6:40 PM EST
34%Steelers 34%
66%Patriots 66%

Steel City Celebrates!

The Pittsburgh Steelers are psyched to move on to the next round!

Can all of this enthusiasm lead them to the Super Bowl?!

How Can the Steelers Challenge the Patriots?!

Find out if the championship round match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. 

Can the 3 B's take down the Patriots?!

Chris Boswell Kicks for a New Record!

Steelers kicker Chris Boswell completes 6/6 FGs, scores 18 points, and has a postseason FG record!

Four Teams Left!

Check out the current playoff picture! 

Only 4 teams remain- which 2 teams are Super Bowl bound?!

Can't-Miss Play: Antonio Brown Pulls In a Huge 52-yard Reception!

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown pulls in a huge 52-yard reception!

James Harrison Sacks Alex Smith!

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison sacks Alex Smith to the ground!

Big Ben's 5th AFC Conference Championship Game- How Will He Do?!

Big Ben makes it to his 5th AFC Conference Championship game!

Does he have what it takes to make it to Super Bowl LI?

Steelers Show Up and Win the Divisional Round!

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2016 AFC Divisional match up with a final score of 18-16!

Antonio Brown Keeps on Smiling!

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown celebrates during the Divisional Round game against the Kansas City Chiefs!

What kind of game will AB have today?!

You Won't Want to Miss This Game...

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs battle tonight at 8:20pm ET!

Which team are you rooting for?!

Who Moves On?!

There are 8 teams left in the playoffs but who will move on to the next round? Shout out your predictions below!

Calling All Steelers Fans!

Do the Steelers have what it takes to defeat Chiefs?!

Tell us below how many TDs Big Ben will score!

Best Playoff Kicker? Vote Now!

Who do you think is the best NFL kicker in the playoffs? Shot out your pick below!

Steelers or Chiefs for the Win?!

Get all of the details on this weekend's Divisional Round game between the Steelers and the Chiefs!

Which team will keep moving forward- Steelers or Chiefs?!

Spot the Differences: Steelers vs Chiefs!

 Can you spot the 10 differences in these two photos?

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Best Playoff Running Back? Vote Now!

Which NFL running back is the best in the playoffs round? Vote below!

Are Bell and Brown the Ultimate Duo?!

Check out the dynamics between Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell!

Is there any better duo in the NFL?!

#1 Reason Each AFC Team Will Win This Week!

Texans-Patriots, Steelers-Chiefs. The AFC Divisional Championships are here, so what is the #1 reason each team could win their match up? Shout it out below!

Most Playoff Wins By a Single Team!

Check out which NFL teams have the most playoff wins!

Can the Cowboys catch up with the Packers?!

Big Ben Is Full of Magic!

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was magical as he helped lead the team to a Wild Card victory over the Miami Dolphins!

Top NFL Shots of the Year!

Relive the excitement of the 2016 season through the lens of NFL Films!

Le'Veon Bell's First Playoff Game!

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell makes his first NFL playoff appearance and breaks a record for  the most rush yards the Steelers have ever had in a single playoff game!

Antonio Brown In Motion- Check Out His Speed!

Check out the awesome touchdown receptions by Antonio Brown in the Wild Card round against the Miami Dolphins!

Le'Veon Bell... Wow!

Le'veon Bell rocked in the  Wild Card game against the Dolphins, finishing with 167 yards, 2 TDs, and the most rushing yards in a playoff game!

Will the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl?!

Can't-Miss Play: Brown Races Past Dolphins for the TD!

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown records his first career playoff touchdown on a 50-yard touchdown catch against the Miami Dolphins on Wild Card Weekend!