Check out the best plays from around the NFL in Week 13 from our unique 360 degree and 3D perspectives.

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Baltimore Ravens safety Eric Weddle address the media after their Week 13 win against the Detroit Lions. He totally calls out the reporter for picking them to lose!

Watch to see the best plays in the Week 13 matchup between the Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens.
Joe Flacco threw for 269 yards and two touchdowns and despite Matthew Stafford's best efforts, the Ravens secured the victory. 

Ravens 44

Lions 20
The Baltimore Ravens faced off against the Green Bay Packers in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL season. The Ravens forced five turnovers in their third shutout of the season!

Ravens 23

Packers 0
Check out the best plays the Week 9 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans.
Marcus Mariota threw for 218 yards and two touchdowns!

Titans 23

Ravens 20
bigfootear34 just scored 134,500 points in Hail Mary!
Check out highlights of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Baltimore Ravens. 
Steelers win 26-9.
Watch the best plays from the Week 2 match-up between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens force 5 turnovers in 24-10 win over Browns.
Close but just not quite close enough: Check out the list of the 10 players who narrowly missed making "The Top 100 Players of 2017" countdown.

There is always next year, fellas. 

All 32 NFL teams are aiming to get talented young players to upgrade their rosters. But what if instead of drafting collegiate players, they drafted Star Wars characters? I’ve enjoyed reading the Star Wars drafts NFL writer Adam Rank over the last couple years and with a whole new movie out, this draft is even more stacked. Below is my mock draft of Rank’s selections.

1. Los Angeles Rams- Anakin Skywalker
The Rams moved to Los Angeles and followed it up by selling the farm to get the top pick of the draft. Anakin Skywalker is the best athlete and has the highest ceiling, if he controls his anger.

2. Philadelphia Eagles- Rey
Like the Rams, the Eagles made a massive trade up the draft board and select the new face of their franchise. Philly goes with Rey, the protagonist of the Force Awakens, who brings potential and grit as the starting quarterback.

3. San Diego Chargers- Emperor Palpatine

The Chargers make an electrifying pick with Emperor Palpatine, also known as the evil Darth Sidious. For an old guy, he can jump and run with the best of them, so safety is a strong fit in Eric Weddle’s absence.

4. Dallas Cowboys- Luke Skywalker

Dallas is aiming for a Super Bowl, but they can’t pass up the chance for a quarterback of the future and select Luke Skywalker. When Tony Romo retires, Luke will be the new hope.

5. Chicago Bears (Proposed trade with Jacksonville)- Chewbacca
Jacksonville and Chicago make a draft-day switch, allowing the Bears to choose Chewbacca, a literal beast. Chewie fills a need on offense and defense and will unleash his fury on the NFC North.

6. Baltimore Ravens- Mace Windu

Mace Windu fits the Raven model. He is athletic, brilliant, and seems like an Alabama-Ozzie Newsome type player. Windu becomes the leader of the Ravens defense as Baltimore builds another shutdown defense. His light saber color, purple, even fits.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Han Solo
Chip Kelly and the Niners take a risk on smuggler Han Solo, who slots in as the starting quarterback. Solo has deadly accuracy and range, so San Francisco could strike gold.

8. Cleveland Browns- Kylo Ren
Even after trading down, the Browns get their guy. Kylo Ren, the newest villain in the Star Wars universe, combines power with ruthlessness and calls the shots for the First Order. Hopefully for Cleveland, that anger won’t get the best of Ren.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Darth Maul
Think about it- Darth Maul would look incredible in a Buccaneer uniform. Maul would form an amazing trio with linebacker Lavonte David and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, ideally settling in as an outside linebacker and pass rusher.

10. New York Giants- Yoda
Ironically, the Giants choose the smallest character in the whole saga. The selection causes confusion, but imagine Yoda as New York Giants running back, juking and hurdling defenders. Don’t doubt Yoda.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (Proposed trade with Chicago)- Kit Fisto
The Jaguars add the aquatic Jedi, who would work well at any skill position. Fisto would work well as a wide receiver and corner and could go to the pool at Everbank Field during timeouts.

12. New Orleans Saints- Finn
The Saints pick up the underrated Finn, another hero from The Force Awakens. Drew Brees is the quarterback for the next couple years and Finn could be Brees top target after the departures of Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham.

13. Miami Dolphins- Princess Leia
Ryan Tannehill
receives some competition for the starting quarterback spot from Leia Organa. She shines in crisis, staring down Darth Vader in the original movie and leading the Rebel Alliance.

