As I pulled up to the Rams practice facility in Thousand Oaks, CA, you could feel a buzz in the air. The facility was swamped with media as just the day prior Jared Goff was announced the starter!

I walked through the Rams media room on my way to interview Alec Ogletree. I noticed the staggering amount of media that were present in the room. Some were editing clips from interviews that day. Others were simply eating lunch. One thing that stood out to me was where the interview podium was located. As I walked through this office looking room with plastic tables throughout I saw a Rams backdrop with a podium.

I had never imagined the podium being in such an ordinary and busy room. Next, I met Alec. We were standing in a courtyard. The players were in between meetings and had food trucks just a few feet over. There were some couches for the players to sit on, but mostly just regular picnic tables. I was surprised by how ordinary looking the scene was as the players sat at the tables together and were talking and laughing. Alec and I talked for a minute or so and then I began my interview. Here is my latest edition of Fourth and Goal with… Alec Ogletree.

Q: Since we are here at the practice facility and the fans only get to see what happens on Sunday, take me through what the week here is like Monday- Saturday?

After a game we come in Monday morning and watch the film and do some coverage stuff. Tuesday, we come in and it’s kind of a light day for us. We start our game plan for the new week and get on the field for about an hour. Wednesday is our hard day. We come in at 7am and we are here until 7pm. First, you have workouts and then you go to meetings. Then you go from meetings to practice. After that you have a break for lunch. After that there are some more meetings. Thursday is our day off, but most of the guys come into watch film. On Friday we like to call it fast Fridays. You come in and go through the game plan that you have been working on all week. And then Saturday is just a walkthrough.

Q: At 4-5 and with the dolphins on a 4 game win streak and with you guys being just 2.5 games back of Seattle, what's the approach to the second half of the season?

Just win 1 game at a time. It’s a long season, but it’s going to end soon and it ends even faster if you don’t win. So we just try to take it one game at a time and win that game that week.

Q: Does a change in quarterback affect the team as a whole at all? And if so, how?

I wouldn’t say it affects the team. It may affect the offense just based on who is calling the plays. But as far as team wise, we still have the same goals to go out and win games.

Q: Being a captain this year, what are some different responsibilities than you had last year?

I just have to be more vocal and be a centerpiece to come to if guys have questions.

Being on hard knocks, did it affect the way people behaved with cameras around all the time? I wouldn’t say people were acting differently. I felt everyone was pretty much themselves. But, there definitely were times that some guys realized that a camera was around. But for the most part everyone was themselves.

Q: What was the move like from St. Louis to LA? How do you like LA so far?

The move out here was fun actually. We got to go to different places out here. We were down in Oxnard, went out to Irvine, and now we are out here in Thousand Oaks. It’s been really fun. The Rams did a great job getting everybody out here.

-Kid Reporter Jake

Kid Reporter Jake chats with Jalen Ramsey to discuss the combine experience, being drafted, and his rookie season in the NFL!

1. Going into draft day, did you think the Cowboys would pass on you and go with Ezekiel Elliott?

Jalen: Right after the Dallas Cowboys pick went in, no more than a minute later my phone started ringing, I saw 904 immediately. I picked up the phone so quick, I didn’t even let it get through the first ring. I’m just excited to come to Jacksonville, team back up with Telvin Smith and Rashad Greene. Last time I teamed up with them we got a national championship. I know the organization is on the rise and hopefully I can help and get back to the top.”

2. Who was the first Jaguars player to reach out to you, and what did they say?

I know Telvin is going to push me. I’m going to push him. And I know me and Rashad are going to go against each other in practice, make each other better, make each other great like we did at Florida State. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about that mindset, trying to be great, trying to help everybody out.

3. What was your favorite part about the combine? Is it different mentally than preparing for a game? 

I’m a competitor, I don’t have anything to hide. When I make a decision to do something I’m going to out there and compete and hopefully be on the top of every event, every drill for DBs.

4. How will winning at championship at FSU help you in the NFL? What was the most valuable thing you learned there and who was your biggest mentor?

Florida State means so much to me. They helped me develop as a man, as a player, and I can’t imagine my life without Florida State. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I never want to think about what my life would have been like going to a different university than Florida State. We breed winners and competitors, and I’m just more than grateful and happy that I was a part of that university.

