2 years ago... Peyton Manning and the Broncos raised the Lombardi in Super Bowl 50!

No snaps at cornerback for the former pro bowler and hero of Super Bowl XLIX? What happened? Go through the full story of why Malcolm Butler was benched in the big game.
Poll: Best Division in the NFL?
Is the NFC EAST the best division in the NFL?

A) Yes. They are the only division where every team has won a Super Bowl.

B) No. The best division is __________________ (tell us in the comments)

“EPIC. That parade was epic. Absolutely unbelievable support and passion from the entire city of Philly. Can’t thank y’all enough. #WorldChamps #HungryDogsRunFaster” ~ Carson Wentz 

Those are some wise words, QB.

kannubhaiya just scored 2,405 points in Lateral Collateral!
Poll: A Dynasty in Philadelphia?
Is the Eagles Super Bowl win the beginning of a Dynasty in Philadelphia?

A) Yes! This is just the beginning!

B) Nope. That win is a one and done. It was a total fluke!
Can't-Miss Play: Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham strip-sacks New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Remember last week when the EAGLES BEAT THE PATRIOTS!  
New England Patriots Tight End is reportedly considering retirement after the team's Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.


Losing the Super Bowl hurts, but we still love you, buddy!
Can't-Miss Play: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles hits Zach Ertz for the go-ahead touchdown.

From Bill Belichick's famous "No Days Off" speech to Marshawn Lynch peppering with the Seahawks faithful with "power pellets," check out the best ever Super Bowl parade moments!!

Which parade looked like the most fun?

This moment between these two incredible QBs. 


Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre reveals the speech he gave to the Philadelphia Eagles prior to Super Bowl LII.

His words of inspiration totally worked! 

Will the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl next season?

Can't-Miss Play: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles finds wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in the end zone for a 34-yard touchdown!

After the Eagles took home their first Super Bowl title in team history, we look back at each of the other NFL teams that have done the same--starting with the Packers winning Super Bowl I.

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What an incredible sight! Philadelphia LOVES their Eagles!

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long and offensive tackle Lane Johnson get fans hyped at the Super Bowl parade!

Wow! What a moment! Would you want to go to a Super Bowl parade?

Lebron had some kind supportive words for the MVP!

Where does Tom Brady rate among the highest-graded players from the Eagles win in Super Bowl LII?

Find out who is getting A's and let us know in the comments what you think!
Watch as Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Lineman Jason Kelce rips Eagles doubters at the team's parade celebration.

Kelce is dressed as a "Mummer" a traditional costume worn in Philadelphia's New Years Day parade.

8 years ago the Saints won Super Bowl 44!

Take a look through our freeD vision as New England Patriots running back James White breaks 3 tackles on his way to a tough 26-yard touchdown!
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz talks to quarterback Nick Foles after a Super Bowl LII victory.

Those guys are the most supportive BFFs!
Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandom Graham's daughter sings Eagles' chant in his press conference.

We CAN'T EVEN with all that cuteness! 
Philadelphia Eagles running backs Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount explain what it is like to win the Super Bowl and Blount talks about beating his former teammates.

Awwww, they brought their moms! That's sweet!