14. Oakland Raiders- General Grievous
General Grievous on the Raiders is too good to be true. Put Grievous on the offensive line and he can block four guys at once, while new addition Kelechi Osemele gets any others. Grievous’ speed makes him a dangerous pass rusher opposite Khalil Mack and an immediate Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

15. Tennessee Titans- Obi-Wan Kenobi
How did Kenobi fall to the Titans? Nobody knows, but the Titans take advantage and add the wise Jedi to mentor quarterback Marcus Mariota. Kenobi could be amazing as a receiver, too.

16. Detroit Lions- Count Dooku
Without Ndamukong Suh, the Lions looked mortal on defense. With Dooku at middle linebacker, they regain elite status and are a defense that nobody wants to face.

17. Atlanta Falcons- Boba Fett
Boba Fett has incredible sideline to sideline range and an otherworldly vertical and putting him in the Atlanta secondary is like a second coming of Deion Sanders.

18. Indianapolis Colts- Jango Fett
Fett has a lot in his arsenal and is an all-around talent for the depleted Colts’ defense, excelling at linebacker and defensive back.

19. Buffalo Bills- Lando Calrissian
Tyrod Taylor
isn’t the answer, so the Bills add the charmer from Cloud City to lead the offense.

20. New York Jets- Poe Dameron
The Jets find their pilot in Poe Dameron, the best flyer in the Resistance. Dameron is reliable and is clutch in the big moments, two characteristics that the Jets need.

21. Houston Texans- Ezra Bridger
Houston adds an insurance policy behind Brock Osweiler, choosing the young hero of the animated Rebels series. For now, Bridger figures as the number 2 receiver across from DeAndre Hopkins.

22. Washington Redskins- Jar Jar Binks
Binks is always at the right place at the right time. He showed incredible instincts and agility in the Phantom Menace and seems like a Washington Redskins player.

23. Cincinnati Bengals- Kanan Jarrus
Ezra Bridger’s mentor, Jedi Kanan Jarrus, is an under the radar pick who works in at receiver and defensive back for the Bengals. With Jarrus, Giovani Bernard, Tyler Eifert, A.J. Green, and Jeremy Hill, the Cincinnati offense is nasty.

24. Minnesota Vikings- The Inquisitor
The Vikings need a household name to lead their defense and with all of the big names off the board, they select the fearsome Inquisitor from the Rebels series. The Inquisitor doesn’t take no for an answer and strikes fear into opponents.

25. Kansas City Chiefs- Admiral Ackbar
Kansas City chooses a new field general, Admiral Ackbar, a hero for the Rebel Alliance and a valiant warrior during the Clone Wars. The Chiefs hope it isn’t a trap.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers- Captain Phasma

27. Green Bay Packers- Bossk
Bossk is more than just another player on the Packers’ defensive line- he is an unblockable, massive, and ruthless beast. 

28. Seattle Seahawks- Asajj Ventress
As fans of the Clone Wars series know, Sith Asajj Ventress has the moves and competes with the best of the best. That makes her a fit with the stingy Seahawks defense.

29. Arizona Cardinals- Tasu Leech
The selection of Tasu Leech may seem surprising, but the leader of the Kanjiklub is an incredible fighter and the unquestioned leader of one of the galaxy’s most feared gangs. Pass rusher could be a natural fit for Leech.

30. Carolina Panthers- Qui-Gon Jinn
Somehow, someway, the Panthers add one of the best Jedi of his generation, Qui-Gon Jinn. Jinn is versatile and will mentor quarterback and reigning MVP Cam Newton, who seems strong with the Force.

31. Denver Broncos- Ahsoka Tano
Denver gets their franchise quarterback with Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice. Tano would match perfectly in a Bronco uniform, though her horns might be a problem.

32. New England Patriots (vacated)- Sebulba

Somehow, the Patriots regain their lost draft pick.

-Kid Reporter John

One team's loss is another team's gain. That's what makes free agency so much fun!

Former San Diego safety Eric Weddle will be joining the Baltimore Ravens next season. Weddle has agreed to a four-year deal with the team.

Will the Ravens make the playoffs next season? Tell us why or why not in the comments!
Hey guys! This article is about my predictions for free agency. I appreciate you guys reading this and I try to make my articles the best they can possible be. I didn't write where EVERY free agent will go, so in case I missed someone please understand that. Be sure to comment what you think on these predictions and feel free to leave a suggestion for a future article I should make. Thanks!

