Arizona Cardinals Schedule
10:00 PM EDT
12%CHI 12%
88%Cardinals 88%
The Raiders couldn't take-out the Cardinals.
Check out the game highlights from the Oakland Raiders vs. Arizona Cardinals Preseason Week 1 matchup.

Raiders 10

Cardinals 20

Guess it wasn't in the 'cards' for the Raiders. 

A breakdown of the career path of Kurt Warner and how he has earned his rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame! 
What a pro!
The Arizona Cardinals battle the Dallas Cowboys in the 2017 Hall of Fame Game matchup. Find out who rose to the occasion in the first preseason game of the season!
Poll: Will Tyrann Mathieu be a Hall of Famer someday?
Well! Tyrann Mathieu has a healthy ego! He had the honor to play in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game last night. So, what do you think?

Will Tyrann Mathieu be a Hall of Famer someday?

A) Yes! He is destined for greatness

B) No. He isn't all that.

Check out Arizona Cardinals quarterback Blaine Gabbert's best plays from the Hall of Fame game, tonight. We couldn't have Carson Palmer on the field, but Blaine still gave us a great game to watch! He is a star in the making!
yak23flora just scored 65,000 points in Frankfurter Fling 2!

Matt Wile caps off an 8-play, 48-yard drive with a 40-yard field goal, putting Arizona up by 1. Cardinals 18 Cowboys 17

Arizona Cardinals 15

Dallas Cowboys 10

Yowzer! Brandon Williams just intercepted the pass in the end zone. It's a touchback.

Another Touchdown, Cardinals! WOW! 

BIG START! TOUCHDOWN CARDINALS!!! Williams in the end zone! 

"He really taught me how to be a professional, how to conduct myself as a man." Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald speaking about his former QB and Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Warner

Arizona Cardinals Safety Tyrann Mathieu is SO EXCITED for the game. How excited are you?!

Football is on tonight!!!!!!!!!!

"They think they've seen the best of you P2..... Not likely. #StayTuned" ~Patrick 'P2' Peterson, Cornerback, Arizona Cardinals

Poll: How many yards will Carson Palmer throw for this season?
Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer has thrown more than 44,000 yards in his NFL career. That is impressive!

How many yards will Carson Palmer throw for this season?

A) 5,000 He will beat his career record!

B) 4,233 same as last year

C) 2,300 not the best and not the worst

D) 1,500 The best season of his career is in the past.
Watch the debate about whether the Arizona Cardinals can return to contender-form in 2017. It all rests on QB Carson Palmer's shoulders.
Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner pays a visit to his old team and sits down with Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson to discuss setting goals, pursuing dreams, and what it takes to become a Hall of Fame player.
Who wouldn't love some advice from Kurt Warner? What advice would you ask him for if you could? Tell us in the comments!
Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians chats about quarterback Carson Palmer's work ethic and when Palmer might decide to retire.
Will he take his team to the Super Bowl before he hangs up his cleats for good?

Poll: The Best Running Backs
These guys were voted the best running backs in the NFL by their peers in the "Top 100 Players of 2017." Do you agree? Which one do you think is the best?

A) David Johnson

B) Le'Veon Bell

C) Ezekiel Elliott 

D) Other! ________________ (tell us in the comments) 

Poll: Your Favorite Cornerback?
These guys were voted the top 3 cornerbacks by their peers in the NFL Top 100. Did the players get it right?  Who is your favorite cornerback?

A) Patrick Peterson

B) Richard Sherman

C) Marcus Peters

D) Those guys are great but the best one is _________________ (tell us in the comments)

Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle, Givens Price is plotting something with one of his coaches and that swiss cheese looking football on a stick... the question is: what are they planning?!

Give this a caption!

Check out the best plays from Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson in 2016. This man is unstoppable! 
Arizona is a hot state but the Cardinals running back David Johnson has some cool moves. This video is all his best stuff from last season.

Who's PUMPED for the new season to kick-off?!

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is voted the 19th best player in the NFL by his peers on "Top 100 Players of 2017."  Last year, he was number 18. Peterson believes he is a top ten player and even though his name is always mentioned when cornerbacks are being discussed, he fell a slot. Perhaps, he was robbed?

What do you think? Should Patrick Peterson have moved closer to the top spot instead of further away? 

Jarvis, Fitz or Jordy

Who is your pick?  Tell us in the comments!
One guy was the number one pick in the draft. The other went undrafted.

Check out Carson Palmer's career compared to Tony Romo's and then tell us: who's had a better career, Carson or Tony?