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Los Angeles Rams 'Goff and Gurley get curly' -- curls, get it? Like, bicep curls at the gym... 

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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff talks about working with a new head coach, how confident he is now with an NFL season under his belt, and what it's like playing golf against Charles Barkley. 
Hey, Jared! We're cool if you aren't any good with that tiny white ball, as long as you bring all the goods with the pigskin! 
Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley talks about the pressures of playing in L.A, the competition with other successful franchises in the city, and what he expects for 2017.

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Like the song says, "it takes two to make a thing go right." 

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Check out this video of Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald's best moves from last season.  
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msl just scored 58,300 points in Hail Mary!
Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips plays "Who Tweeted That" and it's pretty hysterical.
Check out an artist's rendering of Inglewood Stadium, which will become the home of the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams beginning in 2020.

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Poll: How many wins will the Rams get this year?
Is that a super-cool Rams helmet or what? Which makes us ask:

How many wins will the Rams get this year?

A) 12+. This is our year!

B) 9-11. We're going to be tough.

C) 6-8. Maybe better if we get a few breaks.

D) 0-5. Awww man!

The "Good Morning Football" crew debates which California team is in the best shape for the future: Chargers, 49ers or Rams.

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The Los Angeles Rams were defeated by the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15 with a final score of 24-3!
The Los Angeles Rams take on the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football!

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See how Rams rookie QB Jared Goff is doing in his first season in the NFL.

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As I pulled up to the Rams practice facility in Thousand Oaks, CA, you could feel a buzz in the air. The facility was swamped with media as just the day prior Jared Goff was announced the starter!

I walked through the Rams media room on my way to interview Alec Ogletree. I noticed the staggering amount of media that were present in the room. Some were editing clips from interviews that day. Others were simply eating lunch. One thing that stood out to me was where the interview podium was located. As I walked through this office looking room with plastic tables throughout I saw a Rams backdrop with a podium.

I had never imagined the podium being in such an ordinary and busy room. Next, I met Alec. We were standing in a courtyard. The players were in between meetings and had food trucks just a few feet over. There were some couches for the players to sit on, but mostly just regular picnic tables. I was surprised by how ordinary looking the scene was as the players sat at the tables together and were talking and laughing. Alec and I talked for a minute or so and then I began my interview. Here is my latest edition of Fourth and Goal with… Alec Ogletree.

Q: Since we are here at the practice facility and the fans only get to see what happens on Sunday, take me through what the week here is like Monday- Saturday?

After a game we come in Monday morning and watch the film and do some coverage stuff. Tuesday, we come in and it’s kind of a light day for us. We start our game plan for the new week and get on the field for about an hour. Wednesday is our hard day. We come in at 7am and we are here until 7pm. First, you have workouts and then you go to meetings. Then you go from meetings to practice. After that you have a break for lunch. After that there are some more meetings. Thursday is our day off, but most of the guys come into watch film. On Friday we like to call it fast Fridays. You come in and go through the game plan that you have been working on all week. And then Saturday is just a walkthrough.

Q: At 4-5 and with the dolphins on a 4 game win streak and with you guys being just 2.5 games back of Seattle, what's the approach to the second half of the season?

Just win 1 game at a time. It’s a long season, but it’s going to end soon and it ends even faster if you don’t win. So we just try to take it one game at a time and win that game that week.

Q: Does a change in quarterback affect the team as a whole at all? And if so, how?

I wouldn’t say it affects the team. It may affect the offense just based on who is calling the plays. But as far as team wise, we still have the same goals to go out and win games.

Q: Being a captain this year, what are some different responsibilities than you had last year?

I just have to be more vocal and be a centerpiece to come to if guys have questions.

Being on hard knocks, did it affect the way people behaved with cameras around all the time? I wouldn’t say people were acting differently. I felt everyone was pretty much themselves. But, there definitely were times that some guys realized that a camera was around. But for the most part everyone was themselves.

Q: What was the move like from St. Louis to LA? How do you like LA so far?

The move out here was fun actually. We got to go to different places out here. We were down in Oxnard, went out to Irvine, and now we are out here in Thousand Oaks. It’s been really fun. The Rams did a great job getting everybody out here.

-Kid Reporter Jake

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