Sam Bradford goes to Houston to help the Texans
Kirk Cousins signs a big deal with the Redskins
Ryan Fitzpatrick returns to New York for another 3 seasons
Matt Hasselbeck retires from football at age 40
Brock Osweiler returns to Denver and tries to get them to repeat as Super Bowl champions

Matt Forte goes from windy Chicago to chilly New England
Chris Ivory lands with the Colts in Indy
Chris Johnson stays for 2 years in Arizona
Doug Martin replaces Matt Forte and lands a huge contract with DA BEARS!
Lamar Miller goes from sunny Miami to chilly New York and signs with the Giants

Travis Benjamin signs with the Redskins
Alshon Jeffery gets the franchise tag in Chicago
James Jones stays in Green Bay for another 2 years
Jermaine Kearse goes to Kansas City and signs with the Chiefs
Rueben Randle becomes a Raven in Baltimore

Dwayne Allen finds a new home with the Philadelphia Eagles
Vernon Davis signs with the Rams
Coby Fleener stays in Indy for another years or two
Antonio Gates retires from football
Benjamin Watson signs a 2 year deal with the Steelers

Malik Jackson signs with the Jacksonville Jaguars
Jason Pierre-Paul goes to sunny Florida to play for the Dolphins
Muhammad Wilkerson gets the franchise tag in New York
Terrance Knighton signs with the Browns
Haloti Ngata goes to San Fran to play for the 49ers
B.J. Raji signs with the Buccaneers

Dwight Freeney s
igns a 2 year deal with the Giants
Tamba Hali stays in Kansas City
Bruce Irvin goes to NY to play for the Jets
Von Miller signs a 6 year $100 million deal with the Broncos
James Laurinaitis signs with the Chargers

Prince Amukamara
goes to Seattle to play opposite Richard Sherman
Antonio Cromartie goes to San Francisco to play for Chip Kelly
William Gay goes to Oakland
Trumaine Johnson re signs with the Rams
Adam Jones stays in Cincy
Josh Norman gets the franchise tag in Carolina
Charles Tillman signs with the Packers
Tashaun Gipson returns to Cleveland
Reggie Nelson signs with the Jaguars
Eric Weddle goes to Dallas to play with the Cowboys

Let me know what you think!

-Kid Reporter Roger

Hi, NFL Rushers. A special shout out to lucandoucet. Today I will be talking about my free agency picks and predictions!

Muhammad Wilkerson will stay with the Jets and get the franchise tag.
Doug Martin will stay with the Buccaneers and get the franchise tag.
Von Miller will stay with the Broncos and get the franchise tag.
Josh Norman will stay with the Panthers and get the franchise tag.
Kirk Cousins will stay with the Redskins.
Eric Berry will stay with the Chiefs and get the franchise tag.
Oliver Vernon will not stay with the Dolphins and go to the Chargers.
Malik Jackson will stay with the Broncos.
Eric Weddle will not stay with the Charger and go to the Panthers.
Jason Pierre Paul will stay with the Giants.
Prince Amukamara will stay with the Giants.
Brock Osweiler will stay with the Broncos.
Sam Bradford will stay with the Eagles.
Matt Forte will not stay with the Bears and go to the Patriots.
Lamar Miller will stay with the Dolphins.
Alshon Jeffery will stay with the Bears and get the franchise tag.
Travis Benjamin will stay with the Browns.
Antonio Gates will stay with the Chargers.
Brandon Marshall will stay with the Broncos.
Sean Smith will not stay with the Chiefs and go to the Titans.

Tell me in the comments if you agree with my picks and you could get a shout out.

-Kid Reporter Larissa

Poll: Kid Reporter Drew's Free Agency Predictions
Kid Reporter Drew has gazed into his crystal ball and here’s what he sees:

Muhammad Wilkerson goes to the Carolina Panthers after the retirement of Jared Allen. It would be a good signing.

Alshon Jeffery
will go to the New England Patriots, a team that needs a tall wide receiver.

Doug Martin will go to the Chicago Bears after the departure of Matt Forte.

Eric Weddle
has been one of the top safeties in the league and will go to the New York Giants, a team that desperately needs a safety.
Whoa... Alshon Jeffery catching passes from Tom Brady would be AWESOME! Do you think it's going to happen?

Some NFL teams did great. Some did horrible. Some did in the middle. I will show you my report cards on NFL teams.

Patriots, A
Near the end of the season, things got shaky but they are still definitely a playoff competitor.

Bills, C+
With new coach Rex Ryan they still didn’t make the playoffs but I think things will progress over time.

Jets, B+
They missed the playoffs just because they lost to their division rival, the Bills. If they adjust, definitely the team to beat next season. And could use a versatile TE because Jeff Cumberland isn’t doing much.

Dolphins, C-
They got rid of Joe Philbin which was an improvement. They would be good if the defense keeps the pace and Ryan Tannehill can be consistent.

Ravens, D-
Players being out affected them this year and things didn’t turn out so well. If they keep their franchise in check, they are the playoff competitor they always are.

Bengals, A-
This team has been doing some great things lately. But they need composure (Vontaze Burfict) or they will be in trouble. I don’t think they will be in the playoffs for long, though.

Browns, F
They were just horrible this season. Defense couldn’t find ways to stop offenses in the run or pass defense. Offense just couldn’t get plays. Is this even a franchise?