-Kid Reporter Jake
Kid Reporter Jake talks with Marcus Mariota to discuss the NFL and his career!

1. You recently helped build a house for a refugee family, what was that experience like, and how did you get involved?

Marcus: It was very special. The experience was a part of the Nissan Heisman House and I was very fortunate to be a part of it. To see and help build the house up from the foundation was a really special experience and one that I was happy to be a part of.

2. What was the most valuable lesson you learned as a rookie last year?

Marcus: The most valuable lesson I learned is the NFL is a tough business. Things aren’t always going to go your way. You just have to take whatever is given to you, work hard and try to make the most of it.
3. Who has been the biggest mentor for you so far in the NFL, and what have they done to help you?

Marcus: My parents for sure. They have always been that steady force and that steady rock for me. They have always given me the best advice. Whenever I have been down, it is easy to go to them and listen to what they have to say. I’m very fortunate in that regard.

4. Many of your teammates have said that you have become a more vocal leader than you were last year, how have you made that adjustment? 
I think it has a lot to do with feeling comfortable. Last season, everything was brand new – brand new city, brand new team. Now that we have built a relationship among the guys, I think stepping into that role has been a lot more comfortable for me.

-Kid Reporter Jake

It all started last season with Jerry Jones believing his offensive line was better than Demarco Murray. The 2014 rushing champion was let go by the Cowboys, as they did not feel he was worth the money he was asking, leaving a big void at the running back spot.

Meanwhile in Jacksonville the Jaguars are slowly grooming quarterback Blake Bortles to be the franchise quarterback. He had the best season of his career thus far but still with the 5th worst record in the league. But the offensive wasn’t the problem. The Jags have developed a good young core led by Bortels, Hurns, and Robinson. It was the defensive that was lagging. The problem was quickly identified in the off-season, by adding Malik Jackson, Prince Amukamara, and Tashaun Gipson.

Fast forward to draft day with the Cowboys sitting at 4 and the Jags at 5. Jerry Jones opts to go with a running back and takes Ezekiel Elliott from OSU instead of taking the best CB in the draft Jalen Ramsey from FSU. 

Ramsey was highly compared to Patrick Peterson due to his speed and athleticism. The Jaguars added Jalen Ramsey, giving them a good 1-2 punch at the corner back spot. Skip to the second round and the best linebacker in the draft is still available. Myles Jack from UCLA. The Jaguars traded up to number 36 to snag Jack, a pick many considered the biggest steal of the draft. Some people had Jack and Ramsey as the 2nd and 3rd prospects in the draft!

There is no question that the Jags had the best off-season and that they are building a good young core. It should be exciting to see where this team goes.

On Monday February 1st, I attended Media Day as a Reporter for NFL Rush for the second consecutive year. Unlike last year, the event was now being televised in Primetime on The NFL Network. Media Day is now known as "Opening Night" for the Super Bowl.

The day started at 3:00 PM when I picked up my Media Day Credentials at the SAP Center in San Jose. After I received my credentials, I walked the floor of the arena to get my bearings, which is my favorite part of the whole day. As I walked around I could feel the excitement in the building as fans began to file in and as camera crews scrambled for the best spot to film the day. A band was blaring overhead, although I wasn’t really paying attention. I took that first half to walk around and just soak it all in. There were eleven gold podiums setup across the back of the floor with a large replica of the Golden Gate Bridge above them.

As I was walking around the floor I met Rich Eisen who was nice enough to invite me to the NFL Network set at Media Day. As I toured the set, I got to take a picture with the Lombardi Trophy, which goes to the winning team of the Super Bowl! As if that wasn’t cool enough out of nowhere the coach of the winning Pro Bowl team, and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin photo bombed my picture!

After that, it was time for the Broncos Media Day session to begin. The Broncos were brought out one by one on the bridge and then walked down the stairs to reach the arena floor. As soon as that happened, the 60-minute session began. For the first 10 minutes I had no luck with interviews. The podiums of Owen Daniels and Aqib Talib were just too crowded. I finally got to ask Chris Harris Jr. a question. I asked him, "what adjustments the Denver secondary was going to make this week facing a very fast Carolina receiving group." He answered, " Everyone just has to do their job.

