Atlanta Falcons Schedule
7:00 PM EDT
24%Cardinals 24%
76%Falcons 76%
The Atlanta Falcons took on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Preseason Week 2 and it did not end well for Atlanta.
The Steelers rookie running back, James Conner, played extremely well.

Steelers 17

Falcons 13 

Half time! Falcons 13 Steelers 3. Can the Steelers turn it around?

The Miami Dolphins took on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1 of the preseason. Despite a nice lead, the Falcons couldn't hold on for a W. Oh no! Is it a Super Bowl curse?

The Dolphins came from behind to win the game.

Dolphins 23
Falcons 20

Is this going to be Miami's year?!

"Failure Is Motivation, Pain Is Fuel..." ~Deion 'Debo' Jones, Linebacker, Atlanta Falcons

Monday Motivation. Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn addresses his team ahead of training camp coming off of a devastating loss in Super Bowl LI.
Nowhere to go but up! 
See the world through the scope of "Terminator vision" as Matt Ryan scans the field for his target in Super Bowl 51.

One word--

Poll: The Top Three Quarterbacks
These guys were voted as the top 3 quarterbacks in the NFL by their peers in the "Top 100 Players of 2017." They are the best of the best.
Who is your favorite? 

A) Matt Ryan

B) Aaron Rodgers 

C) Tom Brady

D) Other ___________________ (tell us in the comments)
Poll: How many yards will Julio Jones get this season?
Can Julio Jones keep up with Julio Jones?
The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver holds the second highest single-season yardage record. (He managed 1,871 in 2015!)
How many yards will Julio get this season?

A) 1,200. He is great but he is getting older.

B) 1,500. A little more than last year.

C) 2,000. He will beat his own record and go on to be the greatest of all time. 

D) Other ____________________ (tell us in the comments)
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is voted the 3rd-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."
With 1,409 yards last season alone, it is no surprise this man is climbing closer to the number one spot.

Poll: Who is the best wide receiver in the NFL?
These guys were voted the best wide receivers in the NFL by their peers in the "Top 100 Players of 2017." Do you agree? Which one do you think is the best?

A) Odell Beckham Jr.

B) Antonio Brown

C) Julio Jones

D) OTHER  ______________________ (tell us in the comments)
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is voted the 10th-best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."
Despite that epic Super Bowl loss many of his peers say Ryan is "phenomenal" but others aren't as impressed.  
What do you think? 

Atlanta Falcons corner Robert Alford says, "it's about to be a big year."
We love wide receivers, especially when they come in great tandems.

Which pair of WRs do you think is the best???
Not only were Drew Brees and Michael Vick drafted in the same year, but they both went on to set impressive records during their NFL careers.

Who was more dangerous in their prime: Vick or Brees???
Poll: How many sacks will Takk McKinley get as a rookie?
The Takk-attack is headed to Atlanta and he says he's ready and raring to go.

What do you think: how many sacks will Takk McKinley get as a rookie?

A) 0-2. Rookie has a lot to learn.

B) 3-5. He's talented and has a motor.

C) 6+. Takk is ready to play with the big boys.

Watch to find out how each team in the NFC South performed in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Which NFC South team do you think drafted the best?

A) Atlanta Falcons

B) Carolina Panthers

C) New Orleans Saints

D) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Check out these next generation stats from Matt Ryan's performance in Super Bowl 51.

What grade would you give Ryan's Super Bowl performance?

The Atlanta Falcons beef up an already stellar defense with the addition of pass-rushing defensive end Takkarist McKinley.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn talks about the Super Bowl LI loss and the state of his team heading into the 2017 NFL Draft.

How do you get over it when you're really disappointed?

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel makes the prediction that he can beat Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt in a 40-yard dash.

Who do you think would win a 40-yard dash race:

A) Taylor Gabriel

B) Usain Bolt

C) Yourself ... you're pretty fast!
The "NFL Total Access" crew discuss how the Atlanta Falcons and their fans can recover from their crushing defeat in Super Bowl LI.

What would you do to recover, if you were the Falcons?
NFL Network's Bucky Brooks discusses the Atlanta Falcons biggest need and predicts a pick from the NFL draft to solve that.
NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down all 15.5 sacks from Vic Beast-ley, er, Beasley, in 2016, organizing each sack into a category and discussing what they look for in an elite pass rusher.
We love Sound FX! It's the best way to really feel a part of the game ... and what a game!

Listen as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are mic'd up for the best sounds from Super Bowl LI.
Listen in as Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu correctly predicts that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is about to throw an interception.