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Cam Newton is nominated for "King of Swag" at the Kids Choice Sports Awards tonight at 8 PM. Will he win or just get slimed? 

A) Yes! He will win!

B) No! But he will get slimed!

C) He will win AND he will get SLIMED!

When you're the new guy in town it is always a good idea to play nice with everyone. But, to soar in your new gig in the pros, all the rookie RBs in the NFL better find themselves a lineman 'best buddy!' 

How awkward do you think it is to ask a 6'8" lineman to be your new best friend? 
Poll: Will Christian McCaffrey Be a Nightmare?
Christian McCaffrey set the college record for most all-purpose yards by a player ... ever.

How many all-purpose yards do you think he will get his rookie season?

A) Over 1,000: Christian is a yardage machine.

B) 500 - 999: He's good but the NFL is tough.

C) 0 - 499: Rookies have a lot to learn in the NFL.

You know Cam wants to laugh! Why is he holding back his LOL? 

Can you give this ridiculousness a caption, please?!? 

Carolina Panthers Josh Norman has a ho-down in the end zone after a pick-six.  What is this move called?

caelboy just scored 41 points in Jump! Duck!!
Carolina Panthers poked fun at quarterback Cam Newton's birthday video by creating a parody of it and it. is. EPIC!

Which video is more fun? 
Heisman Trophy-winning QBs have HIGH expectations on them when they reach the NFL.

Check out which ones have done the best and then tell us: which Heisman-winning QB do you think is the best?

Cam Newton has some pretty awesome new toys to play with in rookies Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel.

Will Cam be MVP in 2017???
Poll: What would you give Cam Newton for his birthday?

Give Cam a shout-out in comments and let us know: what would you give Cam Newton for his birthday?

A) A cake with Cam flipping into the end zone on it.

B) Madden 17.

C) A puppy.

D) _____________ (tell us in comments).

Rookie Christian McCaffrey set the college record for most all-purpose yards in a single season.
But what does all-pro linebacker Luke Kuechly think of the young McCaffrey?
Watch Carolina Panthers rookies get their first taste of the NFL.

Are these Panthers rookies going to roar this year?
Watch to find out how each team in the NFC South performed in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Which NFC South team do you think drafted the best?

A) Atlanta Falcons

B) Carolina Panthers

C) New Orleans Saints

D) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cam Newton plus the guy who set the single-season record for most yards in college = nightmare for NFL defenses.

The Carolina Panthers select Clemson running back Christian McCafrey No. 8 in the 2017 NFL Draft.
Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short was a force to be reckoned with for opposing offenses during the 2016 NFL Season.

Will Kawann be even better in 2017?
NFL Network's Bucky Brooks discusses the Carolina Panthers biggest need and predicts a pick from the NFL draft to solve that.

Carolina Panthers Jonathan Stewart is rocking ... tell us what is going on here???

Everything you didn't know about Super Bowl 50! 

Get fun facts and more as we take a look back at the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos match-up!
Hear the best sound from the 2016 season!
Check out the top 10 plays from the Carolina Panthers of the 2016 NFL season!
Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton connects with WR Kelvin Benjamin for the TD!
The Carolina Panthers  were defeated by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 17 with a final score of 17-16!
Carolina Panthers cornerback James Bradberry tips the ball to himself for an acrobatic interception!
Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton finds wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin for a 47-yard gain!
Panthers QB Cam Newton smiles after Carolina scored a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Who is your Fantasy QB this week?

Find out where Panthers WR Steve Smith ranks on the "Top 10 End Zone Celebrations."