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33%Giants 33%
67%Eagles 67%
Watch the best plays from the Week 3 matchup between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.
It was an intense second half and Eagles rookie kicker Jake Elliot won the game for the Birds in the very last second of the game.

Eagles 27

Giants 24

1 second left. Tied game...

61 yard Field Goal. An Eagles franchise record. What a moment for Jake Elliott.

Legendary moment.

Fly Eagles Fly!

QB Wentz is in there somewhere. Caption this epic pile up.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long will donate 6 game checks to fund scholarships to 'promote equality through education' in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA.

That is just so amazing. We don't even have words. Well except, "THANK YOU, CHRIS!"

Fly, Eagles, Fly 
Watch the debate about which word best represents the season in the NFC East heading into Week 3.

Those are some choice words. It's hard to boil it down to one word... I guess if we had to it would be HARD... or tough... or epic... or drama... or intense... or EXTRA.

Okay, we can't pick just one.

What word would you use?
patriotsalllife just scored 615 points in Full Field Free For All!
Watch highlights from the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs Week 2 game.
It was neck and neck the whole time and came down to a missed catch in the end zone after the time ran out.

Chiefs 27

Eagles 20

Brotherly love or brotherly rivalry? Caption this pic of the Kelce brothers!

Both QBs, Smith and Wentz, have run the ball for first downs. 

Eagles @ Chiefs

Preview the Week 2 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams had stellar starts. Who will take home the W?

Check out the Top 5 throws from Sunday's Week 1 NFL action.

Lazer rocket arms, ignite! 
Start your week off right by watching Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz escape pressure (again and again and again) to find wide receiver Nelson Agholor for the 58-yard touchdown.

Check out highlights from the Week 1 division showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. 
Wentz was magical.

Eagles 30

Redskins 17

WENTZ. AGHOLOR. 58 yards for the TOUCHDOWN! #FlyEaglesFly

Eagles @ Redskins

Poll: Who will Win NFC East?
Who will Win NFC East?

A) New York Giants

B) Philadelphia Eagles

C) Dallas Cowboys

D) Washington Redskins
Check out highlights from the Preseason Week 4 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets.
The Jets barely held on for their victory of Philly.

Jets 16

Eagles 10
Check out the best catches and throws from around the league in Preseason Week 3.


8 days until Kickoff.

"Team First ...Fly Eagles Fly" ~Torrey Smith, WR, Philadephia Eagles

Check out highlights from the Preseason Week 3 matchup between the Miami Dolphins vs. Philadelphia Eagles.
Both Carson Wentz and Jay Cutler are super ready for the regular season. 

Eagles 38

Dolphins 31
Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett's Preseason Week 2 highlights against the Buffalo Bills.
Watch the highlights from the Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Week 2 game.
Ronald Darby, who was traded from the Bills to the Eagles earlier this month, truly impressed!

Eagles 20

Bills 16

Mack Hollins Rookie WR for the Philadelphia Eagles is pumped for Thursday night football! Tonight the Eagles play the Bills. Are you ready? 

Trade Alert!
Two huge trades by the Buffalo Bills. Sammy Watkins traded to the Los Angeles Rams and Jordan Mathew is acquired from the Eagles. 
Who got the better deal?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz talks about coming into camp for his second season and working with new teammates Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.
Did you ever hear that you are still considered a rookie until you are 3 games into your second year?  Maybe they are just trying to get some more free donuts out of Carson!! Don't fall for it, dude!

Lane Johnson, offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, showed up to camp wearing a bleach blonde mullet wig! A lot of fans thought he was channeling Thor! When asked why he did it he said, "I've done some stupid stuff before, put on different shoes, different cleats, mismatching stuff, I just wanted to have a little fun!"

His teammates got a kick out of it until the coaches said it had to go. Lane said that was fine with him because it started itching!

What fun pranks have you pulled on your friends?

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz is having too much fun at camp! Caption this pic of him looking so happy and wearing his helmet like a goober!