Poll: Nobody freak out! Luck is in the house!
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is calm, cool and collected. Well, not in that picture, so maybe he just wants us to chill -- because Luck is in control!

He threw 4,761 yards in his best season, that was in 2014.
Last year he got close, with 4,240 yards.
What do you think?  How many yards will Andrew Luck throw for this season?

A) 4,800 He will break his own record and have his best season yet!

B) 4,500 close to his best season, but not quite there

C) 3,000 His best season is behind him

D) Tell us in the comments!

Watch the assessment of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's career and why he hasn't expanded on the success he experienced in his rookie year.
What do you think? Will he turn it around this season, or did Luck's luck run out?
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is voted the 51st-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."

Jumping up 41 spots from 92 to 51 ... wow. What do you think: does Luck lead the Colts to the playoffs this year?
Get the scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and Oakland Raiders Week 16 game, taking a better look at the match up between Colts QB Andrew Luck and Raiders QB Derek Carr!
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton comes up with the catch after the ball is knocked in the air and almost intercepted by the Houston Texans!
wallacel just scored 1,560 points in NFLRZ Drop Zone!

Colts QB Andrew Luck takes the game into his own hands by breaking through the Texans defense and gaining 33 yards as he bolts down the field!

Will Luck lead the Colts to victory today?

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck completed 22 of 28 passes for 278 yards and four TDs against the New York Jets!
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck threw for 262 yards and 2 TDs in a 24-17 victory over the Tennessee Titans in Week 11!

Check out the Top 3 quarterbacks by passing yards in Week 9.

Did your Fantasy QB make the cut?

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers went head-to-head in an epic Week 9 battle!

Which QB is better: Luck or Rodgers?
Kurt Warner breaks down the top five quarterback performances from Week 7 and explains why he made these picks.

Tell us below if you agree or disagree!
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck was solid as he led the team to a Week 7 victory over the Tennessee Titans!

Do you have Luck on your Fantasy team? Tell us why or why not!
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck finds wide receiver T.Y. Hilton for an awesome 37-yard TD!
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck was impressive in a Week 5 win over the Chicago Bears.

Who is your Week 6 Fantasy quarterback?!
Colts QB Andrew Luck throws deep to Phillip Dorsett who is wide open for the 64-yard touchdown! 

Did you have Andrew Luck as your Fantasy football quarterback?

Watch Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton kick it into high gear for a game-winning touchdown against the San Diego Chargers!
Broncos Defensive end Von Miller shatters the Indianapolis Colts comeback hopes with a sack!

There have been so many surprises this Fantasy Football season! 

Anyone who picks Andrew Luck as their quarterback pick is going to be _______________ on Sunday!

Poll: Fantasy Football Surprises!
Week 1 was an exciting week of surprises and many game twists and turns! Even more exciting is seeing all of the Fantasy football surprises along the way!

Check out some of the top fantasy picks after Week 1

- Colts QB Andrew Luck racked up an amazing 35 points!! Luck was picked by 4%

- Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks picked up 27 points! Cooks was picked by 2%
- Colts tight end Jack Doyle led the way with 15 points and was picked by 2%

Who will pick for Week 2? Make your NFL RUSH Fantasy Football picks now!
Week 1 lit up the charts with BIG fantasy numbers. Relive the action and see which players on your roster you will want to start next week!

Will you pick any of these players for Week 2 of NFL RUSH Fantasy Football?
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck passes deep to wide receiver Phillip Dorsett for 51 yards.
Ok here's how easy it is to play NFL RUSH fantasy football: just start Andrew Luck each week at QB. This dude is da bomb.

QB Andrew Luck and teammates from the Indianapolis Colts greeted the Kirtland High School football team on the field in Canton!

The Kirtland High School Football Team are the Division VI Ohio High School State Champions. How cool!

Breaking News...

Good news for Indianapolis Colts fans! QB Andrew Luck just signed a five-year contract extension with the Colts that keeps him in Indy through the 2021 season.

Will Luck become the best QB in the NFL now that Peyton Manning is retired?

In case you didn't know, QB Andrew Luck is crazy about books!

He's been know by teammates for always making book recommendations and now he's decided to take it one step further and start his own book club!

Andrew Luck is now ready to make recommendations and pass them on to his fans. He's been called the unofficial librarian of his team and he feels how strongly the power of reading truly is.

Would you want to be part of Andrew Luck's book club?! Tell us below what book you would recommend to him!