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Wilson 'Russells' Up at #24

Can you believe some scouts thought Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was too short to be a success in the NFL?!?! 

Well, joke's on them! 

Wilson won more games (46) than any other NFL quarterback in their first four seasons and this week his peers have voted him the 24th-best player in the NFL's "Top 100 Players of 2017."

Will Wilson and the Seahawks be playing in the Super Bowl in 2018?

Richard Sherman in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Poll: Will Richard Sherman eventually be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Will Richard Sherman eventually be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

A) Yes. Best cornerback of his generation.

B) No. He is good but not an all-time great.

Which QB draft Class Is the Best?

Poll: Which QB draft class is the best?
Every team needs a great QB so they always go high in the NFL Draft.

Which QB draft class do you think is the best?

A) 2004: Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning

B) 2005: Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith

C) 2012: Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins

Top 5 Seahawks of All Time

You are probably wondering: who are Top 5 players in the history of the Seattle Seahawks?

Well we've got you covered. Check it out and tell us if you agree with #1.

This is the fourth time in the last five drafts the Seahawks made their first pick in the 2nd round.

Which NFL Players Would Be the Best Pro Wrestlers???

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett joins NFL Total Access to discuss everything from giving back to his community, to the playing futures of Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch.

He even breaks down which NFL stars would make the best pro wrestlers!

Which NFL players do you think would be the best pro wrestlers???

Should Marshawn Lynch Wear the Silver and Black?

Poll: Should Marshawn Lynch wear the Silver and Black?
Should Marshawn Lynch wear the Silver and Black?

Yes! He'll be an awesome Raider.

No. He'll always be a Seahawk.

Let us know what you think.

Falcons Soar Over Seahawks in the Divisional Round!

The Seattle Seahawks were defeated by the number two seed Atlanta Falcons in the 2016 NFL Divisional Playoffs with a final score of 36-20!

Is This How Seahawks Fans Are Feeling?!

What a loss for the Seahawks!

Which team will Seahawks fans cheer on for the rest of the playoffs?!

Can't-Miss Play: Hester and Wilson Go 109 Yards In Two Plays

Seattle Seahawks returner Devin Hester takes the kickoff 78 yards, then QB Russell Wilson hits wide receiver Doug Baldwin for a 31-yard touchdown.

Julio Jones vs Richard Sherman!

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went head-to-head in an epic battle in the 2016 NFL Divisional Playoffs!

Devonta Freeman vs Kam Chancellor

Can Kam Chancellor really hold off Devonta Freeman?!

Russell Wilson Takes Matters Into His Own Hands!

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson takes matters into his own hands and runs down field against the Atlanta Falcons!

Can the Falcons defense stop Russell Wilson? Tell us why or why not!

Divisional Round Is Like...

Tell us below if this is what the playoff picture looks like for you!

Battle of the Better Bird!

The Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons battle for the best bird team at 4:35pm ET today!

Which team will get the W?!

Who Moves On?!

There are 8 teams left in the playoffs but who will move on to the next round? Shout out your predictions below!

Do You Agree or Disagree?!

Do you think this is what the NFC Championship game will look like?

Tell us if you agree or disagree below!

Who Will Win the Divisional Round: Seahawks or Falcons?!

Get the details on this weekend's Divisional Round game between the Seahawks and the Falcons!

Which bird will soar to victory? Shout it out below!

Best Playoff Kicker? Vote Now!

Who do you think is the best NFL kicker in the playoffs? Shot out your pick below!

Best Playoff Running Back? Vote Now!

Which NFL running back is the best in the playoffs round? Vote below!

Which Matchups Are Most Important in the Seahawks-Falcons Game?!

Get the details on the top match ups and storylines in the divisional game between the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons!

Would Russell Wilson Pass Again On the 1-yard Line In the Super Bowl?

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson answers a tough question about the play call in the Super Bowl and if he would do it again!

Toe Drag Swag: Wild Card Weekend!

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins breaks down some of the best toe drag swag coming out of Wild Card Weekend!

Thomas Rawls Spins Off Defender and Rushes for 26 Yards!

Seattle Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls spins off a defender and rushes for 26 yards!

The Most Athletic Plays of the Wild Card Games? Check These Out!

Find out which player made the list twice in a special edition of Most Athletic Plays of Wild Card weekend!