My predictions for next season's playoffs are below. I know it may be too early but here's a shot!

1 seed- Patriots
2 seed- Steelers
3 seed- Raiders
4 seed- Cots
5 seed-Bengals
6 seed- Jets

The big surprise here is the Broncos will not be making the playoffs but they just don’t have enough talent even with that defense. However, the Raiders do. They added amazing pieces in the draft and free agency to bolster their team which is why they are my 3 seed. The Patriots are too good and get the 1 seed with Pittsburgh right behind. The Colts when the easy south. The Bengals and Andy Dalton almost win the division but settle for the 5 seed. And the Jets squeeze out the 6 seed with their tough schedule of many emotional Prime Time games. 

1 seed- Cardinals
2 seed- Panthers
3 seed- Vikings
4 seed- Cowboys
5 seed- Seahawks
6 seed- Packers

 This was tough because the NFC has a lot of talented teams on the verge of the playoffs. The Cardinals and Panthers are pretty much locks for their seeds. As the Vikings finally push through with more weapons for Teddy Bridgewater. The Cowboys with their many weapons as secure the east. While the Seahawks and Packers who almost won their divisions round out the list of teams.

-Kid Reporter Oliver

Poll: Kid Reporter Oliver: How the Jets Draft Picks Rate
Here's my analysis on Jets draft and how it will impact the 2016 Season.

This year the Jets stayed put and had a good draft. They addressed needs like a new linebacker, offensive tackle, QB and even special teams. Overall my grade is a B and here’s why. 

Round 1
I thought Darron Lee was a great pick. Instead of making a splashy move the Jets stayed put and added much needed speed and pursuit to their aging linebacker group. I could see Lee having a very successful NFL career. 

Round 2
This is where things got interesting. With a surprise pick the Jets selected Christian Hackenburg out of Penn State. In his freshman year he was tremendous but when his coach Bill O’Brien left for the Texans he really seemed to struggled. I think that if the Jets can fix his mistakes with a terrific offensive coordinator in Chan Gailey, then the Jets might have found a future franchise quarterback. 

Rounds 3-7
The rest of the way the Jets did a good job of adding potential. They added more pass rushing ability as well as depth to wide receiver, cornerback, and offensive line groups. They even selected a punter. 

Overall these rounds were solid picks that could produce some future contributors. How does this affect the season? Now that these picks have been made I see the Jets going 9-7. 

The quarterback position is a huge question because Ryan Fitzpatrick has not signed and Hackenburg might be too young, but with the immense talent on this team I think the Jets will be competitive and be in the conversation for a playoff spot.

-Kid Reporter Oliver

Before the most recent trade news, I was wondering...

Should the Jets trade up to the #2 overall spot in the 2016 draft and take a quarterback?

Recently there has been speculation about the Browns trading the number two pick away to another team. It was reported that they have gotten a lot of interest from many teams. So this brings up the question would the Jets be willing to give up their first round pick and potentially Muhammad Wilkerson for the 2nd overall pick.

I personally think that if the Jets cannot resign Ryan Fitzpatrick this should be the move. They would get a franchise quarterback for the future while still having a great team around him so that they could sustain success. Yes they would most likely lose Wilkerson in the trade who is one of their best players but this would save them money and with all the depth they have on the defensive line they would take a step back but not too much to where it is a pressing need. This quarterback who could either be Carson Wentz or Jared Goff depending on who the Rams take with the 1st pick, will have a great offensive line who just got Ryan Clady in a swift move to replace a franchise great in D’Brickishaw Ferguson, the best wide receiver tandem in the league and a lethal defense.

Ultimately this could hold the Jets back a little but also give them a star in the future.

My prediction was that the Jets would've made a trade for the second pick and select Carson Wentz. What do you think would have been the best?

-Kid Reporter Oliver
Poll: Kid Reporter Oliver: Should Jets Re-Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick?
The New York Jets are locked in a stalemate with free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick so this brings up the question, should the Jets pay more to keep Fitz or find another quarterback like Robert Griffin III? 

Reportedly the Jets have offered Fitzpatrick around 7 or 8 million a year which is about the same money per year Chase Daniel (a backup) of the Eagles just got. But Fitz wants a lot more then that due to the fact that he had a better season then all of the free agent quarterbacks on the market with 31 passing touchdowns. 

The Jets have limited cap room this year and Ryan Fitzpatrick is 33 years old which explains the low offer. But should they raise it? Yes they should. The reason is, that with him the Jets could prepare to make a run in the playoffs but with Geno Smith or RGIII they could have another average season.

 The Jets don’t need a flashy quarterback like RGIII, they need a reliable starter who can use the many weapons like new running back Matt Forte, Eric Decker, and Brandon Marshall to win big. Yes he chocked in the final game, but before that he had the best season a Jets quarterback has ever had. 

With an already top 5 defense, a star studded offense who could possibly add new pieces like an established tight end and Fitz who they could maybe compromise and pay him 10 or 11 million a year the Jets have a possibility of making a big run in the playoffs and maybe even their first Super Bowl in almost 50 years.

-Kid Reporter Oliver

After a whole season of football we have finally made it down to the match up between the best two teams in the NFL!

They do share this common goal but they also have many differences. The Broncos have an old quarterback in Peyton Manning who is losing his physical ability, despite being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play. On the opposite side the Panthers have a young Cam Newton who has peaked at the right time and is most likely going to earn the MVP award this year. So the real question is who can win this match up?

The reason that the focus is on the two quarterbacks is because the two great defenses balance out so that they both perform very well. Back to the quarterbacks, because of his aging body Peyton Manning uses his mind but Cam Newton relies on his great athletic ability. I believe Cam has the upper hand because Peyton can do whatever he wants with the plays or schemes but when the throws actually have to be made he cannot make them anymore. That, the Panther defense, and Cam Newton will be too much for Peyton and the Broncos to overcome.

That is just my opinion so who do you think will win the Super Bowl this year?

