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Former Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas turned his retirement press conference into a roast of his fellow Browns players and staff! 

Poll: Which QB Will Fair the Best?
A lot of familiar faces are headed to new places!

Which QB on a new team will have the most success?

A) Kirk Cousins on the Vikings

B) Tyrod Taylor on the Browns

C) Sam Bradford on the Cardinals

D) Case Keenum on the Broncos

E) Alex Smith on the Redskins

F) A.J. McCarron on the Bills
Joe Thomas' career with the Browns was an epic run that influenced many players within the NFL world, even stretching to LeBron James. Get the full story of his career here!
Watch the 2017 highlight from Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer.
Poll: Browns in the Playoffs?
The Browns acquired a bunch of new fantastic players over the weekend. And they still have great positioning in the draft! 

So, what do you think, will the Browns make it to the Playoffs?

A)Yes! They are putting together quite the line-up!

B) HA. The Browns will never make the playoffs.

C) They still need to build. Maybe in a couple more years.
sprockets43 just scored 900 points in Fast Sack Attack!

Tyrod Taylor to the BROWNS!

Jarvis Landry had more touchdowns and almost as many receptions as all Browns wide receivers combined in 2017.

- Browns WRs (2017): 134 receptions, 7 receiving TD 

- Jarvis Landry (2017): 112 receptions, 9 receiving TD

Jarvis Landry has been traded to the Browns! 

Landry will become the first player in 40 years to change teams in the season after leading the NFL in receptions!

Poll: Where should Kirk Cousins play?
Kirk is a rare breed. A free agent franchise quarterback. 

Where should Kirk Cousins play?

A) Vikings

B) Broncos

C) Browns

D) Jets

E) Other ___________________ (tell us in the comments)
Which of the teams need linebacker help? 

Check out the breakdown and weigh in, in the comments!
Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett had a breakout debut in his rookie season recording seven sacks and one forced fumble. Watch the top 10 plays of his 2017 season!
Throwback Thursday: 
With his team down a touchdown late in the 1986 AFC Championship Game, Broncos quarterback John Elway led his team on "The Drive", a 98-yard touchdown drive to tie the game near the close and send it to overtime.
Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon posted 115 receiving yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17.
Gordon played hard this season despite the team's record. 
Cleveland Browns wide receiver Rashard Higgins put up two touchdowns and 68 receiving yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17.
It wasn't enough for a win but Rashard fought a good game. 
Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer connects with wide receiver Josh Gordon for a 56-yard gain.

Josh Gordon has 115 receiving yards, giving him his first 100-yard game since Week 12, 2014. 

It's the first 100-yard receiving game by a Browns player this season.

Can't-Miss Play: Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer connects with wide receiver Rashard Higgins for a 56-yard touchdown; DeShone Kizer's longest pass of the year.
The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17, cementing the Browns 0-16 season.
The Browns joined the 2008 Detroit Lions as the only teams in NFL history to go 0-16.

Steelers 28

Browns 24

DeShone Kizer throws a 56-yard TD pass to Rashard Higgins. 

Kizer's previous longest TD pass this season was half that length (28 yards to David Njoku in Week 13)

Watch the best plays from the week 16 Snowy matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns. 
DeShone Kizer had two interceptions. 

Bears 20 

Browns 3
Take a look through our freeD vision as Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell blasts through the Ravens front line for a huge gain out of his own end zone.
Check out the best plays from the Baltimore Ravens matchup with the Cleveland Browns from Week 15.
Joe Flacco threw a touchdown pass and ran for a score to beat Cleveland. 

Ravens 27

Browns 10

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon scored his first touchdown in almost four years against the Green Bay Packers in Week 14.
Four years!! Never say never!
Cleveland Browns tight end Seth Devalve makes an incredible one-handed diving grab!

Shredding in Style!
Watch the best plays as the Green Bay Packers defeated the Cleveland Browns in overtime.