Seattle Seahawks Schedule
4:25 PM EDT
85%Seahawks 85%
15%NYG 15%
Check out highlights from the Week 5 matchup betweeen the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Los Angeles Rams. 

Russell Wilson passed for 198 yards and a touchdown.

Seahawks 16

Rams 10
Check out the Top 5 offensive line performances from Week 4 of the 2017 season.
Do you agree? Did we miss anyone you think deserved to be on this list?
Check out the top 5 runs from Week 4's NFL action. 

Which one was the most impressive?
Check out the best dimes from NFL Week 4 action! 
21 completions. 333 total yards. 2 passing TDs. 1 Rushing TD.

Russell Wilson was ON POINT last night.
haydenj2 just scored 33 points in Locker Blitz!
The best plays from the Sunday night matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Seattle Seahawks.
Russell Wilson, looking good!

Seahawks 46

Colts 18
Check out highlights from the Seattle Seahawks vs. Tennessee Titans Week 3 matchup.

The Titans scored 21 straight points in a rally that beat the Seahawks.

Seahawks 27

Titans 33 
Check out the best QB dimes that were delivered during Week 2's NFL action.

Which one was your favorite?
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson escapes defenders and throws on the run to wide receiver Paul Richardson for a 9-yard touchdown.
A total can't-miss play! 
Check out highlights from the Week 2 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Seattle Seahawks.
Russell Wilson avoided two potential sacks to hold onto the win. 

49ers 9

Seahawks 12
Check out the Top 5 throws from Sunday's Week 1 NFL action.

Lazer rocket arms, ignite! 
The Seattle Seahawks faced off against the Green Bay Packers in Week 1 of the 2017 season. 
Packers win! That means the first Lambeau Leaps of the season! 
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson pulls in an incredible leaping catch for a gain of 28 yards from quarterback Russell Wilson.

If it was up to you, which CB would you start? Who would you bench? Who would you trade?

A) Patrick Peterson

B) Richard Sherman

C) Marcus Peters
Check out the top six plays by the Seattle Seahawks from the 2017 preseason. What do you think? 
Are the Seahawks ready to soar into the regular season, or what?!
If you were building a dream team and you had to choose between these three defenses what would be your choice?

Who would you start? Who would you bench? Who would you trade?

A) Denver Broncos

B) Seattle Seahawks

C) Houston Texans

Russell Wilson. Always ready.



The Seattle Seahawks just added pro bowler Sheldon Richardson to their already stacked defense.


Watch as the Seattle Seahawks take on the Oakland Raiders in week 4 of the preseason.
Austin Davis threw a touchdown pass with 1:10 remaining in the fourth quarter, and the Seattle Seahawks beat the Oakland Raiders. 

Seahawks 17

Raiders 13
Poll: Who Will Win the NFC West?
Who Will Win the NFC West?

A) 49ers

B) Seahawks

C) Cardinals

D) Rams

Who will it be and why do you think so?!?!
Check out the best catches and throws from around the league in Preseason Week 3.


8 days until Kickoff.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson scrambles outside of the pocket and finds running back Chris Carson downfield for a gain of 37 yards.
Check out highlights from the Preseason Week 3 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

Seahawks 26

Chiefs 13
Seattle Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh stares down the sidelines of his former team the Minnesota Vikings after nailing a 52-yard field goal. Boom. 
After his great play, Blair pointed at the Vikings... he didn't need to say a word, the message was LOUD AND CLEAR.