 My Prediction: Broncos 23, Panthers 31

-Kid Reporter Olivier
zachattack135 just scored 1,200 points in Rusher Go!
One of the craziest games was played in the divisional round of the playoffs. That game was the Packers vs Cardinals.

I was shocked when I watched this game. There was everything from a deflected pass that was caught for a touchdown to an amazing Hail Mary with no time left on the clock. All of it left me speechless. The degree of difficulty and improbability in this game and specifically on the Hail Mary and not to mention the 4th and 20 from the Packers own end zone were very low and Aaron Rodgers made it look easy.

That brings me to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has battled back from a down season which for any other quarterback would be a career year. He has thrown two Hail Marys with time expiring and has dealt with many players being out on the team including Jordy Nelson. He has overcome all of this and yet the one moment where it looks like the Packers are going to win until Larry Fitzgerald ends it. That’s how crazy the game was. I will never forget this amazing game.

Let me know your opinion in the comments section.

-Kid Reporter Oliver
Kid Reporter Olivier asks...

Who will grab the last two playoff spots in the AFC?

Jets, Bills, Steelers, and Raiders have all wound up competing for a Wild Card spot. These teams have had their games where they have showed they are great, but they have also shown struggles. The Jets have been on a slide recently, losing the last 3 of 4 games they have played. The Bills have been great recently, edging out the division rivals Jets and Dolphins, but the question is whether or not they can stay consistent. The Steelers have been dealing with major injuries to key players Ben Roethlisberger and LeVeon Bell, which is really holding them back. And finally the Raiders that have surprised many and have been great, but their young talent may not be able to carry them all the way to the playoffs.

Breaking down these teams they all have great talent, but based on their schedules and rosters, the two teams that will grab the Wild Card spots are the Jets and the Steelers. Based on how easy the remaining schedule is, the Jets get in by default. They do have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall as well as a few others who are playing great, but it's just too easy. They have the Texans, Dolphins, Giants, and Titans as their upcoming schedule. So because of their schedule, as well as the hope that the team can rebound from their recent struggles, they will earn the fifth spot.

The sixth spot goes to the Steelers. Even though they have missed some players they are still a very dangerous team. Considering their schedule that they have already played this year, they have done very well. And because of their bye week, Big Ben will probably be back for the Seahawks and to replace Bell they have DeAngelo Williams who has been on fire to help lead the way. The team can only go up as they round out the season with Big Ben escaping big injury and leading them to the playoffs.

-Kid Reporter Oliver
This year the Jets have surprised many fans by starting a new coaching era with a promising start to the season. At 4-1 the Jets have become legitimate playoff team. This fast start didn't happen alone as Darelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, and Chris Ivory along with new head coach Todd Bowles are contributing in a huge way. The question now is whether or not the Jets can sustain their recent success.

Here are my predictions for the rest of the New York Jets season.

Week 7- @Patriots L 27-24
Week 8- @Raiders W 20-10
Week 9- Jaguars W 30-13
Week 10- Bills L 24-20
Week 11- @Texans W 26-17
Week 12- Dolphins W 17-13
Week 13- @Giants W 28-23
Week 14- Titans W 41-21
Week 15- @Cowboys L 28-24
Week 16- Patriots L 30-28
Week 17- Bills W 30-20

-Kid Reporter Oliver

This year the Jets rebooted their team and that started with free agency. From Darrelle Revis to Brandon Marshall, the Jets have been making a big splash in the free agency market. Here are my grades for the Jets free agency.

Darrelle Revis - After being away from the Jets for two seasons they brought him back. The Jets really needed help in the secondary, so they got the best in the league. I think this is a great move because he is very talented and this move has the fans excited. My grade: A+

Brandon Marshall - The Jets got a steal. They only gave up a 5th round pick to replace the expensive receiver Percy Harvin with a 5-time Pro Bowler, Marshall. This move now makes the Jets receivers lethal and saves them money. My grade: A

Antonio Cromartie - Like Revis, Cromartie is a former Jet cornerback and played beside Revis to make a very good tandem. Last year he made the Pro Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals. In addition, Todd Bowles, the former Cardinals Defensive Coordinator, is now the head coach of the Jets, giving Cromartie a reunion with Bowles and the Jets. The only potential cause for concern is his age, as he turns 31 next month. Revis is also about to turn 30, but he is the best in the league, Based on the last few years, however, Cromartie can still play. My grade: B+

Ryan Fitzpatrick - The Jets made a trade to get Fitzpatrick for a conditional pick, so if he plays well enough, they owe the Texans a low draft pick. This instantly improves the quarterback position and provides competition for Geno Smith. He is also familiar with Chan Gailey the offensive coordinator for the Jets. The 32-year old Fitzpatrick quietly put up a 95.3 passer rating last season which is very good. My grade: B-

Buster Skrine - He is not a very familiar name to most people but Skrine, a cornerback is now added to this very strong secondary. Last season he had 4 interceptions and 18 passes defended and will certainly add to the Jets already deep defense. My grade: B

