August 15th, 2011

The Best Overall Fantasy Quarterback This Season

 The best overall Fantasy Quarterback this season will be Aaron Rodgers. Aaron led his team to a championship and he knows how to stay calm in the pocket! A trait that is very important for a quarterback. He's a quarterback that can do it all—air the ball out to his receivers and he has accuracy. He can improve on his speed, but he still manages to get out of the pocket.


He was also a back-up Quarterback for several years for Brett Favre. And I'm sure he learned a lot from Brett. He had good stats last year as well with 312 completions and 28 passing touchdowns. Aaron had a couple of touchdowns himself last season. Being the back-up quarterback to an awesome 1st string quarterback could get discouraging, but you have to stay focused and practice hard because one day you will get your turn. Aaron Rodgers got his turn and won the Super Bowl! He was also named Super Bowl MVP! Both were worth the wait!


Peyton A. Ringer

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

Who do you think will be the best Fantasy Quarterback in the NFL this season?

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