Steelers, A-
They arguably have the best offense in the league, when healthy, and the defense improves every week. If the Steelers stay healthy, I see a Super Bowl coming their way.

Texans, B+
Even though they didn’t finish with an amazing record, they still made the playoffs. You have to give this team credit though. DeAndre Hopkins has just been snagging pass and didn’t care who was the QB. And yeah, J.J. Watt is still a beast. This team needs a confident QB though if they want to make it far in the playoffs for years to come.

Colts, C
People always favored the Colts to win the AFC South, but not this year. They were one of the best Super Bowl competitors but yet this year they didn’t make it. Andrew Luck didn’t play though and the defense is to blame. The defense could not stop top notch offenses this year that’s why they didn’t do good this season.

Jaguars, D+
They are getting there. People always said they would die before they saw the Jags did anything great. This year they definitely improved and the offense is just lethal. The OL needs some improvements though and the DL and secondary can be more fierce. In a couple seasons, I think someday they can make the postseason.

Titans, D-
Marcus Mariota
has lots of potential. I can’t deny that. But he didn’t really give them an improving franchise record. But the blame goes to the OL. With his level of athleticism, they need to give him space in the pocket. The secondary and front 7 need lots of help on the other side. They give too much QB time and lots of yards and TDs. They can’t go anywhere if that keeps happening.

Broncos, A
This team is just flat out amazing. On defense, they rank about first in each category. Defense does win championships. The offense has lots of weapons as well and can be good when they want to. They don’t get an A+ because of the QB situation. The Bronco’s staff needs to stop being “fence sitters” and have a decision. It is between Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning. I say Peyton Manning because he has way more experience than Brock and will be clutch in crunch time.

Chiefs, A-
This team just has everything. An amazing secondary and front 7 that can defend the pass and run. The offense is pretty good. The problem is though, first they lost their Pro-Bowl RB, Jamaal Charles. Second, Alex Smith is inconsistent. Yeah, Alex Smith is the most underrated QB in the NFL, but he just needs to keep his game on check. And did I tell you they started 1-5! Now they are the 5th seed at 11-5 right now. That’s what you call a comeback season!

Raiders, C-

Lot’s of improvements. Offense is balling with Derek Carr and Amari Cooper. OL can definitely be better. I mean they can practice better, not a draft pick. Sadly, the great Charles Woodson will retire. SO this makes their defense a little bit worse. Though, Khalil Mack in his second season is a superstar. But he can’t do all the work though. The linebacker group needs to be hard hitters and secondary will need lots of work after Charles Woodson is gone. But I definitely see a bright future for them again since the John Madden era.

Chargers, F- 
Yes, I will give the Chargers a BIG FAT F. They flat out are terrible. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Keenan Allen, and Eric Weddle have been balling but not this organization. They OL is just horrible. The RB have not produced anything for the run game. Defense is just… Do I have to say it? The secondary and front 7, EVERYTHING, needs better work ethic. And also the fans are disappointed. That is sad when you are at home and the away team has more fans there.

Cowboys, D+
They just wanted the off season to come, I just knew it. They did a bad trade with DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo were out for a lot of games and so did Dez. The OL always brings good, but the offense just couldn’t be consistent. The defense wasn’t being competitive and was bringing momentum. The only people doing their job was the OL, the new RB group, and Jason Witten.

 Giants, C-
They didn’t do horrible. They didn’t do amazing. But they are an improving, accomplished team. Odell Beckham Jr. did a little better this season, but Eli Manning has to be able to give the other receivers the ball. All the Giants had was basically Odell and the alright run game. The defense didn’t help the team and that’s why they didn’t make the playoffs.

Eagles, C
This team was horrible under Chip Kelly. The acquired the NFL’s best RB DeMarco Murray and they didn’t even use him right. They got Sam Bradford. Yeah, Sam Bradford and he didn’t even help them much. The defense could be really good or really bad but their season just ended up a blab.

Redskins, C+
They got lucky to be in the playoffs, but you have to credit them for their hard work and determination. The offense was just lethal. They had TE Jordan Reed and WR DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. They had a nice RB game and had decent OL. The defense could have stepped up a little bit more and it’s clear they have a bright future.

Packers, B

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t exactly on his top game but he did downgrade. His star WR Jordy Nelson was out in the postseason so that was a huge lost for the Packers. The defense is amazing but should be consistent and the offensive line hasn’t protected A-Rod so they haven’t been helping much.

Bears, D+
This is one of the best years for Jay Cutler. Though their #1 draft pick Kevin White didn’t play this season. Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte were still beasting though. Jeremy Langford did pretty well this season. They need to build Jay Cutler into an elite and stabilize the defense in the draft.

