Meet Sophie Schneider, the Play 60 Super Kid!

What words of advice would you give Sophie when she heads to the Super Bowl?!

Which Superkid will you vote for to win the NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest: Ryan, Sophia or Zoe?!


Which Superkid will you vote for to win the NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest: Ryan, Sophia or Zoe?!


Which Superkid will you vote for to win the NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest: Ryan, Sophia or Zoe?!


Poll: Enter Now to Win a Trip to Super Bowl LI!
Enter the PLAY 60 Super Bowl contest for a chance to become this year's Superkid and trip to Super Bowl LI!

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Poll: Enter Now to WIn a Trip to Super Bowl LI!
Enter the PLAY 60 Super Bowl contest for a chance to become this year's Superkid and trip to Super Bowl LI!

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Join the cause! Have your parents post videos of yourself, friends and family running the 40-yard dash using the hashtags #RunRichRun and #StJude.

Poll: Super Kid Marlo
Super Kid Marlo acted as the GMA Correspondent during the whole week of the Super Bowl.

Through this experience, she got to meet and hang out with Jesse Palmer, Rob Gronkowski, J.J. Watt and Drew Brees at NFL Experience!

She kicked field goals with Gronk and Jesse. Gronk even taught her how to "spike" the ball. She played catch with Drew Brees. And top it off, Marlo got to meet Robin Roberts from GMA. 

What an exciting week for Marlo!

See Super Kid Marlo take the field on Super Bowl Sunday!

What would be your favorite part of being Super Kid?

Marlo walked the red carpet with the NFL stars Saturday afternoon before NFL Honors.

She got to meet stars from Joe Namath to Jerry Rice to Jameis Winston. She then attended NFL Honors with her family.

Check out Super Kid Marlo asking the Super Bowl players questions, from Peyton Manning to Cam Newton!

Marlo acted as the Super Bowl correspondent for Good Morning America and a piece on her experience aired last Tuesday morning.

Check out some photos of Super Kid Marlo with Brec and Coy, stars of Bella and the Bulldogs!

They spent the day hanging out on the Nickelodeon set at NFLX. How cool!

Keep your eyes out for more photos of Super Kid Marlo's awesome experiences this week!

49ers fan Marlo Mosley, age 11, is this year's NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid. Woo hoo Marlo!

As Super Kid, Marlo gets to run onto the field and hand the ball to the referee at the beginning of Super Bowl 50. Yes, Marlo is going TO THE SUPER BOWL.

Marlo also gets to go to all kinds of fun events during Super Bowl week, including the NFL Experience.

Do you have any advice or encouragement for Marlo???

Today the lucky finalists for the PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest were announced! 

Check out the finalists here!

And not just any school but NFL Play 60 Super Kid Bobby's school, Hunter's Creek Middle School.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Brandon Myers and DT Clinton McDonald visited Bobby, the seventh grader who earned the title of Super Kid for his contributions to helping his classmates become more active.

In addition to a day of fun, the school was awarded a $10,000 grant from NFL PLAY 60 to help promote 60 minutes of play every day.

In a thrilling moment before kickoff, NFL Play 60 Super Kid Bobby assists the referee by providing the game ball for Super Bowl XLIX.

Check out the amazing highlights of NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid Bobby and his once-in-a-lifetime adventures during Super Bowl week.

Go to Bobby's page to see more about his week.

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Wanna know what it's like to be the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid?

Take a look at the wonderful moments from Bobby's adventures at Super Bowl week.

My once in a lifetime opportunity had arrived!

Super Bowl XLIX was here and I was ready and so excited to be part of a historical day! I put on my jersey and walked out of my hotel with my head up in the clouds

The moment was here and I arrived at the stadium with thousands of fans from everywhere. You could feel the excitement in the air. The fans in their favorite team's jerseys and the pageantry that goes along with a Super Bowl was very obvious. I walked onto the sideline waiting for that moment to arrive.

When it was time to hand the game ball to the referee, I was excited. When I ran out onto the field, it was incredible how big it all felt, the field, the fans and the players. As the cameras followed me off the field, I knew this moment would be a moment that I would remember for the rest of my life.

Just when I thought that the big moment was over, I was wrong. I was given the great honor to be on the field when the New England Patriots won and received the Vince Lombardi Trophy. When the media rushed in, I literally ran into Tom Brady and I was so excited. Being out on the field at that moment was a perfect ending to a perfect experience. I felt like I was just as much part of that win as the New England Patriots.

