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This is the Bears 3rd straight season starting 0-2. The last time they started 0-2 in 3 straight seasons was from 1965 to 1969 (5 in a row). Uh-oh. 

Check out highlights from the Week 2 matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Jameis Winston threw for 204 yards and one touchdown to aid the Buccaneers victory over the mistake-prone Bears. 

Buccaneers 29

Bears 7
Watch the most impressive rookies in their NFL debuts.

Nice to meet you. Please, make yourself at home fellas! 
Check out the Top 5 runs from Sunday's Week 1 NFL action.

Go! Go! Go! GOOOOOOOO!!!!
Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen finds open field and rushes for 46 yards. GO! GO! GO!

Go Bears!
nadermann191 just scored 32,100 points in Hail Mary!
See highlights from the Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears Week 1 matchup.
Hooper had a long touchdown catch. It was the play of the game!

Falcons 23

Bears 17

Coming down to the final seconds in Chicago! 

Jordan Howard. Tarik Cohen. Go Bears.

At the Half.

Poll: Who will Win the NFC North?
Who will Win the NFC North?

A) Vikings

B) Packers

C) Lions

D) Bears
Check out highlights from the Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears Preseason Week 4 matchup.
Even though Mitchell Trubisky got an opportunity to start, he didn't get the opportunity to do much else.
It was a shutout.

Browns 25

Bears 0

Chicago Bears 19

Tennessee Titans 7

Watch the highlights from the Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals in the second week of the preseason.
Deonte Thompson returned a missed Arizona field goal 109 yards for a touchdown. The Bears held onto their lead in the second half.

Bears 24

Cardinals 23

Yep. You are reading that correctly. THERE ARE NINE NFL GAMES TODAY!!!!!!!!!

(And there are nine exclamation points at the end of that sentence!)

Which match-up are you the most excited to see today?

These rookie QBs have us PUMPED! Watch the break down of preseason Week 1 from Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky and Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, along with the other rookie QBs, and what their respective teams should expect this upcoming season.

Who is your favorite rookie this year?

Poll: NFC North's Best Fans
The NFC North is nicknamed the "Black and Blue" for the intense rivalry between the teams. The competition doesn't end on the field. So weigh in, who has the best fans in the NFC North? 

A) Green Bay Packers

B) Chicago Bears

C) Detroit Lions

D) Minnesota Vikings

(Extra credit if you find the Eagles Fan in the picture. Of course, he had to let WR Jeff Janis know how he feels! LOL!) 
Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky turns heads in his preseason debut, but the Denver Broncos prevail 24-17 in this preseason matchup.
Even though the Bears didn't dominate, Mitchell's preview last night has us super pumped to watch him this coming season!!
Throwback Thursday!
Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton rushes for 275 yards against the Minnesota Vikings breaking the 273 single-game rushing record. And the whole time he has the flu!!! 
WOW! It's like his high temperature actually lit a fire under him! LOL! 
As the first Quarterback picked in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mitchell Trubisky finds himself on a path to a potential starting position with the Chicago Bears. In his Rookie Spotlight, Trubisky shares his goals for his first season in the NFL.
Mitchell has star potential, for sure! What do you think? Will he be the next Tom Brady?

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox has a big decision to make. Should he trust rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky as the starter from Week 1 or not? Watch the debate and let us know what you think.

Should the Bears start Trubisky or let him watch and learn?

The Chicago Bears quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Mike Glennon are using VR to improve their games! 

That sounds super cool and futuristic! Can we play?

Nothing is more electrifying than a punt return for a touchdown, and Devin Hester was the best! 

Which one is craziest?!
Spicy-man! Spice Adams talks about his social media presence and previews his newest video: Different Players in the Locker Room Part 2.
Take a look at some of the best sights and sounds from Jay Cutler's time in the NFL.

Give Jay a shout out and wish him luck in retirement.

What's Draft Day like for the players?

Go all-access with No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky as he realizes his dream of being drafted in the NFL.
Poll: Mitch Trubisky will ...
Mitch Trubisky will ...

A) start for the Bears and ROCK!

B) start for the Bears and have some growing pains.

C) begin as a backup and learn.