All of these moves on paper look to benefit the Jets, but I think the result will be the Jets improving to an 8-8 record in 2015 with a new era only just beginning.
My favorite Game Day Moment was when I went to my first game with my dad. I love the game of football and this is what ignited me to not only become a Jets fan but be obsessed with the game of football. That day we left my house in Westchester County, NY to go to the game. We got to MetLife stadium and took a bus. I remember that I was so excited as well as curious. We then took a walk through Jets fans to the stadium. The game was Jets vs Bengals. The Jets were my favorite team and the Bengals were my dad's favorite. I ended up wearing a Bengals jersey but also wore a Jets foam finger. I was young so the game was a blur but I remember it was a great moment with my dad. To be inside the stadium and experience a great moment just with my dad makes me remember that moment to this day. I now love going to games with my dad and obviously love football. I hope other people experience a great football moment as well as a football moment with family.
This season the playoff race has been exciting to say the least. From the AFC where there are many teams fighting for only 2 spots, to the NFC where the 5-7 Falcons are the number 4 seed! So as the 2014 season is nearing an end here are my predictions for the playoffs. The AFC wildcard goes to the Chargers and Ravens These two teams are both playing great football and as you can see from week 13 they are very similar teams. First off the Ravens will get in because they have beat good teams (Dolphins, Steelers, ect.), have a proven offense and defense, and are better than the Steelers and Browns. The reason that they are better than the Steelers is because the Steelers choke against bad teams like the Buccaneers and Jets. They are better than Cleveland because the Browns are struggling and are caught in a bunch of 7-6 teams like the Bills and Dolphins. As for the Chargers they are just playing like they did earlier in the season. They are winning and now have a thriving Philip Rivers and a very good Ryan Mathews. For those reasons they will propel themselves over teams like the Dolphins, Steelers, and the Texans and into the 5th and 6th seed. The NFC wildcard goes to the Cardinals and Lions The Cardinals are a surprise but the way Drew Stanton has played, besides the Chief game, and the injuries I could see Seattle taking the Cardinals spot. For the Lions the Packers are the better and hotter team right now and will take the NFC North but with Calvin Johnson looking amazing and Reggie Bush back they can get to the playoffs. The Cowboys could also be in one of those spots but they don't look as good as they did and just knowing the Cowboys they will find a way not to get in the playoffs. My entire playoff picture AFC #1Patriots #2Broncos #3Bengals #4Colts #5Chargers #6Ravens NFC #1Packers #2Seahawks #3Eagles #4Falcons #5Cardinals #6Lions
The New York Jets have been disappointing this season but still have hope to improve in 2015. And that improvement starts at the quarterback position. Geno Smith has underachieved this year forcing impatient New Yorkers to give up on him. Michael Vick has played well with 3 touchdowns and only 1 interception but he might not be a long- term answer because he is 34 years old. So that raises the question of what do the Jets do at quarterback next year? Below are the quarterback options in 2015 to help the Jets end their playoff drought. Free Agents- There aren't a lot of quarterbacks in this years free agent class but the Jets could use an experienced player. An interesting option could be Brain Hoyer who is having a great year but may not stay in Cleveland because of Johnny Manziel. Another option could be Mark Sanchez. Yes it is crazy, but Sanchez is playing well and could be ready for a return to New York with Nick Foles coming back. He looks more confident but it is a reach. Draft- If the Jets continue losing they could easily end up with a top 5 if not top 3 pick in the draft. The top QB in the draft is Marcus Mariota. He has had a great season and could bring winning and skill to the Jets. He is also a strong leader. Another top quarterback is obviously Jameis Winston. The Heisman Trophy and National Championship winner from last year has a lot of talent but has concerns. His off the field issues won't be very appealing to John Idzik the Jets general manager, if Idzik remains in the job. But yet again who knows if they'll even draft a quarterback with John Idzik there. Trade- This is the least likely to happen of the three. But there is a possibility that Jay Cutler could leave Chicago. He has disappointed after a $100 million deal. The Jets have a lot of cap room to deal with the expense and it could help kick start the offense. My prediction- Whoever the Jets decide to go after, the one goal is to improve and I think they will do so. I think they will re-sign Michael Vick, release Geno Smith and trade up to draft Marcus Mariota. They will use Vick to mentor Mariota and help to get the Jets back into the playoffs.
The Jets continued their struggles in Week 7, losing in heartbreaking fashion 27- 25 to their arch rivals the Patriots. They now face a depleted Bills team in a much win game. Bigger than the game is the news involving Percy Harvin. The Jets GM John Idzik gave the struggling Jets and Rex Ryan one of the most dynamic players in the league from a trade with the Seahawks in exchange for as little as a 6th round draft pick. This trade makes me think that Harvin could potentially be the star against the Bills. After only just a few days at practice, the offense might not be totally clear to him but I think they will force the ball to him to prove a point. Watching the Jets take on the Patriots, the receivers looked slow which resulted in Geno Smith having to scramble and find someone open or run. With Harvin they can stretch the field with his speed and finally complete those plays of 20 yards or more. It sounds like this was the perfect move and trade for the Jets but there's always a reason a player is traded. The Seahawks claimed Harvin was not being a strong locker room and off the field guy. So far it looks good and Harvin said it was all smiles with the Jets. But for him it' just a nine game season hoping not to get released in the offseason. I think the Jets will score big on this trade and actually have a good receiving core with Harvin, Decker, and Kerley who just signed a 4-year deal with the Jets. Harvin will have a solid rest of his year and provide some hope to a depressed New York Jets team. My prediction -- Over the next 9 games Percy Harvin will have 49 receptions, 503 yards and 6 touchdowns. As a result the Jets finish the season 8-8.
