Jacksonville Jaguars Schedule
39%Jaguars 39%
61%Patriots 61%
Poll: Which Championship Win was the Craziest Surprise?
Which Division Championship Win was the Craziest Surprise?

A) Patriots major comeback victory over the Jaguars was the craziest surprise!

B) Eagles slam dunk on the Vikings was the craziest surprise! 
The Jacksonville Jaguars took on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. Tom Brady threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola with 2:48 remaining and the Patriots rallied for a comeback win. 

Patriots 24

Jaguars 20

Is Brady turning it around? Again?

This game is NUTS!

Jaguars in the lead at the half.

Can they hold on for the win?

Since 2001, the Patriots are 3-0 in AFC Championship games when scoring on their opening drive.

The Jaguars are 2-4 this season when they do not score first.

crossoverkidgb just scored 15,275 points in Fast Sack Attack!

AFC Champions?

Who you got?

How do the 2017 Jaguars stack up among the greatest defenses in NFL history?

- Fewer PPG allowed than 2015 Broncos

- Fewer pass YPG allowed than 2013 Seahawks

- More sacks than 2002 Buccaneers

- Better 3rd down defense than 2000 Ravens

- More defensive TD than 1985 Bears

On the heels of their win at Pittsburgh, Maurice Jones-Drew travels to his old stomping grounds to discuss swag, guarantees and the GOAT with the game's premier corner, Jalen Ramsey.
The Jaguars and the Patriots are both much different teams than they were when they faced off in 2015. See the moves the Jaguars have made to get to the AFC Championship Game.

Who will win today?
Will the New England Patriots advance to their 10th Super Bowl????

Smile, it's Championship Sunday! 

Yannick Ngakoue is... he has a devilish look in his eye, too!

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles throws a perfect pass to wide receiver Keelan Cole for a 45-yard gain.

Tom Brady: 286.1 pass YPG this season (1st in NFL)

Jaguars Defense: 169.9 pass YPG allowed this season (1st in NFL)

This is the 4th meeting between the #1 passer and #1 pass defense in a playoff game since 1990

The #1 pass defense is 3-0 in those games

Since the Jaguars entered the NFL in 1995, they are 1-10 against the Patriots, including playoff games. That's the worst winning percentage of any team Vs one opponent.

Check out the Top 5 juke plays from the Jaguars-Steelers AFC Divisional matchup.

Jacksonville Jaguars 45 points are the 2nd-most points allowed by the Steelers in a playoff game and the most points allowed by the Steelers in any playoff game in Pittsburgh in franchise history.

Caption this photo of "Air Fournette!"

Poll: Will Leonard Fournette be rookie of the year?
Leonard Fournette has more rushing TDs then Le'Veon Bell at Heinz Field
and he is the first player in the Super Bowl era to have 4 rushing touchdowns against the Steelers in a season (including playoffs.)

Will Leonard be Rookie of the Year?

A) Yes! DUH! He is breaking records in other team's stadiums.

B) No. He is great but it will be ___________________(tell us in the comments)
Watch the best plays from the AFC Divisional matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers.
Ben Roethlisberger threw for 469 yards and set a franchise record with five touchdown passes yet the Steelers lost the game. The Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette ran for 109 yards and three touchdowns and Blake Bortles added 214 yards passing to secure a win and help the Jaguars earn a trip to the AFC title game.

Jaguars 45

Steelers 42

Jaguars Win!

Today is a great day. 

How much fun are you having???

The Jaguars have scored 8 defensive touchdowns this season, 3 more than any other team.

Are you surprised?

Jaguars @ Steelers

Who you got?

Watch the discussion about the upcoming divisional round matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who will get the "W?"