Lions, C+

They didn’t do their best this season. They got on a really rough start this season but they TRIED to come back. This off season they need to work on the secondary and Calvin Johnson have a tough decision. Will he retire or keep playing?

Vikings, B-
The reason I did this is because the team BASICALLY is Adrian Peterson. Teddy Bridgewater will have a bright future and I can’t just put into conclusion that he needs to be ready but he needs to step his game up if he wants to stay in Minnesota. The defense is underrated and will need to step up more during big times. The Vikings should work on consistency that is all.

Falcons, C-

They started 5-0 with an unexpected star Devonta Freeman but then near the middle of the season they started to go down. I put the blame on the defense and Matt Ryan. First, the defense wasn’t strong. They couldn’t stop the pass or run game. And Matt Ryan wasn’t consistent. You have one of the best receivers in the league, Julio Jones, and he shouldn’t have gotten way more receptions on their easy schedule. The Falcons should turn Matty Ice into Matty Hot and the defense can still use some work

Panthers, A+
They were so good this season. The offense was rocking out with Cam Newton! They lost their young star Kelvin Benjamin for the season and that was a huge loss. I still think the D-line can still be more effective and the secondary will just become even better.

Saints, D

I saw some improvements. With Jimmy Graham gone and Ben Watson to replace and he did incredible. The Saints should build around the offensive line and the defense. The they should get at least two big, fast, and athletic lineman. The should get a smart defensive coordinator and get good defensive players on the team.

Buccaneers, D
Jameis Winston
definitely and positively changed this franchise around! He will be improving his throwing and accuracy to receivers. They should get a couple of offensive lineman though. In my opinion I think the defense is super underrated. The D-line can be better and the linebacker group can be more lethal. The biggest problem is the secondary. I would work on getting a safety though. A safety would be a bigger help than a corner because the safety would be in the deep zone and be able to get tackles that were longer down the field.

Seahawks, A
I think they should get a "big" WR like Corey Coleman or Josh Doctson. They should fire Darrell Bevell because I think he does not have smart play calling.

Cardinals, A+
This team is legit and I think they could get linebackers that are big and strong.

Rams, C
There is nothing wrong with this team. They have an amazing defense and I thought it was wrong to get Todd Gurley when they already had Tre Mason but I was wrong and was this year's Odell Beckham Jr. They will be moving to L.A. I think the only things holding them back is a QB. I think Paxton Lynch or Jared Goff would be a great fit, but I think Jared Goff would be a better fit. And the coaching staff needs to be a little bit more "supportive."

49ers, F
They did nothing to improve this "rich" franchise. Colin Kaepernick has done nothing but made matters worse for this team. The WR group is great. The O-line has cinderblock feet though. They would be good with Tim Tebow. They lost Vernon Davis so now they need to get a versatile TE. They added Chip Kelly as HC. That was a bad decision. I feel like he is going to do something foolish and trade a good player.

All of these teams get to rethink over and make improvements to the team. I hope players and the coaching staff and owners can make smart and good moves for the franchise. I hope all these teams luck and hope the franchises have bright futures.

-Kid Reporter Solomon

Hey, NFL Rushers Kid reporter Nate here. This is my Dream Football Team...

Qb-Tom Brady
RB-Le'Veon Bell
WR-Antonio Brown
WR-Odell Beckham Jr.
WR-Julian Edelman
TE-Rob Gronkowski

L-Nate Solder
L-Logan Mankins
L-Marshal Yanda
L-Josh Sitton
L-Travis Frederick

DE-J.J. Watt
DE-Chandler Jones
DT-Vince Wilfork
DT-Aaron Donald
LB-Justin Houston
LB-Jamie Collins
MLB-NaVorro Bowman
CB-Darrelle Revis
CB-Richard Sherman
SS-Tyron Mathieu
FS-Eric Weddle

Well, what do you think? Tell me below!

-Kid Reporter Nate
San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle has been voted the 86th-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2015."
Poll: Who is the Chargers MVP?

The San Diego Chargers had another electrifying year, winning five of their last six games, to go 9-7 for the season.

But who do you think is their Most Valuable Player?

Philip Rivers, QB - Rivers had another monster year, throwing for 31 TDs and 4,286 passing yards. Whoa!

Antonio Gates, TE - The wily veteran just doesn't slow down, racking up 821 receiving yards and an amazing 12 TDs.

Eric Weddle, S - Weddle led the defense in tackles with 91, pretty awesome for a safety. He also batted down eight passes and forced two fumbles.

Chargers Laundry Squad - It takes a LOT of work to keep those fantastic power-blue uniforms looking so pretty.

Did you watch the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl draft last night?

Captains Michael Irvin and Cris Carter picked some super-duper squads. Check out the highlights here.

