Watch some of the best plays as the Pittsburgh Steelers battled the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6.
Le'Veon Bell ran for 179 yards and a touchdown, Antonio Brown made an acrobatic touchdown catch in the fourth quarter.

Steelers 19 

Chiefs 13 
Wow amazing stuff happened on Sunday and I'm here to break down the success of the top five teams to me in the NFL right now.

1. Panthers 13-0
I don't see another team as good as this one. The so proclaimed worst undefeated team ever just beat a division rival 38-0. This so called "defensive" team had a quarterback I don't know if you guys know who he is but that guy came back a play later and finished with another monster game and tightens his grip on that MVP award.

2. Cardinals 11-2
Arizona has been the second best team in football and isn't slowing down. Carson Palmer is playing like he's in his prime, Larry Fitzgerald looks young again and Michael Floyd and John Brown are an amazing supporting cast. This defense is good too and no matter how young Palmer and Fitz have been player like, Dwight Freeney the 14 year old vet caused the game-ending fumble.

3. Patriots 11-2 
The reason the Patriots was strictly because of Gronk and defense. I think Gronk is the best non-QB offensive player. Some say it's Adrian Peterson other might say Julio Jones or Odell Beckham but to me it's Gronk he is the best player at his job. Period.

4. Seahawks 8-5
Does anyone want to play anyone in December? Show of hands... No, that's what I thought, the Seahawks have been playing amazingly on offense and Russell Wilson is literally tossing dimes to wide open receiver. Doug Baldwin has been playing like an elite WR. And also the defense is back. Ouch.

5. Chiefs 8-5
Ugly win for the Chiefs. Even the best team suffer from scares from struggling teams. Such as around two weeks ago the Cardinals almost lost to the 49ers with Blaine Gabbert at QB. BLAINE GABBERT! Anyway Dee Ford came in the clutch recording 3 sacks and broke up the game-tying catch from Danny Woodhead.

6. Steelers
7. Bengals
8. Jets
9. Broncos
10. Packers
11. Vikings
12. Raiders
13. Giants
14. Redskins
15. Bills
16. Texans
17. Jaguars
18. Bucs
19. Colts
20. Saints
21. Bears
22. Dolphins
23. Lions
24. Rams
25. Eagles
26. Browns
27. 49ers
28. Chargers
29. Falcons
30. Cowboys
31. Ravens
32. Titans

Well that's it for me... what do you think? 

-Kid Reporter Hamza

Poll: Will the Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl XLIX?

There's just no pleasing some of you.

In our ongoing quest to predict the winner of this year's Super Bowl, we have offered the bold suggestions of the Lions, Eagles and Colts...only to see numerous comments about how wrong we are.

You made some good points, and we looked at it again. Now we are quite confident that the Kansas Chiefs will win Super Bowl XLIX.

Why? First of all, the Chiefs are angry about blowing a 38-10 lead in last year's AFC Wild Card game.

Second, the Chiefs are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. RB Jamaal Charles is one of the most dynamic players in the league and QB Alex Smith is a smart and efficient game general who is perfectly capable of leading the Chiefs all the way.

Their defense is down right scary and chock full of playmakers such as DB Eric Berry, NT Dontari Poe and a trio of stud linebackers: Justin Houston, Tamba Hali and prized rookie Dee Ford.

Add all that up and you know what you get? Super Bowl Champs!

Poll. What grade would you give the Kansas City Chiefs draft?

The Chiefs beefed up their defense with the addition of pass-rushing DE Dee Ford and the play-making DB Phillip Gaines.  In the third round they added lightening-quick RB De’Anthony Thomas -- who gets bonus points for his cool "Black Mamba" nickname -- and perhaps a QB of the future in Aaron Murray with their 5th round selection.


Grade the Chiefs draft below and then give us your comments.


1. Dee Ford - (DE, Auburn)

2. Phillip Gaines - (CB, Rice)

3. De'anthony Thomas - (RB, Oregon)

4. Aaron Murray - (QB, Georgia)

5. Zach Fulton - (G, Tennessee)

6. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif - (OT, McGill)


Poll. Draft Smack: Which team had the better draft?

We know we say this about every NFL rivalry but seriously...these two teams do NOT like each other.

So which one had the better draft?

Which team can talk smack and which one is just whack? You tell us!


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

The Chiefs were a surprise playoff team last year; could the silver and black make the same jump this year?  This year’s crop of new players will go a long way in defining how these two franchises fare over the next couple years.

Kansa City Chiefs Draft Highlights:

The Chiefs beefed-up their defense with the addition of pass rushing DE Dee Ford and play-making DB Phillip Gaines.  In the third round they added lightening-quick RB De’Anthony Thomas (who gets bonus points for his cool "Black Mamba" nickname) and perhaps a QB of the future in Aaron Murray with their 5th round selection.


Oakland Raider Draft Highlights:

This was one of the Raiders best drafts in many years.  With the fifth pick overall they chose OLB Khalil Mack who will make an immediate impact on defense. Then they took QB Derek Carr, who was in the discussion as possibly the best QB in the draft. They also added G Gabe Jackson, DT Justin Ellis and CB Keith McGill.  



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