One of the best Kickoff games in NFL History: In 2013, Peyton Manning opened the NFL season with a 7 TD performance vs. Baltimore.

Thanks for the encouragement, champ! 

Poll: Is Peyton Manning the greatest QB ever?
Thank you Peyton Manning for illustrating that there are only 18 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE NFL DRAFT!

In your honor, we'll ask this question: Is Peyton Manning the greatest QB draft pick ever?

A) Yes. Omaha!

B) No. ________________ is better (tell us in comments).

Poll: Who's the Better QB?
Who's the better QB?

A) Tony Romo

B) Aaron Rodgers

C) Tom Brady

D) Steve Young

E) Peyton Manning
Poll: Peytin Manning: Better with the Colts or with the Broncos?
Peyton Manning: Better with the Colts or with the Broncos?

Colts for sure! He won a Super Bowl in Indianapolis, you know.

Broncos all the way! He won a Super Bowl in Denver, duh.

Well? Which is it???

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Peyton Manning turns 41 today!

Check out this "Omaha" mashup as we celebrate his big day.

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Check out this awesome throwback from the 2005 Pro Bowl with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning!

Which QB is your favorite?!

Peyton Manning makes an appearance at the Colts game today and signs autographs!

Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning walks out with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in a ceremony to celebrate the 2016 Kickoff Game.
Eli Manning may not be the nicest brother...

When Peyton retired, Eli gave him a ____________ as a retirement gift!

Poll: Peyton Manning Tutors!
Peyton Manning has been busy since retirement began!

Manning recently visited the Miami Dolphins to tutor QB Ryan Tannehill. It was just a way for Peyton Manning to volunteer but Tannehill was excited to sit down with him and learn football detail such as snap counts and different play routes.

Check out Peyton Manning's best career moments during his time with the Indianapolis Colts.
Poll: Long Live #18
The number 18 will forever be honored in Indianapolis Colts history as the team announced Friday they are retiring Peyton Manning's jersey number.

And what's even cooler is that the team will also build a Peyton Manning statue outside Lucas Oil Stadium!
Down by 3 TDs with only five minutes left, Peyton Manning led one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on MNF and make himself a legend!
In 2000, Peyton Manning and the Colts outscored the New England Patriots 16-0 in the fourth quarter! Peyton threw 3 TDs with just 4 incompletions in the come-from-behind victory!

This week both Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson announced their plans to retire from the NFL. Woah!

Both can be considered G.O.A.T. in the league.

What do you think both players will after the NFL?

After falling behind 23-10 at halftime, the Indianapolis Colts outscored the New York Jets 14-0 in the second half. Peyton Manning led the frantic game winning drive, finding Marcus Pollard for the late TD with under a minute left in the game. Go Peyton!

Peyton Manning is so excited about retirement.

How excited?

He went out an bought 18 _______________.

Through 18 seasons being his respective teams "Sheriff", the legacy of Peyton Manning will be one to remember.

Poll: Would You Rather?
The scenario...

You have the chance to go back in time to February 7, 2016...

1. You can attend Super Bowl 50 and have front row seats for you and a friend. Imagine seeing Cam Newton and Peyton Manning live!! 

2. You can pass up Super Bowl 50 but have Tom Brady be your football coach for one day. Just think of all of the cool moves he could teach you! You may miss the Super Bowl but with his moves, maybe you could be in the Super Bowl one day.

So, what will it be?!

Poll. Who Will Win?
Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning goes by the nickname of the Sheriff. He is called "The Sheriff" because of his pre-snap routine. Peyton uses many different gestures and commands to call the play at the line of scrimmage rather than in the huddle like other quarterbacks.

An actual Sheriff is an elected officer in a county who is responsible for keeping the peace. They will protect the community and keep it safe.

Who do you think would move quicker in the heat of the moment?

The Broncos are so tired after their Super Bowl 50 win!

How tired?

So tired that Peyton Manning bought a _______________.

Happy Thursday! Here's some trivia for you...

As of Super Bowl 50, how many total career wins does Broncos QB Peyton Manning have?

Shout out your answer in the comments section!

Poll: One Super Broncos Celebration
Check out some of the action from the Broncos Super Bowl parade!

Broncos fans get to cheer on and thank their favorite players for an awesome win!

Peyton Manning is so excited to earn his second Super Bowl win!

How excited?

Instead of giving his little brother Eli a noogie the next time they wrestle, Peyton is going to give Eli a ________________.