Which of the two squads do you think will win?

The 2015 NFL Pro Bowl kicks-off this Sunday at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN.

Team Carter Team Irvin
Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Andy Dalton Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford
Jamaal Charles, Justin Forsett, Alfred Morris, John Kuhn C.J. Anderson, Mark Ingram, DeMarco Murray, Marcel Reece
A.J. Green, T.Y. Hilton, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown Odell Beckham Jr., Golden Tate, Emmanuel Sanders, Randall Cobb
Martellus Bennett, Greg Olsen Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten
Joe Staley, Duane Brown, Ryan Clady Joe Thomas, Tyron Smith, Trent Wiliams
Evan Mathis, Mike Pouncey, Josh Sitton Kyle Long, Zach Martin, Marshall Yanda
J.J. Watt, Mario Williams, Calais Campbell Robert Quinn, Cameron Wake, DeMarcus Ware
Marcell Dareus, Dontari Poe, Kyle Williams Geno Atkins, Aaron Donald, Sheldon Richardson
Justin Houston, Connor Barwin, Tamba Hali Elvis Dumervil Clay Matthews, Von Miller
C.J. Mosley, Lawrence Timmons Luke Kuechly, D'Qwell Jackson
Patrick Peterson, Aqib Talib, Antonio Cromartie, Sam Shields Vontae Davis, Brent Grimes, Joe Haden, Chris Harris Jr.
Antoine Bethea, Glover Quin, Donte Whitner Eric Weddle, Mike Adams, T.J. Ward
Pat McAfee Kevin Huber
Cody Parkey Adam Vinatieri
Devin Hester Darren Sproles
Justin Bethel Darrell Stuckey
Jon Dorenbos L.P. Ladouceur
Poll: Which player are you most surprise didn't make the Pro Bowl?

The 2015 NFL Pro Bowl players have been announced.

But what team are they on?

Remember, the Pro Bowl teams are now chosen via draft! The Pro Bowl Draft airs on Wednesday, January 21 on NFL Network (8:00 PM ET). Pro Football Hall of Famers Cris Carter and Michael Irvin are this year's alumni team captains and they will take turns drafting player to their teams.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers
Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs
Arian Foster, Houston Texans
Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks
LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles
Demarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

John Kuhn, Green Bay Packers
Marcel Reece, Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers
Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals
T.Y. Hilton of Indianapolis Colts
Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions
Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers
Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots
Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers
Julius Thomas, Denver Broncos

Ryan Clady, Denver Broncos
Jahri Evans, New Orleans Saints
Travis Frederick, Dallas Cowboys
Mike Iupati, San Francisco 49ers
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Kyle Long, Chicago Bears
Nick Mangold, New York Jets
Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys
Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles
Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh Steelers
Josh Sitton, Green Bay Packers
Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys
Joe Staley, San Francisco 49ers
Joe Thomas, Cleveland Browns
Trent Williams, Washington Redskins
Marshal Yanda, Baltimore Ravens

Calais Campbell, Arizona Cardinals
Marcell Dareus, Buffalo Bills
Aaron Donald, St. Louis Rams
Gerald Mc Coy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dontari Poe, KLansas City Chiefs
Robert Quinn, St. Louis Rams
Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions
Cameron Wake, Miami Dolphins
Marcus Ware, Denver Broncos
J.J. Watt, Houston Texans
Mario Williams, Buffalo Bills
Kyle Williams, Buffalo Bills

Connor Barwin, Philadelphia Eagles
Elvis Dumervil, Denver Broncos
Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs
Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs
Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers
Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers
Von Miller, Denver Broncos
C.J. Mosley, Baltimore Ravens
Lawrence Timmons, Pittsburgh Steelers
Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks

Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks
Vontae Davis, Indianapolis Colts
Tashaun Gipson, Cleveland Browns
Brent Grimes, Miami Dolphins
Joe Haden, Cleveland Browns
Chris Harris, Denver Broncos
Glover Quin, Detroit Lions
Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals
Darrelle Revis, New England Patriots
Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks
Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks
Aqib Talib, Denver Broncos
T.J. Ward, Denver Broncos
Eric Weddle, San Diego Chargers

Justin Bethel of Arizona Cardinals
Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots
Devin Hester, Atlanta Falcons
Kevin Huber, Cincinnati Bengals
Pat McAfee, Indianapolis Colts
Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles
Matthew Slater, New England Patriots
Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts

Catch the 2015 Pro Bowl on Sunday, January 25, 2015 on ESPN at 8:00 PM ET.

San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle was voted the 92nd-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2013."

Poll. Which player would be the best fit for Dallas?