When you hear about teams going out to get a veteran quarterback everyone says this will be a great mentor and fit for the team. Well for the Jets it hasn't exactly worked out that way. Last week against the Chargers neither Geno Smith or Michael Vick could do anything better than 8 yards on an average Chargers defense. This is bad because the Jets dropped to a disappointing 1-4 with little hope that Geno Smith can develop into the face of the franchise. Right now it's hard to trust Geno but Michael Vick didn't look any better. Despite all the criticism I believe Geno can be their future.When you look at the stats you see that the Jets offense and defense look good. But when you watch a Jet game they look slow and out of rhythm. The struggles on offense start with the injured wide receiver Eric Decker who has had a nagging hamstring injury. You can tell by watching that Geno is much better with Decker on the field. Without him he's left with a pedestrian receiving corp, an average offensive line, and solid running backs that lack the ability to catch. The defense hasn't helped either. They are ranked as one of the top defenses but their pass defense let a 3rd/4th string receiver Jeremy Ross beat them bad in their game against Detroit. The run defense is great except for last week's performance against the Chargers 4th string who dismantled them. The Jets will continue to lose unless something sparks them. I do think that Geno deserves a second chance. If his team gets better and more motivated, I think his talent will prove a lot of doubters wrong. And hopefully the Jets will start winning some games.
Last season Geno Smith was the storyline of the Jets entire season. From flashes of brilliance to bumps in the road, Geno Smith led his team to an 8-8 season. This season Geno was tested when the proven Michael Vick signed with the Jets. He responded well by having a good training camp and even better preseason. As the Jets look to be a surprise team, Smith is trying to be a surprise player and this is the year to show it. This is a make or break season for him and this is why he's going to make Jets fans happy. Although Smith's numbers in his rookie season were not very good, there were many pluses. He played very well against the Falcons, Bills, Bucs, Patriots and Saints as well as their three games to end the season verses the Raiders, Browns, and Dolphins. But he played poorly in the other 8 games which is the reason they went 8-8. But the Jets fans can take comfort in the fact think that Peyton Manning, who is a future Hall of Famer, had a poor first NFL season as well. Smith looks more comfortable in the huddle and pocket this pre-season and makes better decisions with the ball. In the loss to the Giants in the Snoopy Bowl this preseason he threw for 137 yards and a touchdown in two quarters. There was also a drop by Eric Decker in the end zone which could have been two touchdown passes for Smith. Nevertheless, Smith has proven he can be an NFL starting quarterback and do it well. This season I believe if Smith plays well the Jets will win 9 or 10 games even with a tough schedule and a depleted secondary. I believe that Smith will cash in for a good season and will be a solid fantasy football backup QB. My Prediction- Geno Smith throws 3,627 yards, 62% completion percentage, 22 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. The New York Jets make it to the playoffs with a 9-7 record.
As the preseason arrived so did NFL teams preparation for the regular season. Teams getting ready for games from an easy win to a very tough match. This season the Jets have a good amount of both heading in to their 2014 season. Particularly a road game against the Patriots. It brings a rivalry but is actually a pretty annual thing. This is the third season in a row where the Jets have played the Patriots on a Thursday night. Of course both were losses and also included the "butt fumble" but this year the Jets are trying to change their history against the longtime division champs. They now have a more developed Geno Smith, a dangerous defensive line, and of course new additions in Eric Decker and Chris Johnson to make this matchup even more interesting so here is my prediction for the big rivalry. Jets -20 Patriots -17. I think this will be a great game because for the first time in a while the teams are evenly matched. It might be a shock for some people but if you think about it there a chance the Patriots will finally have competition. The Patriots secondary is much better than the Jets have a stronger Front 7. Also the Patriots might have better receivers and tight ends because of depth and overall talent, but the Jets have the edge at running backs with a superb attack with Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. The only problem is that the Patriots have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady who have the edge over Rex Ryan and Geno Smith. Despite that I believe the Jets come through with solid defense especially in the secondary which has been a struggle and also a good quarterback play to beat Tom Brady at home. I always loved this matchup as it's been a highlight of how good football can be. The Jets and Patriots aren't exactly friends, more like enemies. But it's always great to see the matchup as it gets better every time and it is my favorite rivalry.
The New York Jets can finally breathe a sigh of relief as they've finally completed the first stage to building another season towards the playoffs. From adding Eric Decker to losing Antonio Cromartie and Rex Ryan's predictions, the Jets have completed a very interesting off-season. Now it's time to see and develop players to get ready for the NFL season. Here's who to watch out for during training camp. Dee Milliner- Milliner is key because cornerback is a very thin position for the Jets in terms of talent. They're counting on the second year cornerback to be the number 1 corner. The Jets face 3 of the best quarterbacks in the league this season, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning all against the likes of Milliner, the aging Dimitri Patterson and the inconsistent Kyle Wilson. No Darrelle Revis or Antonio Cromartie. That's why Milliner needs to step up. There's a reason they didn't draft or pick up a good cornerback because they think he's one of the best young cornerbacks. Now he needs to show up and prove it in training camp. Geno Smith- Geno comes into this training camp with his GM and coach hoping he gets the job and his players on his back. If he performs well he will get the starting quarterback position but if he doesn't his future as a Jet could be in jeopardy. This is the biggest competition for the Jets looking to end a 3 year playoff drought. Geno looked sharp on day 1 going 7/10 with one sack. Michael Vick who obviously didn't get as many reps went 2/5 with an interception and sack. And Geno won on day 1. But he needs to have a great camp especially coming off a strong end to last season. Now he's got Eric Decker and Chris Johnson to help and the team supporting him to make the coming days his. Both Geno Smith and Dee Milliner are key players this season. If they succeed the Jets can maybe get to the playoffs but if not, their job and as well as Rex Ryan's can be in jeopardy.
à If someone asked you who do you think of when you here the words Best NFL wide receivers, you'd probably think of Calvin Johnson, Jerry Rice, or maybe even Dez Bryant. But we just finished one of the deepest wide receiver drafts in NFL history and that list could change soon. With 33 total receivers taken in the draft and a new record of 12 receivers taken in the first two rounds, many teams now have good depth at wide receiver. But to me there's only one receiver who is an instant starte


