Caption Gronk's high-step before the spike!

Caption the moment when you bring a pick-6 back to the bench!

Ted Ginn Jr. meet Plyon.

Such form. Such grace.  His toes are pointed!

But hey, when you’re 6-5, you’re a big, big target. 

Caption this AMAZING pic of Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin making an EPIC grab!

Colts Adam Vinatieri may know game-winning kicks. 

But, it sure does look like the 49ers know the answer! #RaiseYourHand

Caption this shot! 

moneymanwinston0 just scored 1,145 points in Haunted Ghoul Post!

Philadelphia Eagles kicker Jake Elliott is skipping into Wednesday morning like...

Caption this!

TJ Watt is AMPED. 

Caption this EPIC shot.

Devin Funchess looks like a kid in a candy store in this pic from Sunday's match-up.

Panthers @ Lions

Caption this happy pic!

Caption this pic of a flying Ram! 

Caption this epic hair flip by the  Jay Ajayi aka the Jay Train prepping to leave the station! 

What would it be like if NFL players dominated in Medieval times? Wonder no more. 

(Thx Galaxy Note8)

Caption this photo of King Drew Brees! 

Caption this pic of Dez Bryant posing for a fake pic during last night's Monday Night Football game!

You can take an arm away from OBJ. Problem is, he only needs one.

Caption this moment.


Caption this picture of Travis Benjamin getting lifting up by his teammate.  WEEEEE!

Hey, it could happen to anyone.

Caption this pic of Dak transforming into his mascot. 

Way to make an entrance, Kenny Golladay. Wow. 

Caption this flying rookie!

That is one way to not lose your gloves! LOL! 
Caption this pic of Beastmode arriving at the game today! 
Raiders @ Titans 



HEY! Let your hair down! And have a happy Labor Day! 

Caption this EPIC shot of Miami Dolphin, Jay Ajayi, aka the Jay Train!

Cleveland Browns Jabrill Peppers and Jamar Taylor catching some air. Caption this celebration!

Mondays got us like.... 

Wide Reciever Squad Goals.

Caption this epic NY Giants crew posing for the camera after practice!

New York Giants QB Josh Johnson skipping past a Pittsburgh Steeler in their preseason match-up. LOL!

Caption this silly picture!

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson ran along the Great Wall of China with a bunch of kiddos wearing his jersey. It was a lifelong dream of his to run the wall. (Not the whole thing, that is 5,500.3 miles!)

Epic Stuff. 

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz is having too much fun at camp! Caption this pic of him looking so happy and wearing his helmet like a goober!