Watch the debate whether the San Francisco 49ers have upgraded and downgraded in the changes they've made to their roster since last season.
Let's hope for the 49er fans it's positive progress! They deserve to have a great season.
Kicker Justin Tucker and wide receiver Mike Wallace join fellow Baltimore Ravens to lead the charge for the youth football movement at the 2017 summer camp.

That is one epic selfie.
Watch Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch participate in practice drills for the first time as a member of the team.
MAN O MAN! It is good to have Beast Mode back in the game!
Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch joins his former teammate Michael Robinson along with Colleen Wolfe to say what's up at Raiders training camp.
As far as we are concerned, Beast Mode can crash any party (or interview) ever. He is the best!

"Gave me chills seeing the fans today man, I love this game. #49sCamp" ~Navorro Bowman, LB, San Francisco 49ers 

calvinjman just scored 991 points in NFLRZ Battle Carts!
Sean McVay was mic'd up at training camp, and it is both encouraging and hilarious! Listen to Los Angeles Rams head coach give direction, criticism and almost get run over! 
LOL! Which one of his sayings was the funniest?

The Kansas City Chiefs Kids Club and Nickelodeon's Spongebob hosted a "Worldwide Day of Play" during the Chiefs training camp last week. Kids of all ages had the opportunity to meet all different characters from Nickelodeon and from the team, it was a SUPER FUN TIME! 

If you could meet any character from Nickelodeon who would you pick and why? 

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz talks about coming into camp for his second season and working with new teammates Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.
Did you ever hear that you are still considered a rookie until you are 3 games into your second year?  Maybe they are just trying to get some more free donuts out of Carson!! Don't fall for it, dude!
Actor Omar Epps dropped in at Cowboys training camp. Here he talks about his expectations as a Cowboys fan, how he watches NFL Sundays, and which player is his favorite right now.
Wait! Can we just "drop in" on camp? 'Cause that would be so rad.
A compilation highlight from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opening week of training camp. Some cool plays on a hot field. We are getting PUMPED for kick-off!
Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill talks about bouncing back after a down season, working/competing with rookie Joe Mixon and his thoughts on Odell Beckham.

Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle, Givens Price is plotting something with one of his coaches and that swiss cheese looking football on a stick... the question is: what are they planning?!

Give this a caption!

NFL teams took the field for the first wave of mini-camps in the 2017 season and we got the highlight reel!

Listen, we know it's just football practice, but with this soundtrack even cleaning our room would feel EPIC!!!! 

Houston Texans J.J. Watt says, "Success isn't owned. It's leased, and rent is due every day."

Poll: What are you most excited for about Hard Knocks this season?
Hard Knocks is headed to Tampa Bay this season! It's going to be awesome watching the Buccaneers come together for a new season with high expectations.

What are you most excited for about Hard Knocks this season?

A) Seeing Jameis Winston behind the scenes ... he's funny!

B) Watching the entire Buccaneers team gel together in training camp will be cool.

Poll: How will you be able to wait until the NFL starts again?
As of today, March 22, there are 134 more days until the Hall of Fame game on August 3rd.

How will you be able to wait until the NFL starts again?

A) I'll PLAY 60 every day!

B) I'll watch a LOT of NFL Network.

C) I'll help out around the house.

D) I'll do all of the above!

Poll: The Return of the Honey Badger
Cardinals Safety Tyrann Mathieu starts the new season with a new contract!

The Cardinals player nicknamed The Honey Badger has signed a deal that will keep him with the Arizona Cardinals through 2021.

Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is giving out high fives and handshakes to all of his team members at training camp.

If you had a secret handshake with OBJ, it would be called ______________!

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers performs a Lambeau Leap during NFL football training camp. There's always time to practice a NFL celebration, isn't there?

What's your favorite NFL celebration? Tell us below!

Poll: Bryant Is Back!
Good news for Dallas Cowboys fans!

He's back! Wide receiver Dez Bryant was spotted catching a few passes during NFL training camp. 

Super Cam Newton shows up to NFL training camp dressed in his Superman shirt.

Next season Cam is going to show how super he really is by giving away _________ footballs to kids at the stadium!

New England Patriots training camp begins!

Tight end Rob Gronkowski finished up NFL training camp by signing autographs for fans. How cool!

Which NFL player would you want to autograph your football or jersey? Tell us below!

Poll: Packers Start the Season on Wheels!
The Green Bay Packers ride bikes to the 2016 NFL Football Training Camp.

Defensive tackles Tyler Kuder and Reggie Gilbert even took out tricycles for a spin!

Poll: Who Ya Got: Best Available Free Agent?
NFL training camps are about to begin. There's still space for teams to fill up their rosters. If you could pick a free agent from your team, who would it be?

QB Option: Ryan Fitzpatrick
This will be the 12th season in the NFL for Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's posted a career-high 31 passing TDs this past season.

WR Option: Anquan Boldin
A veteran wide receiver with strong hands and a Super Bowl win under his belt from his Baltimore Ravens days.

LB Option: Dwight Freeney
A veteran linebacker who will be starting his 15th season with the NFL. That's a lot of experience!

CB Option: Antonio Cromartie
After playing with the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals, Cromartie is known as a hawk on the football.

Poll: Who Ya Got: New York Jets starting QB?
With the New York Jets 2016 Training Camp starting up in a week, the big question is who will be the starting QB for next season?

The clock is ticking. If you were the Jets head coach, would you pick Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith to start?

Tell us who you'd pick and why!