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Lions roar past the "Luckless" Colts. Check out the game highlights from the Detroit Lions vs. Indianapolis Colts Preseason Week 1 matchup.

Lions 24

Colts 10
Poll: Nobody freak out! Luck is in the house!
Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is calm, cool and collected. Well, not in that picture, so maybe he just wants us to chill -- because Luck is in control!

He threw 4,761 yards in his best season, that was in 2014.
Last year he got close, with 4,240 yards.
What do you think?  How many yards will Andrew Luck throw for this season?

A) 4,800 He will break his own record and have his best season yet!

B) 4,500 close to his best season, but not quite there

C) 3,000 His best season is behind him

D) Tell us in the comments!

Watch the assessment of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's career and why he hasn't expanded on the success he experienced in his rookie year.
What do you think? Will he turn it around this season, or did Luck's luck run out?

Thanks for the encouragement, champ! 

Feeling nostalgic for the other Manning brother, so let's have a Throwback Thursday!
Take a look at the best moments from Peyton Manning's NFL career.
Which one was the greatest?
maddox22 just scored 23 points in Match Scot!
Poll: Which QB draft class is the best?
Every team needs a great QB so they always go high in the NFL Draft.

Which QB draft class do you think is the best?

A) 2004: Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning

B) 2005: Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith

C) 2012: Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is voted the 51st-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."

Jumping up 41 spots from 92 to 51 ... wow. What do you think: does Luck lead the Colts to the playoffs this year?
On September 24th, 1972 the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts (wait a sec ... Baltimore Colts???) played a doozie ... check it out!

Tell us the starting QB from each team!
Poll: Peytin Manning: Better with the Colts or with the Broncos?
Peyton Manning: Better with the Colts or with the Broncos?

Colts for sure! He won a Super Bowl in Indianapolis, you know.

Broncos all the way! He won a Super Bowl in Denver, duh.

Well? Which is it???

Peyton Manning turns 41 today!

Check out this "Omaha" mashup as we celebrate his big day.

Be sure to give Peyton a HBD shout-out in comments.

Poll: Cooler Tony Dungy accomplishment?
Cooler Tony Dungy accomplishment?

First African American head coach to win the Super Bowl.

NFL record eleven straight playoff appearances as a head coach. Come on ... eleven straight playoff appearances? That's ridiculous!

Don't make me choose ... both are incredibly special.

Indianpolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton brings home the 2016 Receiving Title with 1,448 yards!

The Jacksonville Jaguars were defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Week 17 with a final score of 24-20!
Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis forces and recovers a fumble after strip sacking Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles!

Indianapolis Colts running back Frank Gore has 1,000 rushing yards this season!

Last week of the regular season! Who's going to win between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts?
Can the Indianapolis Colts upset the Oakland Raiders???

Here are all of the wide receivers that have been selected for the Pro Bowl on January 29th!

Which player is your top pick?!

Get the scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and Oakland Raiders Week 16 game, taking a better look at the match up between Colts QB Andrew Luck and Raiders QB Derek Carr!
Check out the highlights from the Indianapolis Colts victory against the Minnesota Vikings with a final score of 34-6 in Week 15!
Indianapolis Colts running back Robert Turbin spins his way in for a 6-yard TD!
Get the scoop on this week's match up between the Colts and the Vikings.

Which team will charge to victory: Vikings or Colts?!

Check out the top 3 NFL wide receivers with the most receiving yards through Week 14!

Who is your Fantasy wide receiver?

The Houston Texans took down the Indianapolis Colts in Week 14 with a final score of 22-17!
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton comes up with the catch after the ball is knocked in the air and almost intercepted by the Houston Texans!