NFLRUSH PLAY 60 Showdown Week 15
ESPN’s Monday Night Football

Each week, while two teams compete on the field during ESPN’s Monday Night Football matchup, two deserving youth health and fitness projects from the corresponding cities will face off here in the NFL PLAY 60 Showdown.

Based on fan votes, NFL PLAY 60 will fully fund the winning project, while the other project will get 50% funding towards its goal. Vote now!

Come "Step" Into My Playground Spirit Squad Want to Spread Spirit at Competitions
City:Metairie, LA
School:Bissonet Plaza Elementary School
Teacher:Ms. Lombardino
City:Chicago, IL
School:Amundsen High School
Teacher:Ms. Meadow
Each day we teach 670 students seeing 120 students at a time. It's a challenge to bring a variety of activities to our class which consists of a diverse student body. That is why we are requesting stackable fitness risers so that many students can engage with a fun, easy to use, and challenging fitness program at the same time. Thanks for your consideration! Our school has recently reinvigorated school spirit and have a Spirit Squad that performs at home games and community events. Previously, the community viewed our school as a "drug" and "gang" school -- however we are going through a drastic turnaround and our Spirit Squad increases student self-esteem. That is why we need new gym mats for practicing stunts and routines safely.
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