Will the Giants Miss Victor Cruz???

The "Good Morning Football" crew discusses how the New York Giants will move forward without Victor Cruz, and vice versa.

What do you think? Yes or no?

Victor Cruz Top 10 Plays


Check out the top 10 plays from Victor Cruz's tenure with the New York Giants.

Saying Goodye to the Salsa Dance in New York

When Victor Cruz got into the end zone, you knew what was coming next--the Salsa Dance! Take a look back at Cruz's post-score shimmy.

You Can't Make Them Any Longer Than That

E.Manning pass short right to V.Cruz for 99 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

OBJ and Victor Cruz Do a Warm Up Dance!

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz warm up with teammates before the game against the Dallas Cowboys!

How many combined TDs will both players score in tonight's game?!

Top 3 Most Athletic Plays of Week 2!

Which NFL veterans lit up Week 2? Check out the most athletic feats of the week!

Ultimate Highlight: Victor Cruz Is Back!

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz made a crazy catch in a crucial moment against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2. See the game-changing play from every angle!

Did You See That Catch? The Top 5 of Week 2!

Check the 11-yard catch by C.J. Anderson,  Amari Cooper with an awesome 25-yard catch against the Falcons, and the 35-yard catch against the Saints by Victor Cruz!

Can't-Miss Play: Victor Cruz Makes Incredible 35-yard Grab!

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning finds receiver Victor Cruz for a big 35-yard gain.

The Salsa Is Back: Cruz Scores Against Cowboys

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning throws a 3-yard TD pass to wide receiver Victor Cruz.

Victor Cruz Brings Back the Salsa!

Poll: Victor Cruz Does the Salsa!
New York Giants Victor Cruz is back and has a reason to salsa! 

Cruz brings out his best dance moves after scoring a TD! This marks his first touchdown in 721 days.

Victor Cruz Is Back!

Find out how New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz will perform in 2016 and what he can bring to his team!

Kid Reporter Drew: Giants Wide Receivers Are Awesome

Poll: Kid Reporter Drew: Giants Wide Receivers Are Awesome
One of the most dangerous combinations to watch out this year is for is Odell Beckam Jr., Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle. Those guys are the most dangerous offense in the NFL.

Ever since 2011 when Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks left the Giants, people said they will not have a good wide receiver corps for a while. Well, that drought has ended with Odell, Cruz and Randle. They are sure to be a very high powered offense with the help of team captain Eli Manning and the earth, wind and fire backfield  Jennings, Williams and Vereen.

So watch out, Cowboys, were coming for you!

-Kid Reporter Drew

Week 1 GAME DAY!!!!!

Poll: Week 1 GAME DAY!!!!!
The NFL season is here ... WOO HOO!!!

You know who's playing football today? Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Jamaal Charles, Peyton Manning, A.J. Green, J.J. Watt, Victor Cruz, Cam Newton, Sammy Watkins, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte, Megatron, Beast Mode, OBJ, and a ton more great NFL players, certainly more than we can list here (but we tried).

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2) Pick the winners of each game in Pick 'Em (same thing: it's fun, fast and free so give it a shot).

3) Get your family and friends together.

4) Get your snacks ready.

5) Have a GREAT day watching NFL football!

Play Like a Pro!

DeMarco Murray, Matthew Stafford, and Victor Cruz do what for fun???

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Fuel Up to Play 60 Highlights!

Victor Cruz does it.

So does Prince Amukamura.

And the Buffalo Bills are getting into the act too.

It's sweeping the NFL.

What is it?

It's Fuel Up to Play 60.

Check it out. You can Fuel Up to Play 60 too!

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#FuelGreatness All Year Long!

Poll: test poll

This March, NFL players and kids showed how they #FuelGreatness every day thanks to school breakfast. All sorts of cool things can happen when you get a nutritious start to your day! Check out a few highlights from last month's Fuel Up to Play 60 events across the nation.

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz enjoyed his morning meal with some energized Fuel Up to Play 60 students.

The McCourty Twins showed these Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassadors how to party in style ... fueled with a nutritious breakfast, of course!

Denver Broncos safety David Bruton and Miles the Mascot visited a local school to celebrate their Fuel Up to Play 60 success and get them pumped about school breakfast.

Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt toasted to fueling greatness in the classroom with some Fuel Up to Play 60 students ready to succeed!