I will never forget the opportunity that the NFL has given me. NFL PLAY 60 will always be a huge part of my life!

Every day kept getting better and more exciting as the big day was close. The 4th Annual NFL Honors Awards took place on the eve of Super Bowl Sunday.

I was invited to attend this star-studded event. As I rode the elevator from my hotel to attend the event, I stood next to Carolina Panthers linebacker, winner of the Walter Payton Man of The Year Award, Thomas Davis. He took the time to take a picture with me and was a very nice guy who does great work for underprivileged children and their families. Once I arrived to the event, I walked the red carpet for the first time ever and walked right behind the evening's host, late night talk show host Seth Meyers, who was very funny.

Entering into the event provided me the opportunity to talk and take pictures with legendary players, such as Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter. I spoke to the NFLPA Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith, who introduced me to the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, Clark Hunt. I was able to spend time with the winner of the Together We Make Football contest, Christian from Oklahoma. Amazing players, such as Aaron Rogers and Odell Beckham Jr. took time out to say hello to me and high five me.

When the event ended, I was leaving and I walked right next to actress Mariska Hargitay from the show Law and Order and asked her if she would take a picture with me and she was so nice! The night was so exciting, but I knew I better get some rest for the big moment!

Thursday I woke up before the sunrise and made it to an awesome location in the Arizona desert, where I was filmed up close to a huge cactus. I had fun being on camera and having my picture taken.

Immediately after, I was able to visit the University of Phoenix stadium where the Super Bowl will be held and I was able to take a tour before the stadium filled with fans from across the country. It was amazing being right on the field and knowing that this Sunday the Patriots and Seahawks will be playing right where I was standing.

The stadium looked awesome and made me more excited for Super Bowl Sunday! After I toured the stadium, I was able to attend the Idina Menzel and Katy Perry press conference where I asked Katy Perry how her halftime show will be different from her regular shows. She was really nice and it became more real that I was going to watch her show at the Super Bowl. I ended my night by meeting some really great people from NFL Together We Make Football.

I was able to meet other winners from the contest and legendary players like Deion Sanders and Brian Dawkins. I also met former coach Tony Dungy. The night was filled with great conversations and a lot of awesome pictures!

Wednesday was an incredible day as I was able to join the fun at NFL Play 60 Kids Day!

There were many activities and obstacle courses to participate in and they were all fun. It was exciting racing against Arizona Cardinal Cornerback Justin Bethel. I met kids from local schools that were just as excited as I am about football. Being able to play the game by passing the football and kicking the football made me miss my football season.

Later in the evening, I explored Super Bowl Central and I was able to see Jordin Sparks on the Pepsi Hyped for Halftime stage and I had fun in the Verizon Powerhouse interactive virtual games.

I ended the night watching my first live basketball game ever with the Phoenix Suns playing the Washington Wizards at the US Airways Center, where the Suns won.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Arriving in Phoenix was incredible!

You can feel the Super Bowl energy. Walking into my hotel you can see legendary players such as LaVar Arrington and Terrell Davis hanging out in the lobby. I met Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg with their guest Charles Barkley on ESPN Mike & Mike show.

I didn't think this could get any better until I walked into Media Day at the US Airways Center, where I was able to ask questions to players and coaches from the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Patriots Tom Brady complimented my hair and I asked Russell Wilson advice for kids, which was to have a great purpose in life and surround yourself with good people. I was able to get up close and personal with Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin who had some great advice for kids who play football. "Tell yourself I am big enough, I am strong enough, I am fast enough!" Great advice!

As I walk through the floor, I was interviewed by LaVar Arrington and I was up on the big screen in the center. I also got to catch up with Brett Keisel who interviewed me for Head and Shoulders and introduced me as Troy Polamalu.

I also spoke to Kurt Warner from the NFL Network and Chris Berman from ESPN. I was also able to meet different types of stars such as Pick Boy and Barrel Boy.

Journalists wanted to interview me and I received many congratulations. My day ended with watching the NFL Play 60 Flag Football Championship and participating in a lot of the NFL Experience activities. What a great start to my amazing role!

Pepsi Halftime performer Katy Perry fielded questions to the media about her show, and NFL Play 60 super kid Bobby was there to join in on the action.

Twelve year-old Pittsburgh Steelers fan Bobby S was this year's NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid!

He and his family enjoyed a super week in Arizona leading up to Bobby delivering the game ball for Super Bowl XLIX.

Take a look at how it all began, with Bobby's contest video. Just think this could be you next year!