May 15th, 2013

Miami Dolphins.....Best Receiving Team?

In my opinion, every season is the same. Since I started watching football in 2010, I have seen the mistakes and needs of the Miami Dolphins. They needed a strong and fierce quarterback, and for now, they have Ryan Tannehill. But, another top need was a receiver. In 2009 they drafted Brian Hartline. He is a fantastic receiver who chalked up 1,083 yards last season. But that wasn't enough. They needed more. This offseason, they picked up two wide receivers- Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson. Wallace, who did fantastic last season with 836 yards and 8 touchdowns, is signed for five years. And Brandon Gibson, who did okay last season, came up with 691 yards and five touchdowns. He is signed for three years. Now, with a talented receiving corps, and a QB who is now familiar with the Dolphins system, I think they will be able to succeed, and possibly get a wild card spot.


Do you think the Dolphins will do well?

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