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Cruz, Beckham Plot Tandem TD Dance

New York Giants wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz are rumored to be planning a two-man touchdown dance celebration for the 2015 season. Here is a look at what such a duet might look like.

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Kid Reporter: Coach Coughlin Interview

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter Jake was able to speak with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. Yes, two-time Super Bowl winner Tom Coughlin.

1. The Giants have the 9th pick this year. What are some needs you are going to try and fill in the draft?

We are like every other team. We have multiple needs, and our objective in the draft is the same as it always is, to pick as many good players as we possibly can.

2. Can you give us an update on how Victor Cruz is recovering? What can we expect to see from him and Odell Beckman Jr. both playing together?

Victor has worked very hard. He looks good. It is a very regimented rehabilitation program. He has done a good job with it. He is where he should be. I think very shortly he is going to start running.

Victor and Odell are two very, very talented individuals, two guys that have been extremely productive. Obviously the more weapons you have, the better the opportunities are. The only thing any of these guys are interested in is winning. That is all we talk about. The complementing each other, complementing our team, helping our team win - that is what it is all about.

3. What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

From a football standpoint, it is trying to improve your team and building the sense of team and the camaraderie that a groups needs to be successful. Otherwise, it is the work we do with the Jay Fund and spending quality time with my family.

4. The Giants have let many great tight ends go in the past (Jeremy Shockey, Kevin Boss, and Martellus Bennett). After a breakout season, what are your plans for Larry Donnell in the future?

Well, we haven't just let those people go. Change is the nature of our business. And the ability to adapt and adjust is essential if you are going to be successful. Larry has been very, very productive in one area. I think he has learned an awful lot about what it is to play in this league over an extended period of time.

The entire season, the ups and the downs, I think he realizes he physically has to do a better job of preparing himself. We would like him to be a little bit better blocker. He has had huge games as a receiver and does complement a lot of what we are doing and continues to improve and get better in that regard.

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Kid Reporter: This Weeks Underdog...... ruff ruff.

Hi everyone. So, what do you think of my article name? Come on. You know you love it. As the name suggests, I want to talk about this weeks underdog team. It might be a surprise to some of you but I think the Giants are this weeks underdogs. They have had a struggle this season, but I have seen a couple games this season where they seemed unstoppable. It took them a couple of games to get in rhythm because of a new offensive style, but once they got that spark, the fire was lit and they were dominant. The receivers are going to have to step up now that Victor Cruz is injured. The running backs have to step up as well. I think if they do those two things, they could potentially beat Andrew Luck's Colts.

Let's Clear Things Up.. It's Fantasy Trivia Time!

Poll: Fantasy Trivia

Welcome to the weekly NFL RUSH Fantasy Football trivia game!

Are you a fantasy star? Prove it with these trivia questions, based on the first three weeks of the 2014 NFL season.

Good luck!

1. Which of these three QBs scored the most fantasy points in week three?
a. Colin Kaepernick
b. Drew Brees
c. Austin Davis

2. Which of these three WRs scored the most fantasy points in week three?
a. DeSean Jackson
b. Jeremy Maclin
c. Victor Cruz

3. Which of these three RBs has the most receiving yards this season?
a. Giovani Bernard
b. Darren Sproles
c. Reggie Bush

4. Which of these team defenses did NOT score a TD in week three?
a. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
b. New York Jets
c. St. Louis Rams

5. What QB has the most rushing TDs this season?
a. Andrew Luck
b. Eli Manning
c. Josh McCown

View Trivia Answers

TNF Storylines: Manning TD Run

Solomon Wilcots breaks down New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning's 1-yard TD run and Victor Cruz's 20-yard reception.

Giants vs. Redskins Tonight!

Poll: Giants vs. Redskins Tonight!

NFC East rivals are like dogs and cats. They simply do not like each other.

And that's why tonight's football game is going to be great! The Giants are coming off their best game of the season, as QB Eli Manning, RB Rashad Jennings, and WR Victor Cruz all had great games.

Can they do it twice in a row?

The Redskins had their own offensive explosion last week as QB Kirk Cousins threw for 437 yards and three TDs while both WRs Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson scored TDs and had over 100 yards receiving. If you want any of these stars on your NFL RUSH Fantasy Football team, you should set your line up now.

The action kicks off at 8:30 PM ET on the NFL Network and CBS.