If someone asked you who do you think of when you here the words Best NFL wide receivers, you'd probably think of Calvin Johnson, Jerry Rice, or maybe even Dez Bryant. But we just finished one of the deepest wide receiver drafts in NFL history and that list could change soon. With 33 total receivers taken in the draft and a new record of 12 receivers taken in the first two rounds, many teams now have good depth at wide receiver. But to me there's only one receiver who is an instant starter for his team and that's Sammy Watkins.

Watkins went to school at Clemson and has everything an elite wide receiver needs to succeed. He's a playmaker with good speed and size. He's been a starter at Clemson and has faced the toughest teams in the ACC. Now that the Bills have drafted him and he has replaced Stevie Johnson who they traded to the 49ers, Watkins has a chance to be a dominant rookie. In the division, my Jets are struggling in the secondary, the Dolphins who have resigned Brent Grimes, and the Patriots who fixed up the Aquib Talib loss by acquiring Darelle Revis and Brandon Browner. Against the Patriots, Sammy could struggle but against the Jets and Dolphins he could be productive. The Bills also play the NFC North with the Bears and Packers, all with solid defenses. Despite all the match ups I think he can win rookie of the year because of his toughness and determination. He could be a huge threat for any defense in college football and any professional team. So now that E.J Manuel has Watkins on his team, hopefully they can end the Bills playoff drought in the now competitive AFC East.


Poll. Who is the Jets best draft pick?

There is no one on the clock, no one on the board, and no one sitting in Radio City Music Hall at 8:00pm tonight, but the New York Jets can finally let out a sigh of relief that one of the biggest events in NFL football is over. The Jets cashed in for one of the biggest drafts in almost twenty years. With Rex Ryan as the coach, John Idzik as the GM, and a boatload of new talent they've brought in, they look pretty dangerous. But like the Seahawks, they are hoping they can find value in their draft selections. So here are the players that look like the next generation of New York Jets stars:

Best draft picks
Calvin Pryor (Safety Louisville 1st round) - Out of the twelve draft picks the Jets owned last weekend he was by far one of the best. When Calvin Pryor's name was called for the Jets, fans probably weren't overly excited with the pick and I wasn't either. He was never the biggest name compared to Brandin Cooks and Darquezee Dennard who were still on the board. But they addressed a pressing need and what you get from Pryor is what Rex Ryan likes. He's a very physical box safety who is a big hitter. He knocked out 3 receivers, had 3 interceptions, and had 71 total tackles last season. He isn't the top-notch ball hawk that Ryan likes in his safeties, but he must love the Kam Chancleor ability and play that makes Pryor a good prospect and the new, New York Jets starting safety.
Grade- B+

Jace Amaro (Tight end Texas Tech 2nd round) - Coming into that 2nd round everyone was hoping the Jets would go with one of the things they've struggled with the most, offense. They energized everybody by going offense and adding a playmaker in Jace Amaro. Amaro was one of the most prolific tight ends this season setting a record for the most receiving yards in a single season by a Division 1 Tight End ever. This is exactly the kind of player Marty Morningweg needed to help energize the offense. Amaro brings size, good speed, and great route running to the table. Last season he posted 106 receptions, 1,352 receiving yards, and 7 touchdowns. He needs to work on his blocking as he is going to play against NFL lineman and linebackers but I see him as a great pass catcher with a great future like Rob Gronkowski. For years the Jets tried to cover Gronk but now it's time for the Patriots to cover the Jets version of Gronkowski.
Grade- A-

Dexter McDougle (Cornerback Maryland 3rd round) - All the analysts consider this a surprise and bad pick but to me it's a risk and there's a lot of upside potential. McDougle was among many cornerbacks on the board but was considered a late pick like a 6th or 7th round. The Jets obviously know something we don't because they probably won't have made a reach for him. The cornerback from Maryland had started the first 3 games of the season with an interception in each one of them when in that 3rd game against Connecticut he injured his shoulder and was out for the season. He has a good speed and coverage. He also proved himself by playing tough against the likes of Florida State and Clemson. The injury is concerning but he's healed and ready to go. To me he's one of the most underrated prospects in the draft and will be a good starter and game changing corner to replace Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, for the Jets.
Grade- B-

Quincy Enunwa wide receiver Nebraska 6th round- Enunwa was the third receiver taken from the Jets and to me he's the best. He's the definition of a late round steal. He has good height at 6 foot 2 and speed for running the forty yard dash in the 4.4's. Last season Enunwa set career highs with 51 receptions, 753 yards, and 12 touchdowns. He has good hands and is built for the west coast offense that Morningweg runs. I believe the Jets could develop him into a game changing wide receiver they've been looking for, for years. He was also a team captain and leader for Nebraska and hopefully he brings that as well as his other abilities to New York.
Grade- B+

While some have criticized the Jets for a few of their picks, the Jets hopefully know something the critics don't, having studied all of these players for the past year. But we'll all be waiting to see how these rookies will help the Jets on their quest for the playoffs.


Poll. Who is the best quarterback in the 2014 draft?

The 2014 draft is considered one of the deepest drafts with many talented and NFL ready players at each position. But teams like the Browns, Jaguars, Texans, Raiders, Buccaneers, Vikings, and Rams don't care about the wide receivers being one of the best ever or even some really intriguing defensive players, they just care about these quarterbacks. All of these guys know how to win whether it's a big name quarterback with a big name team and big name coach in A.J MCcaron, or even a quarterback in Eastern Illinois who led them to a 12-2 record, Jimmy Garoppolo. But to me there's one quarterback that stands out of the loaded quarterback class. That's Blake Bortles. When you hear the name Blake Bortles you might say "who?" but he is projected as the most NFL ready quarterback to start next season. So if you're one of those people who have no idea who Bortles is you're about to find out what Blake Bortles could do for his future team.

