!

The Eagles are trading WR Torrey Smith to the Panthers in exchange for CB Daryl Worley.

The Seahawks have released CB Richard Sherman! 

Who should snatch him up for their team?

Le'Veon Bell wants to remain a Steeler for life.

Poll: Where should Kirk Cousins play?
Kirk is a rare breed. A free agent franchise quarterback. 

Where should Kirk Cousins play?

A) Vikings

B) Broncos

C) Browns

D) Jets

E) Other ___________________ (tell us in the comments)


Poll: Super Bowl Bound?
Over the weekend, the Cowboys placed a franchise tag on DE DeMarcus Lawrence. They are building and securing quite the line-up.

Will they make it to the Super Bowl next season?

A) Yes. All the pieces will finally come together!

B) No. The Cowboys didn't even make the playoffs last year.

C) Next year the Super Bowl will be _______________Vs. _______________ 
(tell us in the comments)

DeMarco Murray had some very kind words to say about Matt Forte upon his retirement. 

Football is Family.

Matt Forte has announced his retirement after 10 seasons in the NFL.

Phenomenal athlete and total good guy! You will be missed, Matt. 

Eagles punter Donnie Jones is calling it a career after 14 seasons.

Congratulations on an amazing career and final season, Donnie! 

Throwback Thursday:

Aaron Rodgers running the 40-yard dash at the 2005 NFL Combine!

Marcus Peters has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams!

Will the Chiefs miss him? 

Poll: Russell Wilson at Spring Training!?
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is attending New York Yankees Spring Training. Did you know Wilson played minor league baseball for the Tri-City Dust Devils in 2010 and the Asheville Tourists in 2011 as a second baseman? 

Will Russell Wilson be a better baseball player than he is football player?

A) Not possible. He is too great at football. Wilson has won more games (65) than any other NFL quarterback in his first six seasons, and is currently the second highest rated NFL passer of all time. 

B) A great athlete is a great athlete. I am excited to see what he can do on the diamond as opposed to the gridiron.

C) Yes. He will surprise everyone and be the next Babe Ruth!

D) WHO CARES ABOUT BASEBALL. Boooo!! How many days until kickoff?