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Who Will Win This Sunday: Cowboys or Giants?!

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants  match up in Week 14! Take a look at the battle between Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Giants safety Landon Collins.

Which team will win: Giants or Cowboys?!
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How Have the Cowboys and Giants Changed Since Week 1?!

Get the scoop on how the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants have changed since their Week 1 match up and how that will affect their upcoming game in Week 14!

Week 14 Power Rankings!

Check out the power rankings for Week 14!

Where does your favorite team fit in the mix?

Who Is the NFL MVP? Vote Now!

Tell us below which NFL player should be considered the MVP right now!

Rematch: Cowboys vs Giants!

The Giants handed the Cowboys their only loss of the season in Week 1 and look for redemption in Week 14 on Sunday Night Football!

Which team will win this time around?!

NFL in the Blank

Ezekiel Elliott definitely knows how to score touchdowns and he must get hungry from all of the running he does!

if I could make Zeke anything for breakfast, it would be _______________!

Better Trio?! Vote Now!

Which trio is better: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Dez Bryant or Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack?

Shout out your pick below!

Top Running Backs Through Week 13!

Check out the top 3 running backs based on rushing yards!

Which RB is on your Fantasy team?!

Division Leaders Through Week 13!

Check out the top team in each division through Week 13!

Did your favorite NFL team make the list?!

Top Plays of Week 13!

Check out the best plays from Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott, LeGarette Blount, Randall Cobb, and Eric Berry in Week 13 !

Which play was the most impressive?!

Can't-Miss Play: Bryant Pulls In a 56-yard Catch By the Fingertips!

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant pulls in the 56-yard catch with his fingertips on a pass from QB Dak Prescott.

Are the Cowboys unstoppable this season?!

Cowboys Make the Playoffs!

The Dallas Cowboys are the first NFL team to lock in a playoff spot!

Will they make it all the way to the Super Bowl? Share your predictions below!

First Team Going to the Playoffs!

The Dallas Cowboys are the first team in the NFL to clinch a spot in the playoffs!

Which other teams will join them?!

Top 10 NFL Plays of November!

Check out the top 10 plays from the month of November. 

See how many plays from Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys make the list!

Cowboys Crumble Vikings Dreams of Victory!

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Minnesota Vikings with a final score of 17-15 in Week 13!

Who Will Win TNF: Vikings or Cowboys?!

Get all of the facts on tonight's match up between the Cowboys and the Vikings!

Which team will win? Shout it out below!

Adrian Peterson vs Ezekiel Elliott

Check out the stats between running backs Adrian Peterson and Ezekiel Elliott through the first 11 career games!

Will Zeke be better than AP by the end of the season?!

Spot the Differences: Cowboys vs Vikings!

 Can you spot the 10 differences in these two photos?

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Zeke Stays On Top!

Check out the Top 3 running backs in the NFL with the most rushing yards!

Which RB is on your Fantasy team?

What’s Up With Those Cleats?!

NFL athletes are making a difference in their community, and now they have a chance to show it off!

This week, players will be promoting causes they care about in the league's #MyCauseMyCleats campaign… and we’re particularly excited about the pair of cleats being sported by Dallas Cowboys strong safety Barry Church!

Barry has chosen to showcase Fuel Up to Play 60 as his cause, wearing these awesome custom-made cleats for his 12/1 game against the Minnesota Vikings! 

And it doesn’t stop at Barry’s cleats. The league brings NFL excitement to school wellness across the country! All 32 NFL teams are involved with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, and since the program’s inception, over 1,300 player visits have taken place at schools involved in the program. To learn how you can get involved, visit

Division Leaders Through Week 12!

Check out all of the current division leaders! 

Did your favorite team make the list?

Can't-Miss Play: Terrance Williams Has the Best Toe-tap of the Year!

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams has the best toe-tap of the year!

Check Out the Top 5 Runs from Week 12- #3 Is Epic!

Check out the the 18-yard rush by Dak Prescott, the 18-yard run by Mark Ingram, and the 86-yard kick return TD by Tyreek Hill in Week 12!

Jersey Swap!

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and Redskins running back Robert Kelley swap jerseys!

Which two players should do the swap next?

Check Out the Toe Drag Swag!

Check out the best Toe Drag Swag from around the league in Week 11!