All college football quarterbacks are the same in the sense that they need time to develop but Bortles has that Ben Rothlesberger size, a great arm that produces accurate throws, and the athleticism to run if he has to which makes him ready and determined for a starting job. Last season in his junior year Bortles posted stats of a 67.8 completion percentage, 3,501 passing yards, and a touchdown to interception ratio of 25:9 with a 163.4 passer rating. With Bortles being at UCF where there isn't as much attention, he made the college football world look again at UCF because he put the team on his back with no supporting cast and climbed up the board over the likes of Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Derek Carr in the NFL draft. Bortles has great talent and potential to be an elite quarterback because of all the tools he has but I think he could be taken by Texans at number 1, the Jaguars at number 3, the Raiders at number 5, the Buccaneers at number 7, or the Vikings at number 8. The reason I say the Texans is that he wouldn't be changing climate, he would have weapons in Andre Johnson and Arian Foster, and he wouldn't have to be pushed in the starting role too early because they still have a solid backup in Case Keenum and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Maybe the Jaguars too because they need a quarterback and Bortles would be staying in the state he played in college so he'd be comfortable. The Vikings and Raiders are also in the hunt and have showed interest as they are probably done with Christian Ponder. But to me the best fit would be the Buccaneers. I believe if they put him down in Tampa he could excel. First, just like the Jaguars it is in the same state where he has been playing in college. Second, the Buccaneers have a couple of great weapons to work with like Vincent Jackson, Doug Martin, a good offensive line, and Brandon Myers. And third, if Tampa drafted him he would have the most chance to win out of all four of these teams because the Buccaneers bolstered their defense with key additions and have a defensive minded coach in Lovie Smith that could take the pressure off his shoulders. To me it just looks like a great fit and McCown would be the perfect backup if he is not ready to be thrust into the job.
To me Blake Bortles has all the tools including confidence and a hard work ethic to be a starting quarterback. But he's just one of these many quarterbacks in this class that are not only ready to start, but ready to win.

Blake Bortles
Johnny Manziel
Teddy Bridgewater
Derek Carr



Poll. Which team will struggle the most next season?

Free agency has pretty much come to a close with just a few well known names left such as Chris Johnson getting released by the Titans. And now that the big names have been signed you wonder what they are going to do for their teams next year. Sometimes when a free agent hits the open market a team signs the player and gets that difference maker they need. Other times teams sign a player with a lot of hype and they turn out to be a bust. So here are the teams who snatched those difference makers and the ones who grabbed a player who might have been over evaluated and how these teams will excel and struggle.

Teams that can excel this season:
Denver Broncos- It's hard to beat a record breaking season and a Super Bowl appearance but the Broncos had such a good free agency they can go back to the Super Bowl and win. They signed one of the best safeties in free agency ,TJ Ward, and they also picked up one of the best cornerbacks on the free agent market, Aquib Talib. But they surprised everyone by signing 3 defensive stars when Demarcus Ware joined Talib and Ward in Denver. Other signings were Emmanuel Sanders and Will Montgomery. All these players will improve the Broncos even though Knowshon Moreno and Zane Beadles both headed for Flordia. Talib will be a great cornerback in the system with Chris Harris and an upgrade from the aging Champ Bailey. TJ Ward will bring a new type of play into the safety position. Demarcus Ware will help the pass rush and compliment their defensive line. And finally Emmanuel Sanders will replace Eric Decker who signed with the Jets, at the number 2 receiver spot. With the Broncos new free agents they could do more than just go to the playoffs. They could be a top contender and threat especially with the other AFC west teams not being big factors in free agency. And with Peyton Manning and company already in Denver they can improve their already Super Bowl team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Last season the Buccaneers were among the worst teams in the league. Then they fired head coach Greg Schiano and put Lovie Smith into that position and since then the Buccaneers have been rising. Free agency has been what now makes Tampa look like a more dangerous team. They grabbed Aluterraun Verner a young pro bowl cornerback to replace Darelle Revis and with Lovie Smith being a defensive coach he could develop him into more than just an elite corner. They also snatched Michael Johnson, one of the best defensive ends in the league, from the Bengals. They didn't just go all defense in free agency; they also got some free agents on the offensive side. They picked up what might be the starting quarterback for them next year in Josh McCown and they also signed left tackle Anthony Collins and tight end Brandon Myers. With Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson, and a great offensive line already on the offensive side and Gerold McCoy and Dashon Goldson already on the defensive side combined with all of their free agent additions make them look dangerous. And now that they have released Darelle Revis and he has gone to New England they could maybe use the cap room for more great free agent moves to put the Buccaneers in the right direction.

Teams that will struggle this season:
Carolina Panthers- The Panthers went deep in the playoffs last season but in free agency they haven't gone deep to sign a player. The Panthers have an elite quarterback and a good defense but it looks like everything is falling apart on both sides of the ball. Their receiving unit fell apart when they cut Steve Smith, lost Dominek Hixon to the Bears, lost Brandon Lafell to the Patriots, and Ted Ginn to the Cardinals. Now they have a whole unit to build and so far all they've done is sign the aging Jerricho Cotchery and they have 3 more receivers to go. On the defensive side they put a franchise tag on Greg Hardy and signed Roman Harper from the Saints but they still have problems. They lost safety Mike Mitchell to the Steelers and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn to the Vikings. Both were good players for the defense. Now because of all the free agent moves the Panthers are left with several positions in need. They need secondary help, wide receiver help, and right tackle help. Now they have to rely on the draft and even though it's deep I don't think it'll be enough to fix all the Panthers problems. This is when they really need Cam Newton to carry the team on his back. If that doesn't happen they'll be a disappointment but if he does it'll be a miracle.

Cinncinati Bengals- Another playoff team who has just not been a factor in free agency. The Bengals didn't end their season well last season and didn't start the season well either this season. They just haven't been active in free agency. They lost Anthony Collins their left tackle and cut both James Harrison and Kyle Cook which will definitely sting but the big loss was Michael Johnson. Johnson and Collins both went to Tampa but he was not only the starting defensive end he was an elite and some might say one of the best defensive ends in the league. All of those losses including them losing both their offensive and defensive coordinators will really hurt the Bengals. Now you're probably wondering if the Bengals fought back and signed new players. Well, they didn't. They have been one of the quietest free agent teams with a big cap space. Any other general manager would take that money and spent it on free agent talent. Over this span of time they have only made one significant free agent move by signing safety Daniel Manning. To add to that Andy Dalton is coming off a disappointing year and quarterback might be next on the list for team needs. That adds to a list of needs that includes another defensive tackle to help Geno Atkins, another defensive end, and a cornerback. The Bengals would have to be loaded with draft picks to at least get a couple good fits for those positions but they're not. Just like the Panthers I don't think the draft will fix all of their needs. It is deep and I think they could trade up to get a good quarterback or any other position but they'll have to develop them. Now that they are not in very good shape you'd usually rely on the quarterback but Andy Dalton has been struggling so if it's a rough ride for him next season it'll be a rough ride for the team.

