Cincinnati Bengals Schedule
4:25 PM EST
22%Bengals 22%
78%Broncos 78%
Watch the best of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green in their loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 10.

Can't-Miss Play: Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton throws a dart to A.J. Green who unleashes for a 70-yard TD to take the lead.

Green moving down the green. 
Watch highlights from the Week 10 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans.
Titans have won 4 in a row for the first time since 2009.

Titans 24

Bengals 20
Watch the best plays from the week 9 matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars.
Jaydon Mickens makes game-winning play by returning a punt 63 yards for a touchdown!

Jaguars 23

Bengals 7
Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon takes the short pass from QB Andy Dalton and runs it 67-yards into the red zone!

connor3stewart just scored 700 points in Fast Sack Attack!
Watch the Indianapolis Colts as they take on the Cincinnati Bengals in their Week 8 matchup.
Lineman Carlos Dunlap batted and grabbed the ball and ran 16 yards to the end zone for a game-turning TD. 

Bengals 24

Colts 23

The Cincinnati Bengals faced off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 7 of the 2017 NFL season.
Ben Roethlisberger threw for 224 yards and two touchdowns, Le'Veon Bell added 192 total yards

Steelers 29

Bengals 14 
Watch the best plays from Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green's game against the Buffalo Bills in Week 5.
He had a great day!
Check out the best plays from the Week 5 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.
A.J. Green had a hand in three turnovers that kept it close, and the receiver also pulled off a 77-yard touchdown!!

Bills 16

Bengals 20
Can't-Miss Play: Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green makes himself open to catch a bomb from quarterback Andy Dalton and easily finds the end zone.
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw four touchdowns and led his team to a 31-7 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Check out this video of his top 5 throws. 
What an arm!
Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Kroft completes a throw from quarterback Andy Dalton for a spectacular 16-yard touchdown.

Did you see Kroft's face!? Even he knew it was CrAzY!!
Watch the highlights from the Cleveland Browns vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 4. Andy Dalton threw three of his four touchdown passes in the first half. 

Bengals 31

Browns 7

Bengals QB Andy Dalton's first half includes a streak of 14 straight completions! NICE! 

The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Green Bay Packers in Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season. 

Mason Crosby kicked a 27-yard field goal with 6:26 left in overtime to clinch the victory for the Packers.

Packers 27

Bengals 24

The first score of the day (and the first touchdown of the season) is Dalton to Green! Bengals @ Packers

Bengals rookie WR John Ross is ready to take the field. 

Are you tuned in? 

Texans @ Bengals

Who will go 0-2?  And who will pull ahead?

Watch the best plays from the matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals week 1.

Ravens 20 
Bengals 0
Watch the best plays from the preseason week 4 match up between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Indianapolis Colts.
Somehow without Luck, the Colts still pulled a win out!

Colts 7

Bengals 6
Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict celebrates in the stands after 62-yard pick-six off Kirk Cousins.
HA! Check it out-- the woman behind him is only interested in grabbing the game ball! LOL!
Check out highlights from the Week 3 preseason matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Redskins.
Kirk Cousins led his team to victory.

Bengals 17

Redskins 23
The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2 of the Preseason.
Three Kansas City Chiefs threw touchdowns including rookie Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs 30

Bengals 12

Yep. You are reading that correctly. THERE ARE NINE NFL GAMES TODAY!!!!!!!!!

(And there are nine exclamation points at the end of that sentence!)

Which match-up are you the most excited to see today?

Can't Miss Play!
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jeff Driskel fakes out two players on an 18-yard touchdown run.
OH YEAH! This is the good stuff!