1:00 PM EST
80%Steelers 80%
20%Ravens 20%

Check Out Every TD from Sunday!

Check out all the touchdowns from Sunday in Week 7!

Jets Fly Over Ravens 24-16!

The Baltimore Ravens take down the New York Jets in Week 7 with a final score of 24-16!

The Ravens Recover and Celebrate!

Poll: Ravens Celebration!
The Baltimore Ravens have a reason to celebrate!

Wide receiver Chris Moore celebrates along with Javorius Allen after recovering a failed snap by the New York Jets to leading the Ravens to a TD!

Giants Pull Through With a Win Against Ravens 27-23!

The New York Giants hold on tight for a win against the Baltimore Ravens with a final score of 27-23 in Week 6!

Would You Rather: Mascot Edition

Poll: Would You Rather: Mascot Edition
The scenario...

Your fairy mascot-mother is granting you one wish but you have to choose wisely!

Would you rather go ice fishing with Viktor or attend a fancy poetry reading with Poe??

Both are awesome but you can only pick one...

1. How cool would it be to spend the day at a poetry reading? Even better is to attend with a famous mascot named after Edgar Allen Poe.

2. Ice fishing with Viktor? Wow, that's one cool experience. A viking has great fishing tactics especially in cold temperatures!

So, what will it be?!

Redskins Defense Blocks Ravens From Flying High!

The Washington Redskins took down the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5 with a final score of 16-10!

Raiders Conquer Ravens in a Close Finish 28-27!

The Oakland Raiders held on tight to defeat the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4!

Can't-Miss Play: Steve Smith Breaks Tackle for a 52-yard TD!

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith breaks a tackle for an awesome 52-yard touchdown!

Ravens Defense Hold It Down in Week 3!

Watch the Baltimore Ravens defensive best moves from Week 3!

Will you have the Baltimore Ravens defense on your Week 4 Fantasy football team?

The Undefeated Teams!

Poll: Undefeated Teams!
Five NFL teams are undefeated!!

The Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles made the cut through Week 3. 

Fun fact: Since 1990, 75% of teams that started 3-0 made the playoffs.

Ravens Get Third Straight Win in Week 3!

Watch the Baltimore Ravens celebrate a win against Jacksonville Jaguars with a final score of 19-17 in Week 3!

Can't-Miss Play: C.J. Mosley Pulls In a Diving One-handed INT!

Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley pulls in an impressive one-handed interception!

Mascot Mayhem: Big Cats vs Big Birds!

Poll: Mascot Mayhem: Big Cats vs Big Birds!
This Week 3 matchup is a battle of bird versus cat - will the Baltimore Ravens fly to victory or will the Jacksonville Jaguars claw their way to the top with a big win? 

Make sure to catch the game at 1pm ET and see who will win!

Ravens Fly Over Browns 25-20!

The Baltimore Ravens took down the Cleveland Browns in Week 2!

Can't-Miss Play: Perriman Makes an Unbelievable Grab!

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Breshad Perriman impresses fans with a 35-yard leaping grab!

Ravens Defense Slows Down the Bills 13-7

The Baltimore Ravens slow down the Buffalo Bills in Week 1 of the 2016 regular season.

Best Pep Talks from Kids to NFL Players!

Check out the pep talks kids gave to DeSean Jackson, Fletcher Cox, Tyrod Taylor, Doug Martin, Tyler Lockett, Joe Flacco, and Carson Palmer for kickoff!

Who Will Win?

SUNDAY FOOTBALL IS OFFICIALLY BACK! The next five months will be packed with awesome games.

The following games begin at 1pm ET Today!

- The Minnesota Vikings battle the Tennessee Titans

- Chicago Bears will challenge the Houston Texans

- The Buffalo Bills will match up against the Baltimore Ravens

- Cleveland Browns take on the Philadephia Eagles

Which teams will win big this week? Let us know your predictions below!