All of these teams have been through great and not so great free agencies before so they know what they're doing. And for the teams that don't look very good at the end of free agency must have a secret when they're in the boardroom on draft day.


à Each season every NFL team tries to have an amazing season and have a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. This year the Broncos took on the Seahawks and there were a few surprises. The Broncos were unexpectedly blown out in Super Bowl 48 and the weather was much warmer than anticipated in a now freezing New York City. Now that the Super Bowl has come to a close, all 32 teams are getting back to business and starting to make roster moves for the 2014-15 season. So the question is which teams are


Each season every NFL team tries to have an amazing season and have a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. This year the Broncos took on the Seahawks and there were a few surprises. The Broncos were unexpectedly blown out in Super Bowl 48 and the weather was much warmer than anticipated in a now freezing New York City. Now that the Super Bowl has come to a close, all 32 teams are getting back to business and starting to make roster moves for the 2014-15 season. So the question is which teams are the best fit for big name free agents and for my favorite team the New York Jets, who will they spend their big cap space on in free agency.

Jets Free Agent Options:
Jeremy Maclin- Last season Maclin tore his ACL in the preseason for the Eagles which has probably lowered his price for a deal with a team which makes him perfect for the Jets. Let's face it, the Jets are in desperate need of a number 1 and 2 wide receiver so they can deal with his torn ACL but would still improve their poor receiving crop. Another up side is that he has familiarity with the Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. They were together when Mornhinweg was the offensive coordinator of the Eagles. If the Jets signed Maclin he would be a great number 2 receiver with the ability in the slot and downfield. I think he would be a constant target with Geno Smith at quarterback and improve with his former mentor Mornhingweg at offensive coordinator. My prediction- Jets

Jarius Byrd- Again this is another glaring need on the Jets team for 2014. Last season when the Jets defensive line strived the corners and safeties struggled. They were so desperate that they signed and started the aging Ed Reed midway through the season. Byrd on the other hand is young and one of the best safeties in the league and would instantly improve the secondary, resembling Reed as a ball hawk. The Bills might not be able to afford him after using a franchise tag on him last season. But with the Jets cap space they could steal Byrd from their divisional rival. If they stole him it would definitely make Rex Ryan happy with another Ed Reed for his dominant defense. My Prediction- Bills

Other Considerations
Brent Grimes- He had a great Pro Bowl season and would fit the Jets needs of a cornerback. My Prediction- Dolphins

Aquib Talib- Another Pro Bowl corner that could fit the needs of a corner. But he had an injury which caused him to not play but watch in the Pro Bowl. My Prediction- Patriots

Allterraun Verner- This is our third corner on this list which shows that they need another corner to compliment the young Dee Milner. Verner is a young corner who could develop in Rex Ryan's system to be a reliable corner. My Prediction- Vikings

Jimmy Graham- It is highly doubtful the Saints would let Jimmy Graham test the open market. They will probably lock him up to a huge multi year deal. But if he somehow he becomes open the Jets need to think about signing him because they need serious help at tight end. Graham has all the talent the height, the catch passing ability, and just being a great athlete. If they could get him it would be huge. My Prediction- Saints

T.J Ward- If the Bills lock up Jarius Byrd, Ward is the next guy up. The Browns safety had a great season with a successful Browns defense. He should get attention in free agency. My Prediction- Browns

Eric Decker- In my opinion I think Decker is overrated. Just because he had great stats doesn't matter. He was surrounded by Peyton Manning and receivers that steal the number 1, 2, and 3 corners which leaves Decker with corner number 4. That is where the production comes from. With that said he is still a solid number 2 receiver and that's what the Jets need. My Prediction- Raiders

Hakeem Nicks- Nicks is usually a good receiver but this year he struggled in the offense. Eli Manning was the main reason but he was still very quiet. Every quarterback would want him but he wants big money like a lot of wide receivers in free agency. I still don't think the Jets will fight for him in free agency. My prediction- Panthers, 49ers, or Chiefs

Michael Vick- I talked about him early in the year being dangerous but the Nick Foles storm took over. Now Vick is a free agent hoping for a starting job. I see him on a team that needs a mentor backup quarterback like the Jets. My Prediction- Buccaneers, Rams, Vikings, Jaguars, or Jets

All of these players can go to any team and make a difference. So now the focus is off the head coach on the GM's to find these difference makers. You never know what can turn up in free agency.



à Last weekend expectations were met as we had some great NFL conference championship games. The Patriots and 49ers wish they could start it over but the Broncos and Seahawks rejoiced with confetti. Now we are getting ready for the #1 offense and #1 defense to square off. Here are my key matchups, key players, and my prediction for a cold MetLife Super Bowl: Broncos-30 Seahawks-27 This is a perfect matchup with the Broncos having a great offense and the Seahawks having a great defense. Anot


Last weekend expectations were met as we had some great NFL conference championship games. The Patriots and 49ers wish they could start it over but the Broncos and Seahawks rejoiced with confetti. Now we are getting ready for the #1 offense and #1 defense to square off. Here are my key matchups, key players, and my prediction for a cold MetLife Super Bowl:

Broncos-30 Seahawks-27
This is a perfect matchup with the Broncos having a great offense and the Seahawks having a great defense. Another key matchup will be Peyton Manning versus Richard Sherman. This will be one of the best quarterbacks in the game going up against one of the best cover corners in the game. Peyton Manning will probably look another way but that Seahawks secondary is the best in the league. Even though the Seahawks defense is great I believe the Broncos will find a way past them, whether it's beating other corners deep or with short screen plays.


