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59%Dolphins 59%
Watch highlights from the week 3 matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers.
Drew Brees shredded the league's top-ranked defense, throwing for 220 yards and three touchdowns.

Saints 34

Panthers 13

Celebrate! That's 6! 

Saints @ Panthers

Check out the best QB dimes that were delivered during Week 2's NFL action.

Which one was your favorite?
Check out some of the best plays from the New England Patriots matchup against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2.
Brady was in top form, even breaking his own records (3 TDs in the first quarter!)

Patriots 36

Saints 20

Patriots @ Saints marks the first time in NFL history in which 2 QBs w/ 10+ Pro Bowl selections (Brady, 12; Brees, 10) face off in the regular season.

moncho16 just scored 1,843 points in Frankfurter Fling: The Frank Awakens!

Two QB legends. 73 MILES worth of career passing yards.


Patriots @ Saints

Check out the gameplan for each team heading into the Week 2 matchup between the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints.

Who will win?
Watch some of the best plays from the Week 1 matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings.

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings.

Who you got?

Check out the top six plays by the New Orleans Saints from the 2017 preseason. 
Gearing up. 
Both physically gearing up (like, with actual helmets and pads) but also mentally gearing up (mantra: go, fight, win, repeat.)
Kickoff is so close we can taste it!
Welcome to New Orleans, Jon Dorenbos! Running back Mark Ingram posted a video of the new long snapper doing magic tricks for the team in the locker room. That is a fun way to introduce yourself to your new teammates! 
Check out highlights from the Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints in Preseason Week 4 action.
The Ravens got a better idea of what first-round draft choice Marlon Humphrey can do.

Ravens 14

Saints 13

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is ready for the season to start. Are you?!?!

Check out this compliation of New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson in the week 3 preseason game against the Houston Texans.
It must be weird to play your former team. Well, Manti Te'o didn't let it hold him back, he used it as fire to light up the field! 
Watch the highlights of New Orleans Saints linebacker Manti Te'o in his first game versus the Chargers, his former team, in the second week of the preseason.
Hold your head high, you earned it!
Watch the highlights of the New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers from the second week of the preseason.
Alvin Kamara ran a 50-yard touchdown and the Saints won the game. 

Saints 13

Chargers 7
Check out the best moments from Morten Andersen's Hall of Fame enshrinement speech. An inspirational American immigrant story!  
"The position of the specialist is important, relevant and undeniable!" 
Thanks for everything!
The New Orleans Saints couldn't pull it out against the Cleveland Browns last night in their preseason battle.

Saints 14
Browns 20
New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson talks about his experience so far in training camp, what it is like working with Drew Brees and his expectations for the new season. 
He also gives props to both his mom and dad in making him such a healthy and great player. "THANKS, MOM AND DAD!"
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees speaks about the upcoming season. He has some great insight into what makes him a great QB and what makes his team ready to achieve some big goals. 
This is such a great interview. What other questions would you ask Drew if you had the chance?

"The double power of winning through action rather than argument: No one is offended, and your point is proven." ~Michael Thomas, wide receiver, New Orleans Saints 

"I can only be excited about this season. I want to be the Best Undrafted Football Player that Ever laced em up." ~ New Orleans Saints wide receiver, Willie Snead IV

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks speaks about the loss of Adrian Peterson for the Vikings and his excitement level to play against his former teammate in Week 1 of 2017.
Epic match -up! 
Who will win, will it be Adrian's old team, or the new one? Vikings or Saints?
They've got MOXIE!!! 
From Bill Belichick's 4th-and-2 call against the Colts to Sean Payton's unforgettable onside kick to start the second half of Super Bowl XLIV, check out 10 of the gutsiest play calls of all time!
Check out New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' best plays from 2016.
We love watching Brees play the game. He's got the goods!