The NFL free agency frenzy has, for the most part, passed, and now football fans are looking forward to the next big event on the calendar- the NFL draft. Here are the best fits for each of my three favorite teams, by pick in the draft.
1. Dallas Cowboys (16th pick)- The Cowboys need to start drafting well. They have not had good drafts for the past few years and have a lot to work on. The big hole is on defense, where the unit ranks as one of the league's worst. There should be plenty of defensive players available, but Jerry Jones's problem has been knowing which to choose (see Morris Claiborne).
Draft Picks that would Help- Because of the departure of DeMarcus Ware, the defense only has one proven player- Sean Lee, who is often injured. The defense needs great athletes, and two of the best are linebacker CJ Mosley out of Alabama and safety Calvin Pryor out of Louisville. Mosley would complement Lee as an inside linebacker and would be starting most of the time given Lee's injury history. Pryor would shore up one of the worst pass defending teams in the NFL and can be a leader. The defensive line is also an issue, as Ware, Jay Ratliff, and Jason Hatcher have left. Defensive tackle Aaron Donald would be the best fit for the Dallas defense, as he is the best interior player in the draft and can also be a leader.
Best Draft Pick: Given the Cowboys do not trade up or down, Pryor would have to be the best pick. Mosley will almost definitely be off the board by the time the Cowboys pick, so he will probably not be a Cowboy. Pryor has been desired by many teams so he could also go off the board, but if he is available he would help the worst part of the defense- the secondary. If he is off the board, Dallas should opt for Aaron Donald.

2. Baltimore Ravens (17th pick)- After a poor offseason in 2013, Ozzie Newsome made had one of the best in recent memory this year. The Ravens had multiple free agents but were able to resign a few major players, such as Dennis Pitta, Jacoby Jones, Daryl Smith, Terrell Suggs, and Eugene Monroe. Those resignings should help fill some holes, but there are still others made by the losses of other players.
Draft Picks that would Help- The offensive line definitely needs more help, so Taylor Lewan from Michigan or Zack Martin from Notre Dame would be solid picks if they are still available. Baltimore also has a need in the receiving core despite the signing of Steve Smith and would benefit from the addition of tight end Eric Ebron, wide receiver Marqise Lee, or wide receiver Mike Evans. The Ravens have traditionally had a stout defense but have a need in the secondary. Safeties Ha-Ha Clinton Dix or Calvin Pryor would be great picks for the secondary. Newsome has been known for picking the best available player, so if linebacker CJ Mosley falls to the 17th pick the Ravens could snatch him up.
Best Draft Pick: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame- The Ravens are trying to find an offensive identity. After the loss of Michael Oher, Baltimore needs a tackle to be a leader and a great blocker in pass and run. Martin has all of those qualities and should be available when the Ravens pick.

3. San Diego Chargers (25th pick)- Of the three teams that are included in this article, the Chargers went the farthest in the postseason, making it to the divisional round. Their needs are mainly on the offensive line, linebacking core, and secondary. The latter is the biggest need, but San Diego should be able to fix that even with the late 1st round pick.
Draft Picks that would Help- This draft is one of the best, and Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Bradley Roby, Lamarcus Joyner, Jason Verrett, Kyle Fuller and Darqueze Dennard should all be available. Defensive tackle Louis Nix would also be a popular pick and would help stop the run game on a defensive line that is improving. On the offensive side of the ball, San Diego could pick receiver Marqise Lee or tackle Cyrus Kouandjio.
Roby, a former Ohio State corner, would be the best fit. He is projected to go in the late first round and is the aggresive corner that the Chargers need. Roby would also be able to make plays in the secondary, which already has ball-hawk safety Eric Weddle.



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Poll. Which is the better NFL Pro Bowl Squad?

The first ever fantasy-style draft was held to determine the rosters of the two teams playing in this year's NFL Pro Bowl game.   NFL legends Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders served as the captains and took turns choosing players for each squad.




Take a look at the two teams below and let us know which team you think has the best chance of winning on Sunday.



