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65%Dolphins 65%
35%Eagles 35%
Watch the highlights from the Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins from the second week of the preseason.
It wasn't much of a battle, but it is still just the preseason...

Ravens  31

Dolphins 7 
Miami Dolphins quarterback David Fales connects with wide receiver Francis Owusu for a 17-yard touchdown! And for a second there, it is a real nail biter!
Former Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, and New York Jets defensive end Jason Taylor delivers his speech as he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 
Wow! What a guy!
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Did you see this epic catch and run last night?! Dolphins QB David Fales connected with WR Damore’ea Stringfellow who ran it in 99 yards for a touchdown. That's some serious YAC right there.
The Miami Dolphins took on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1 of the preseason. Despite a nice lead, the Falcons couldn't hold on for a W. Oh no! Is it a Super Bowl curse?

The Dolphins came from behind to win the game.

Dolphins 23
Falcons 20

Is this going to be Miami's year?!
justyn99 just scored 917 points in Scrambled Legs!
Quarterback Jay Cutler has been added to the roster for the Miami Dolphins!!! This could be GREAT news for the Dolphins. Find out why this could be an improvement for the team in the video and tell us your take on it, in the comments.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill talks about leading the way into his sixth season and working with his newest weapons. He wants to use his offensive line in all of their unique greatness. 
He seems like a great leader. If you were on an NFL team, who would you want to lead the charge?
Poll: Will Miami take AFC East this season?
Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill is feeling confident in his team's abilities.

 What do you think, will Miami take AFC East this season?

A) Yes, they are ready, this is their year!

B) Not going to happen!  It will be the Patriots, of course!

C) Nope! Go Bills!


Poll: Who was the better quarterback?
A) Dan Marino! He has 61,36 yards passing, 402 TDs and 4,967 pass completions!

B) Brett Farve, of course, he has 71,838 yards passing, 508 TDs and he has a Super Bowl ring!!!

Poll: Which extreme weather condition is hardest for players?
Which extreme weather condition is hardest for players?

A) Sizzling summer heat!

B) Rain and mud!

C) Freezing temperatures and snow!
This week the Miami Dolphins hosted a voter initiative in the Miami community to encourage more people to register to vote. The privilege started with the Dolphins themselves and the event was very inspirational!!

How long until you can vote? 

A huge swarm of bees ran the Dolphins off of their practice field. These guys don't mind getting tackled but nobody likes getting stung by a bumble bee!  

Have you ever been stung?  Did it hurt!?  

Coach Gase of the Miami Dolphins said that wide receiver Devante Parker "really treats every day like it’s a game.”  

Jarvis, Fitz or Jordy

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Poll: Who will be #1 in the NFL Top 100 players list?
Jarvis Landry or Odell Beckham Jr. ... will either of these guys be #1 in the NFL Top 100 list?

A) Jarvis Landry ... he's da bomb!

B) OBJ ... he's OBJ!

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is voted the 55th-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."

Kind of a big drop for the big man (although 55th best football player in the world isn't too shabby).

What do you think? Is Ndamuong under-rated or over-rated?
What? The Patriots had the best draft this year? Unbelievable.

How did that happen?
NFL Network's Tiffany Blackmon gives an update on the Miami Dolphins working in the free agency period to reach long-term deals with key players on their roster.

Dolphins fans: who's your favorite player mentioned in this video?
The Pittsburgh Steelers force three turnovers on three consecutive Miami Dolphins drives as Matt Moore struggles in a Wild Card Weekend game in Pittsburgh.

Are you surprised the Dolphins lost?

Is this exactly what the Wild Card games look like today?!

Watch the Miami Dolphins take on the Pittsburgh Steelers today at 1:05pm ET!

Which team is your favorite?

Get the scoop on the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Wild Card game, taking a look at the match up between the Dolphins wide receivers and the Steelers wide receivers.

Which team will win: Steelers or Dolphins?!

Shout out below which Wild Card team will make the Super Bowl!

Find out why Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry is an underappreciated storyline after the regular season!

Do you agree or disagree?!
Check out the top plays from Aaron Rodgers, Corey Grant, Cameron Meredith, Jarvis Landry, Deangelo Williams, and Julian Edelman!

Which player impressed you the most?!