I believe the Broncos defense will play well and the Bronco offense will capitalize by winning Super Bowl XLVIII on a game winning drive. This is going to be a great game with the two best teams going head to head. I think the Broncos will win but you never know what can happen in a cold Super Bowl XLVIII.


à Last week there were some very close and exciting games for Wild Card weekend. Indianapolis shocked the Chiefs by coming back from a 28 point deficit at halftime to win the game. The Chargers extended Cinncinati's playoff drought even longer by beating them handily. New Orleans silenced the critics about the cold factor by beating the Eagles in Philadelphia. And San Francisco continued their winning streak in freezing Green Bay weather. This week also looks pretty exciting with the Charge


Last week there were some very close and exciting games for Wild Card weekend. Indianapolis shocked the Chiefs by coming back from a 28 point deficit at halftime to win the game. The Chargers extended Cinncinati's playoff drought even longer by beating them handily. New Orleans silenced the critics about the cold factor by beating the Eagles in Philadelphia. And San Francisco continued their winning streak in freezing Green Bay weather. This week also looks pretty exciting with the Chargers at the Broncos, the Colts at the Patriots, the 49ers at the Panthers, and the Saints at the Seahawks. It should be a great weekend of football. But the question is which teams will show up? Here are my divisional round predictions.

Broncos 34 Chargers 30
This will be a tight game down to the final minutes. Yes I know Philip Rivers and the Chargers came to Denver a couple weeks ago and beat them. But the Broncos were missing some key players in that game. Wes Welker was out and so was Derek Wolfe along with Champ Bailey. It was also a short week because it was a Thursday game. This time the Broncos will have time to rest, have healthy players, and enthusiastic fans -- and I know that because I live in Denver. The Chargers offense will have a nice day but the Broncos will score on the last drive and finally get Peyton Manning a Playoff victory as a Bronco.

Patriots 27 Colts 23
In another tight contest New England will control the entire game. The Colts are young teams with a great developing quarterback. But the question is, was last week their Super Bowl? They played their hearts out establishing a miraculous comeback but they might have put all they had into that game. New England is a consistently competitive team and will outplay young teams so I think they will do it again. They will take away T.Y Hilton and make Andrew Luck uncomfortable and then Brady will go to work. Adding another chapter in the Manning--Brady bowl.

49ers 24 Panthers 26
The 49ers have been hot lately winning 7 games in a row including their playoff victory over the Packers. The Panthers were a hot team but when they lost to New Orleans it ended their winning streak. This game will probably determine which team matches up with Seattle. People might think the 49ers because they beat the Seahawks but I think the Panthers will be victorious. Yes, Steve Smith has battled injury and is still not 100%, but I like the Panthers as Super Bowl contenders. Their offense is still strong with Cam Newton, and the defense is still playing at a high level. They need to contain the 49ers high powered offense and I think they will do that. I think it comes down to a last second field goal and Cam Newton leads them down the field for the game winning score and his first playoff victory.

Seahawks 31 Saints 27
The last time these two teams played it was a meltdown for the Saints. This time I think it will be much closer. Last week against the Eagles, the Saints ran the ball really well while also establishing a strong passing game. What they need to do against the Seahawks is run the ball. Seattles defense is great but the front seven is probably the weakest part of the defense so the Saints establish the run. But ultimately Seattle is really tough at home for any team. The Saints will come close but not yet beat Seattle at home.

We should be in for another great weekend of NFL football. Hopefully there are some great and exciting games that come down to the wire. No matter who wins this week we'll have something to look forward to next weekend -- some great conference championships games.




  The New Orleans Saints suffered a disappointing loss to the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. Yet they still have a chance to avoid being the Wild Card and win the division. Recent history has shown that Wild Card teams have had success in the playoffs and have even won the Super Bowl including the 2010 Packers and 2007 Patriots. So that raises the question, are teams better off being the surprise Wild Card team? And which playoff teams will show up and surprise people by making it to MetLif


The New Orleans Saints suffered a disappointing loss to the Carolina Panthers last Sunday. Yet they still have a chance to avoid being the Wild Card and win the division. Recent history has shown that Wild Card teams have had success in the playoffs and have even won the Super Bowl including the 2010 Packers and 2007 Patriots. So that raises the question, are teams better off being the surprise Wild Card team? And which playoff teams will show up and surprise people by making it to MetLife Stadium?

Cincinnati Bengals -- This team has had their struggles especially on the road this year but at home there are very dangerous team. Andy Dalton has been putting up good numbers with a career high 33 touchdowns, and AJ Green is still very productive. The defense is also playing at a high level despite some key injuries. This week they have a crucial match up to wrap up the regular season up versus the Ravens. They need to win and have New England lose to the Buffalo Bills. If that happens they will be the #2 seed and for the first time in a while get a first round bye. They would also have home field advantage in the divisional round of the playoffs. Teams would not want that because of their dominance at home. Despite bad performances on the road earlier in the season, they've improved that and look ready for tough playoff games. So a warning to Denver...Watch out for Cincinnati.

Philadelphia Eagles -- In Week 1 when the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the Redskins we thought the Eagles were for real. The next couple weeks we lost trust as we learned the Redskins defense was getting worse and the Eagles offense was over-rated. But by the middle of the season they showed the team we saw in Week 1 -- a high power offense with an improving defense. It all starts with Nick Foles. Towards the middle of the season he started to turn it on and looked like Peyton Manning. He began to look like a franchise quarterback. He even tied the most touchdowns in a game next to Peyton Manning with 7. And not only the has the passing game been great but they also have the league's leading rusher, LeSean McCoy. He makes plays all over the field and has the speed to break away in pass coverage. This week they have a winner take all game versus Dallas for the division. They're coming off a blowout win against Chicago so they should be prepared especially because of the injuries to the Cowboys. If they get into the playoffs and combine both their top passing and rushing abilities, they have to be considered as a dangerous team.

Both teams are depending on other teams to decide their fate but also need wins too. If that happens, it opens the door for a playoff run and maybe a Super Bowl.