Arizona Cardinals Schedule
8:30 PM EDT
78%Cowboys 78%
22%Cardinals 22%
Can't-Miss Play: Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer hits J.J. Nelson deep for a 45-yard TD.
Check out highlights from the Week 2 matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals.
First overtime of the season and the Cardinals squeak by the Colts for the win. 

Cardinals 16

Colts 13
Can't-Miss Play: Arizona Cardinals wide receiver J.J. Nelson makes a great juggling catch for 12-yards and a first down. 
This needs theme music. 
Arizona Cardinals cornerback Justin Bethel takes an interception on Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford all the way for a touchdown!
Watch the best plays from the matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions week 1.

Lions 35

Cardinals 23
FIZZLEHOOD just scored 4,100 points in Fast Sack Attack!
If it was up to you, which CB would you start? Who would you bench? Who would you trade?

A) Patrick Peterson

B) Richard Sherman

C) Marcus Peters

"I have something to prove, to keep it going.” ~ Arizona Cardinals, Running Back, Andre Ellington 

Watch highlights of the Arizona Cardinals vs. Denver Broncos from Preseason Week 4.
Kyle Sloter leads Denver on touchdown drives of 98 and 96 yards Thursday night. Either way, you looked at it, it was EPIC. A rather embarrassing loss for Arizona and a heck of a win for the Broncos.

Broncos 30

Cardinals 2
Poll: Who Will Win the NFC West?
Who Will Win the NFC West?

A) 49ers

B) Seahawks

C) Cardinals

D) Rams

Who will it be and why do you think so?!?!
Watch the highlights from the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Atlanta Falcons Preseason Week 3 game. John Brown caught two touchdown passes to lead the Cardinals to a victory over the Falcons.

Cardinals 24

Falcons 14
Arizona Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu picks off a pass and returns for big gain! 
Check out the top 10 plays in the preseason, so far.
The guys are gearing up, the field is heating up, it is ALMOST KICKOFF TIME!
Watch the debate over whether wide receiver Anquan Boldin should be a Hall of Famer.

He has had some AMAZING plays! What do you think?
Watch the highlights from the Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals in the second week of the preseason.
Deonte Thompson returned a missed Arizona field goal 109 yards for a touchdown. The Bears held onto their lead in the second half.

Bears 24

Cardinals 23

Yep. You are reading that correctly. THERE ARE NINE NFL GAMES TODAY!!!!!!!!!

(And there are nine exclamation points at the end of that sentence!)

Which match-up are you the most excited to see today?

The Raiders couldn't take-out the Cardinals.
Check out the game highlights from the Oakland Raiders vs. Arizona Cardinals Preseason Week 1 matchup.

Raiders 10

Cardinals 20

Guess it wasn't in the 'cards' for the Raiders. 

A breakdown of the career path of Kurt Warner and how he has earned his rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame! 
What a pro!
The Arizona Cardinals battle the Dallas Cowboys in the 2017 Hall of Fame Game matchup. Find out who rose to the occasion in the first preseason game of the season!
Poll: Will Tyrann Mathieu be a Hall of Famer someday?
Well! Tyrann Mathieu has a healthy ego! He had the honor to play in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game last night. So, what do you think?

Will Tyrann Mathieu be a Hall of Famer someday?

A) Yes! He is destined for greatness

B) No. He isn't all that.

Check out Arizona Cardinals quarterback Blaine Gabbert's best plays from the Hall of Fame game, tonight. We couldn't have Carson Palmer on the field, but Blaine still gave us a great game to watch! He is a star in the making!

Matt Wile caps off an 8-play, 48-yard drive with a 40-yard field goal, putting Arizona up by 1. Cardinals 18 Cowboys 17

Arizona Cardinals 15

Dallas Cowboys 10

Yowzer! Brandon Williams just intercepted the pass in the end zone. It's a touchback.

Another Touchdown, Cardinals! WOW! 

BIG START! TOUCHDOWN CARDINALS!!! Williams in the end zone!