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16%OAK 16%
Check out the highlights from the game played in Mexico City between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders in Week 11.
Tom Brady was nearly perfect in his first appearance in Mexico by throwing for 339 yards and three touchdowns! 

Patriots 33

Raiders 8

Watch to see tight end Martellus Bennett's best Week 10 plays during his first game back as a New England Patriot.

Bennett is one of the best in the biz!
New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media about tying Tom Landry for third on all-time wins list.

Happy winning to you, Happy winning to you, Happy winning Bill Belichick! Happy Winning to YOU!

... and many more!
New England Patriots running back Dion Lewis scores a 103-yard touchdown on the Denver Broncos punt return! 
Dion Lewis is the only player since the 1970 merger with 2 career games including a kick return TD & rushing TD (including playoffs!)

He's the man! 

Watch to see the best plays of New England Patriots running back Rex Burkhead highlights in his Week 10 matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Rex brought the thunder. Boom.
mano101 just scored 14 points in 4th and Inches!

Dion Lewis: Only player since the 1970 merger with 2 career games with a kick return TD & rushing TD (including playoffs.)

Poll: Who You Got?
If the season ended right now... The 2017 playoffs would look like this picture. 

So, Who you got? Or, tell us, who is going to rally?!?!

A) Jaguars

B) Titans

C) Bills

D) Panthers

E) Saints

F) Patriots

G) Vikings 

H) Seahawks 

I) Steelers 

J) Rams 

K) Eagles 

L) Chiefs

M) NOPE! It will be _______________________! They will RALLY! (tell us in the comments) 

Bill Belichick has 270 career wins! Tying with Tom Landry for the 3rd-most wins by a head coach in NFL history.

We are thinking he will probably get some more wins this season...

How good is Tom Brady?  Pick any game and watch the highlights.  For example, Sunday night's game against the Broncos. 
It seems like the one predictable thing this season is a New England victory.  This one wasn't even close - Patriots 41 and Broncos 16.   The Patriots took the Broncos to school.  Watch and learn!
Take a look through our freeD vision as New England Patriots QB Tom Brady hits RB James White on the outside to pick up the first down.

Wow. To see the game through the G.O.A.T.'s eyes. Wow. 
Poll: Midseason -- MVP?
Who's YOUR midseason MVP?

A) Alex Smith 

B) Deshaun Watson

C) Russell Wilson

D) Carson Wentz

E) Tom Brady

F) OTHER __________________ (tell us in the comments)
Take a look through our freeD vision as New England Patriots QB Tom Brady finds Rob Gronkowski on a crossing route for the score. 

Brady & Gronk. 
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws for over 330 yards and a touchdown in a 21-13 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 8 of NFL action.

Goat, goating.

Happy Halloween from Franken-Gronk!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws for over 330 yards and a touchdown as the Patriots are able to overcome 132 yards and a touchdown from Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon for a victory.

Patriots 21

Chargers 13

Chargers @  Patriots

Who you got?

Watch the debate about which team is currently the best team in the AFC.

Who you got?
Epic Picture
Watch the best plays as the Atlanta Falcons took on the New England Patriots in Week 7.
In a fog-filled Super Bowl rematch Sunday night that wasn't particularly super.
Tom Brady and the Patriots dominated the Falcons.

Patriots 23

Falcons 7

We find ourselves here... again.

Oh boy, this is going to be a good one. 

They meet again... a Super Bowl LI rematch!

Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots. 



Who ya got? 

2017 Passing Yards Leaders (Through Week 6)


Chris Long is donating the rest of this year's salary to increase educational equality.

The Philadelphia Eagles' defensive end already gave up his first six game checks to provide two scholarships for students in Charlottesville, Virginia. Now, he's using the next 10 to launch the Pledge 10 for Tomorrow campaign.

The charitable initiative encourages people to make donations to improve equal education opportunities. Long began his career in St. Louis in 2008 and played for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots last season. Long's foundation has selected four organizations whose missions focus on making education easily accessible to underserved youth while also providing students the support they need to develop strong social and emotional character.

The four organizations are based in the three communities in which Long has played during his NFL career. The city that raises the most money during the season will receive an additional $50,000 donation.

"There's a lot of opportunities to help out and they're wonderful organizations," Long said. "We have such a great platform as football players and hopefully fans get behind it."

He gave his entire pay for a full year to help kids. That is INCREDIBLE.

Check out highlights from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's spectacular performance against the New York Jets in Week 6.

With this win over the Jets, Tom Brady officially has the most regular-season wins (187) among QBs in NFL history.