QB Drew Brees, Saints

QB Philip Rivers, Chargers

QB Alex Smith, Chiefs

WR Josh Gordon, Browns

WR Alshon Jeffery, Bears

WR Brandon Marshall, Bears

WR Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

TE Jimmy Graham, Saints

TE Tony Gonzalez, Falcons

RB LeSean McCoy, Eagles

RB DeMarco Murray, Cowboys

RB Matt Forte, Bears

FB Mike Tolbert, Panthers

T Joe Thomas, Browns

T Tyron Smith, Cowboys

T Jordan Gross, Panthers

G Jahri Evans, Saints

G Ben Grubbs, Saints

G Evan Mathis, Eagles

C Ryan Kalil, Panthers

C Nick Mangold, Jets 

DE Robert Quinn, Rams

DE Cameron Jordan, Saints

DE Cameron Wake, Dolphins

DT Jason Hatcher, Cowboys

DT Marcell Dareus, Bills

DT Kyle Williams, Bills

OLB Justin Houston, Chiefs

OLB Robert Mathis, Colts

OLB John Abraham, Cardinals

ILB Vontaze Burfict, Bengals

ILB Derrick Johnson, Chiefs

CB Joe Haden, Browns

CB Brandon Flowers, Chiefs

CB Antonio Cromartie, Jets

CB Alterraun Verner, Titans

S Eric Reid, 49ers

S Jairus Byrd, Bills

S Antrel Rolle, Giants 

ST Justin Bethel, Cardinals

PR Dexter McCluster, Chiefs

K Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots

P Johnny Hekker, Rams

LS Matt Overton, Colts

QB Andrew Luck, Colts

QB Cam Newton, Panthers

QB Nick Foles, Eagles

WR A.J. Green, Bengals

WR Dez Bryant, Cowboys

WR Antonio Brown, Steelers

WR DeSean Jackson, Eagles

TE Jason Witten, Cowboys

RB Jamaal Charles, Chiefs

RB Eddie Lacy, Packers

FB Marcel Reece, Raiders

T Trent Williams, Redskins

T Duane Brown, Texans

T Branden Albert, Chiefs

G Marshal Yanda, Ravens

G Logan Mankins, Patriots

G Kyle Long, Bears

C Mike Pouncey, Dolphins

C Alex Mack, Browns

DE J.J. Watt, Texans

DE Greg Hardy, Panthers

DE Mario Williams, Bills

DT Ndamukong Suh, Lions

DT Gerald McCoy, Buccaneers

DT Dontari Poe, Chiefs

OLB Brian Orakpo, Redskins

OLB Tamba Hali, Chiefs

OLB Terrell Suggs, Ravens

ILB Luke Kuechly, Panthers

ILB Paul Posluszny, Jaguars

CB Patrick Peterson, Cardinals

CB Darrelle Revis, Buccaneers

CB Brent Grimes, Dolphins

CB Tim Jennings, Bears

S Eric Berry, Chiefs

S Eric Weddle, Chiefs

S T.J. Ward, Browns

ST Matthew Slater, Patriots

PR Cordarrelle Patterson, Vikings

K Justin Tucker, Ravens

P Brandon Fields, Dolphins

LS J.J. Jansen, Panthers




Don’t miss the  NFL Pro Bowl this Sunday at 7:30PM ET on NBC.


  Now that it is 2014, the 2013 NFL season is having its playoffs. This week the wild card round will be played, with 4 games that will be on during Saturday and Sunday. It already looks wild, as all of the visiting teams are in cities that are two words. Here are my picks, in order of how they will be played.  1. Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts The Colts have beaten 4 of the best teams in the NFL this season, including the Chiefs a few weeks ago. After starting 9-0, Kansas C


Now that it is 2014, the 2013 NFL season is having its playoffs. This week the wild card round will be played, with 4 games that will be on during Saturday and Sunday. It already looks wild, as all of the visiting teams are in cities that are two words. Here are my picks, in order of how they will be played.

 1. Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have beaten 4 of the best teams in the NFL this season, including the Chiefs a few weeks ago. After starting 9-0, Kansas City has slumped a little bit and the defense hasn't played well. Quarterback Andrew Luck has very few dangerous weapons, but Alex Smith could have less.
My Prediction: Andrew Luck gets his first career victory in a 27-20 win over the slumping Chiefs.

 2. New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles
Both of these two high-powered teams are built around their offenses, and it looks like the first NFC playoff game will be very high-scoring. One of the biggest headlines is the road woes of New Orleans, who are 8-0 at home and 3-5 on the road.
My Prediction: The offense of Chip Kelly is too much for the Rob Ryan-led defense and the Eagles win a thriller, 48-40.

 3. San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers
Now that the Packers have Aaron Rodgers back, they could get on a roll and win the Super Bowl! Not so fast- they are against the 49ers, winners of 6 straight games. The difference could be the defense- San Francisco has a good one and Green Bay, well, does not.
My Prediction: Like they did in last year's playoff matchup, Colin Kaepernick and the Niners run off with a playoff victory.

 4. San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals
On paper, this game looks like a blowout. The Bengals have averaged over 40 points in their last 5 home games and have Giovani Bernard, AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, Jermaine Gresham, Andy Dalton, Marvin Jones, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Alex Smith (not that Alex Smith). But the Chargers are on a roll and have a good running back duo in Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead and great players in the passing game including Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, and Antonio Gates. Cincinnati hasn't won a playoff game in 23 years, and quarterback Andy Dalton has performed poorly in his two playoff games.
My Prediction: Andy Dalton continues his late season struggles and a good performance by Eric Weddle helps the Chargers upset Cincy, 24-20.



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