December 22nd, 2009



Happy Holidays, NFL fans! It's KC here with your snow-laden Christmas edition. However, unlike the Thanksgiving edition, this one does not contain turkey. Anyway, this article will be a bit different. So here we go...

Hot picks this week will be in a start-'em or sit-'em fashion.


Aaron Rodgers! He has been consistent all year long and is averaging the highest score among QBs in the NFLRUSH fantasy league! The Pack plays Seattle this week.

Steven Jackson! He is probably one of the most underrated running backs in the NFL because he plays for the Rams, and they do not have as big a media market as some teams. St. Louis cracks helmets with Arizona in Week 16

Randy Moss! He has received some criticism for his hustle, but it's hard to criticize the 5th highest total of receiving yards this season. The Pats play the Jaguars in a game that the Ravens need as well.

Vernon Davis! He is one of the best tight ends in the league right now and is a huge gear in the machine of the 49er's offense. The Niners realize that and are building the offense around him, Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore. They tangle with the Lions on Sunday.

Cowboys Defense! Anchored by DeMarcus Ware, this defense plays the Redskins, a team that has been struggling of late.

Peyton Manning! He pushes the Colts to the brink of perfection! Can Indy do it? I think that they can.


Jay Cutler. He had his 23rd, 24th and 25th interceptions on the season. He is still trying to mesh with his receivers, and often they just aren't on the same page.

Thomas Jones. While New York has one of the best running attacks in the NFL, they play the tough Colts defense this week, so I say let Jones ride the pine.

Santana Moss. The Redskins have been struggling, as was apparent in the 45-12 loss this week to the Giants. The QB situation is sketchy in DC, so sit Moss (I just noticed this. Both of my WRs this week on the start-'em and the sit-'em lists have the last name of Moss).

Kellen Winslow Jr. Tampa plays the Saints this time around, and I think New Orleans will come out mad, as their perfect season got spoiled by Dallas. The Buccaneers also have a young QB in Josh Freeman. I think he will be good, but he needs some more time to learn the position.

Chiefs Defense. While this is hard for me to say, (this team has my name in its logo) the Chiefs have issues on defense. They gave up a record game against the Browns, and they play the Bengals, who have a strong offense. That upset of the Steelers seems ages ago.

What are you doing this holiday break? I have mostly been out in the snow. I believe we had the second highest snowfall ever in my area (when did they start measuring snow, anyway?). I also can't wait to open my presents. I already know what one of them is: a football! (When the package has laces, you know what it). On Christmas Eve, I go to a church service (sometimes I'm even in the living nativity) and then I get to open one present at home. On Christmas Day, I usually get up about 5:00 am and wake Mom and Dad up (We set a time that I can do that, normally it's about 6:30). We open presents, and then we go out to eat with my grandparents.

Well, that's all for me now.

Merry Christmas!


Kid Reporter-KC

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