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Can't-Miss Play: Houston Texans QB T.J. Yates makes a beautiful throw to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for the 36-yard touchdown.

Right on the money!
Is Jimmy Garoppolo for real or what???
Watch the Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins' best plays week 13 against the Tennessee Titans.

Win or lose, Hopkins always has a good game.
Can't-Miss Play: Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage finds tight end Stephen Anderson on fourth and 19 for a 22-yard gain.
Watch the best plays from the week 13 matchup between the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans.
LeShaun Sims intercepted a pass intended for DeAndre Hopkins in the end zone with 1:02 left.

Titans 24 

Texans 13
bowserhunt just scored 1,950 points in Rusher Go!
Take a look through our freeD vision as Houston Texans QB Tom Savage connects with wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for a big 34-yard grab on 3rd and 11.

He was just WIDE OPEN in the MIDDLE OF THE FIELD! 

The Houston Texans took on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12 of NFL action.
Terrell Suggs led an aggressive defense that kept the Texans from the end zone for the last 51 minutes. 

Ravens 23

Texans 16 

Texans @ Ravens

Who you got?

What WR will make it to the top three this weekend?

Watch to see the best plays of the Week 11 matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans.
Texans Rookie D'Onta Foreman ran for 65 yards and two fourth-quarter touchdowns.

Texans 31

Cardinals 21 

Thursday was T.J. Watt's 1st career field goal block, placing him 2 behind J.J. Watt (3 career field goal blocks) for the family lead.

Two top picks from the 2014 NFL Draft! 

Jadeveon Clowney and Aaron Donald

Awesome picture!

Check out highlights from the Houston Texans vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 10 matchup.

Robert Woods caught two of Jared Goff's three touchdown passes.
The Los Angeles Rams returned after a month away to secure their fourth straight victory.

Rams 33

Texans 7

2017 Receiving Yards Leaders! 

(Through Week 9)

Who might join the list this week?

Can't-Miss Play: Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage's makes a perfect pass to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts.

It was his first NFL touchdown and it was BEAUTIFUL.
Watch as the Indianapolis Colts take on the Houston Texans in Week 9.

T.Y. Hilton had 175 yards receiving with two touchdowns and the Texans missed their star rookie Watson.

Colts 20

Texans 14
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson turned heads during his 2017 season. Watch highlights from the incredible rookie.

Get well soon -- We can't wait to see what you have in store for next season!
Poll: Midseason -- MVP?
Who's YOUR midseason MVP?

A) Alex Smith 

B) Deshaun Watson

C) Russell Wilson

D) Carson Wentz

E) Tom Brady

F) OTHER __________________ (tell us in the comments)
Kurt Warner talks about what he's found most impressive about Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson's performance in his rookie season after he just broke his own record for TD's in his first seven games.

A legend in the making?
Check out which NFL stars shined the brightest during Week 8 of NFL action.
Shine bright like a diamond! A diamond that runs and tackles and jumps and balls!!!

Houston Texans rookie quarterback DESHAUN WATSON has thrown at least three touchdown passes in four consecutive games. The first rookie in NFL history to accomplish the feat!

Poll: Will Deshaun Watson be Rookie of the Year?
Deshaun Watson -- Rookie of the Year? 

Russell Wilson thinks so. 

Do you?

A) YES! He is crushing it!

B) Maybe.

C) No. It will be ____________________ (tell us in the comments)

Deshaun Watson: First player in NFL history with 400+ passing yards, 50+ rushing yards, and 4+ pass TD in a single game. WOW!

Watch all the best plays from the lively matchup between the Houston Texans and the Seattle Seahawks in Week 8.

Wilson showed rookie Watson how it is done. 

Seahawks 41 

Texans 38

Texans WR Will Fuller leads the NFL in receiving touchdowns (7) despite missing the first 3 games of the season!