Minnesota Vikings Schedule
Saturday Shred!

Watch Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen's best plays from the 2017 season. 

Which play was your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

The Vikings introduce their new QB, Number 8, Kirk Cousins!

Poll: Which QB Will Fair the Best?
A lot of familiar faces are headed to new places!

Which QB on a new team will have the most success?

A) Kirk Cousins on the Vikings

B) Tyrod Taylor on the Browns

C) Sam Bradford on the Cardinals

D) Case Keenum on the Broncos

E) Alex Smith on the Redskins

F) A.J. McCarron on the Bills
Check out the top ten plays from Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith in the 2017 NFL season.
Poll: Dream Vikings Team?
The Vikings are building up quite the line-up.

Will it get them to the Super Bowl next year?

A) Yes! With Kirk Cousins at the helm of the Viking ship, there will be RINGS TO WIN!

B) The Vikings always choke. They will get close but it won't happen.

C) Anything is possible. 
congrove just scored 1,153 points in Frankfurter Fling!

Case Keenum had the first 10+ win season of his career last season at age 29.

 The last QB to post his first 10+ win season at age 29-or-older and repeat the feat the following season was Jake Plummer, for Keenum's new team, the Broncos! 

Watch Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum's top throws from the 2017 season.

Kirk Cousins likely to sign three-year, fully-guaranteed deal with the Vikings

The name KIRK kind-of has a Viking ring to it... And maybe Kirk is the secret ingredient to give the Vikings a Super Bowl RING!

Kirk Cousins will become the first quarterback in NFL history to change teams after posting 4,000+ passing yards in each of the 3 previous seasons.

Poll: Where should Kirk Cousins play?
Kirk is a rare breed. A free agent franchise quarterback. 

Where should Kirk Cousins play?

A) Vikings

B) Broncos

C) Browns

D) Jets

E) Other ___________________ (tell us in the comments)

"I got a pure soul... I don’t do the hate" ~Stefon Diggs

Join us in wishing Vikings QB Case Keenum a very happy 30th birthday!

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen joins the debate of which all-time great wide receiver should be nominated for the Hall of Fame this Saturday, Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.

Who is your choice?
Watch the best plays from Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen, cornerback Xavier Rhodes, tight end Kyle Rudolph and safety Harrison Smith.

SKOL at the Pro Bowl!
Can't-Miss Play: Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith gets an interception off of Ben Roethlisberger and returns it 79 yards for a touchdown in the 2018 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

That is crazy good stuff. So fun!
Minnesota Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon's best plays from the NFC Championship game!
Check out the top 10 plays from Championship weekend!

You're welcome. 

Former teammates Nick Foles & Case Keenum gave each other a big hug postgame. They both had great things to say about each other, too. Good sportsmanship is always appreciated, but this friendship is full of respect and love.

Football is family.

Poll: Which Championship Win was the Craziest Surprise?
Which Division Championship Win was the Craziest Surprise?

A) Patriots major comeback victory over the Jaguars was the craziest surprise!

B) Eagles slam dunk on the Vikings was the craziest surprise! 
Watch as the Minnesota Vikings take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.
Nick Foles was in tip-top form. He threw for three touchdowns and the Philadelphia Eagles made big play after big play, the Birds were unstoppable. Now, they will travel to the Super Bowl to face the same team that beat them there in 2005. 

Eagles 38

Vikings 7

Who you got?

Yvonne Thagon talks about what it means to have her two sons - Eric and Mychal Kendricks - on either side of the ball when Vikings meet the Eagles in the NFC Championship.

Football is family... literally.
Will the New England Patriots advance to their 10th Super Bowl????
Take a look back at the BEST celebrations from the Minnesota Vikings from the 2017 NFL season.


Which one was THE BEST?
The Minnesota Vikings celebrate with a 'Skol' chant!