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That's One INTENSE Card Game!

This isn't your grandma's Bridge game! The Cleveland Browns offensive line coach, Bob Wylie uses a card game to figure out if a young player is ready for the NFL. 

Could you pass his test?  

...Who wants to play Go Fish, now?

Should Brock Start as the Browns QB?

Poll: Should Brock Osweiler be the starting quarterback for the Brown?
Should Brock Osweiler be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns?

A) Yes! He is outstanding!

B) No! How about Cody Kessler!?

C) No! I think it should be Kevin Hogan!!

Top 10 Heisman Trophy-winning QBs Since 2000

Heisman Trophy-winning QBs have HIGH expectations on them when they reach the NFL.

Check out which ones have done the best and then tell us: which Heisman-winning QB do you think is the best?

Caption This

Poll: How many sacks will Myles Garrett get his rookie season?
Myles Garrett goes horizontal with a tackling dummy. YOU get to give us a great caption in comments. GO!

And when you're done captioning, tell us: how many sacks will Myles Garrett get his rookie season?

A) 0-3. Rookie has a lot to learn.

B) 4-6: Not bad for year one.

C) 7+: Myles was the number one pick for a reason.

Browns Get Big Addition in Jason McCourty

Are the Browns getting defensive back Jason McCourty???

Myles Garrett: Last Year Is Last Year, We're 0-0 Right Now

Myles Garrett is FIRED UP for the Cleveland Browns this season.

Tell us right now: how many wins will Cleveland get in 2017?

Jabrill Peppers Will Score His first NFL Touchdown on ...

Poll: Jabrill Peppers will score his first NFL touchdown on ...
Jabrill Peppers will score his first NFL touchdown on ...

A) Defense. Come on, he's a SAFETY.

B) Offense. Dude is talented.

Which Browns Rookie Throws the Best Fastball?

Poll: Which Browns Rookie Throws the Best Fastball?
Cleveland fans were introduced to their three first-round NFL draft picks as Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku threw out the first pitch(es) at a recent baseball game.

Which Browns rookie throws the best fastball?

A) Myles Garrett ... he's got the power!

B) Jabrill Peppers ... he's got the spice!

C) David Njoku ... he's no njoke!

Jabrill Peppers will ...

Poll: Jabrill Peppers will ...
Jabrill Peppers will ...

A) lead the Browns in interceptions as a rookie.

B) make the Browns defense great again.

C) be a favorite of the Dawg Pound.

D) all of the above.

Myles Garrett will be ...

Poll: Myles Garrett will be ...
Myles Garrett will be ...

A) an NFL superstar for years and years.

B) a pretty good player.

Browns Fans Go Nuts Over Selecting Michigan Safety Jabrill Peppers

Joy in Cleveland over the selection of Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers.

What do you think: good pick?

Browns Select Myles Garrett No. 1 in the 2017 NFL Draft

The Cleveland Browns select Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett No. 1 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Can Myles take the Browns to the Super Bowl???

Trade with Patriots Better for Browns than Drafting QB ... or Is It?

Should the Cleveland Browns select Myles Garrett with the first pick and then trade with the New England Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo?

If not, which QB should they pick in the draft?

Who Will Start for the Jets, 49ers and Browns in 2017?

Get out your crystal balls, NFL fans!

Gaze deeply and try to tell the future by predicting who will be under center for the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns in 2017.

How Would Myles Garrett Stack Up Against The AFC North?

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks debate if adding top defensive lineman prospect Myles Garrett would give the Cleveland Browns the best defensive front in the AFC North.

What do you think Browns Faithful???

What Should the Browns Do at Quarterback?

The "Around the NFL" podcast crew discusses the Browns recent trade for quarterback Brock Osweiler and discuss what their next steps should be at the position, and whether or not they should fight for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Ok, Browns fans, tell us right now: Who do you want to play QB for Cleveland this season?

Playing General Manager of the Browns

NFL Network's Kyle Brandt plays Browns general manager Sashi Brown and predicts the free agency and draft moves the team will make in 2017.

Is Kyle Brandt right? What do you think that the Browns are going to do???

Perfect Draft Fits For The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns hold the 1st and 12th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The first pick! They can get anyone they want!

Who's it going to be???

Brandt: I'm Unbelievably Impressed by the Browns Moves So Far

The "Good Morning Football" crew reacts to the Texans decision to trade QB Brock Osweiler and a 2018 2nd round draft pick to the Browns and the free agent moves the Browns have made thus far.

Browns fans what do you think? Will the Browns make the playoffs this year???

Joe Haden On Browns' Draft: We Need An Instant-impact Player

Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden joins "NFL Total Access" and discusses how his team should handle their draft.

Will Browns Draft Myles Garrett?

NFL Network's Peter Schrager explains his pre-combine mock draft and why Browns will draft Texas A & M defensive end Myles Garrett.

What do you think Browns fans???

2016 MONSTER PLAYS - Browns x10

Countdown the Cleveland Browns top plays from the 2016 season!

Steelers Hold Strong Against Browns!

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns in Week 17 with a final score of 27-24!

Game Preview: Browns vs. Steelers

Get a preview of the Week 17 matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chargers vs. Browns Highlights

Can the Browns get their first win of the season???