 We have been through the test when it comes to covering good receivers if you have a look at our schedule. We have seen it all and now we just have to go out there and cover our guy and not change who we are." After that I found my confidence and quickly got interviews with Malik Jackson and Bradley Roby. Now there was 20 minutes left. I wanted to get a couple more big names under my belt, so I took a glanced over at Peyton Manning on the podium but, it was still packed. I looked to my left, and Coach Kubiak on the podium had freed up. I asked Coach Kubiak “What the message you have been preaching to his team all week.” He told me, "I just told them to be themselves and be who they are because that is what has gotten them here and put us in this position to win the Super Bowl." With only 5 minutes left I made my way over to Von Miller. I wanted to know how the Broncos stopped Tom Brady last week. Even Von Miller himself had no idea, his response was," I don’t know we just played really well, I really don’t know.” With that, the Broncos Media Session was done.

Next there was a 45-minute break where the Media has access to food and drinks. After that, I was ready to meet the Panthers. I knew I only had 1 hour left in Media Day and I wanted to make it count. I got off to a great start by asking Jonathan Stewart, "What the biggest lesson the team had learned throughout the regular season that they have applied to the playoffs.” He answered, “ Just being yourself. We have had people all year that have doubted us, so we just be ourselves and have fun doing it.” Next, I went on to interview Jerricho Cotchery, and Charles Tillman, I then went up to Greg Olson on the podium and I asked him, “Why do you think you have been able to be so effective this year.” He responded, “ I am not really sure. I have been improving steadily the past 4 years. I take great pride in how I prepare for games every week and how I carry myself on and off the field. It just all came together for me this year." After Olson, I interviewed Ryan Kali, Thomas Davis, and Star Lotulelei. I finished the day off with a Luke Kuechly interview. I asked him "What the key to success would be to get his 3rd consecutive pick six in the playoffs." He said, "We'll he have to hope for some pass rush, because he (Peyton Manning) is very smart with the football and won’t give you a lot of chances to get a turnover. But I just have to drop back and hopefully make a play." Just like that the buzzer went off and Media Day was over.

Other notable highlights for the day include, having a chance to talk to Chris Berman from ESPN. Meeting Marshall Faulk and former New York Giants Osi Umenyiora. While most seem to be picking the Panthers, I asked Osi who he had winning the game. He responded, "If DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller could get loose it would be a very long day for the Carolina offense." However, the highlight of the day for the fans, or at least the loudest cheers of the day, were reserved for San Francisco 49ers own Jerry Rice. Jerry took the number 80 of a fan jersey, put it on and the crowd went crazy.

It truly was a remarkable day and one I will never forget!

-Kid Reporter Jake

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AFC Wildcard

Steelers @ Bengals
 In the regular season these teams split their season series 1-1. The Steelers win came at the hands of A.J. McCarron the Bengals back up quarterback who will be starting against the Steelers again due to the thumb injury of Andy Dalton. The playoffs come down to experience and I don’t think the young Bengals have the playoff experience to take down the Steelers led by playoff veterans Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison.

Winner: Steelers

Chiefs @ Texans
The red-hot Chiefs come into NRG Stadium riding a 10 game win streak. After a 1-5 start the Chiefs haven’t lost since and with quarterback Alex Smith playing some of the best football of his career, the Chiefs will be a tough out in the playoffs. Meanwhile the Texans have been nothing short of a circus this season with 4 different quarterbacks taking the majority of snaps under center at one point or another. The Chiefs should have no trouble taking down the Texans.

Winner: Chiefs

NFC Wildcard

Packers @ Redskins
After a shocking season in which the heavily favored Packers didn’t win their division I believe they will be back for revenge in the playoffs. In a total 180 the Redskins also had a shocking season in which they came out of nowhere to steal a very wide-open NFC East title race. That being said I think the Packers should have no problem with the Redskins in what I believe will be a blowout win for the Packers.

Winner: Packers

Seahawks @ Vikings
In a bitter cold Minnesota the Seahawks come in flying high after their resounding win last week against Arizona. Although they will be with out their star running back Marshawn Lynch I think the Legion of Boom will once again rise to the occasion and save the Seahawks in the playoffs. On the other side are the Vikings. They have no shortage of confidence after stealing a win from the Packers in Green Bay last Sunday. But like I said earlier the playoffs come down to experience and the Seahawks as young as they are now a seasoned playoff team. I think the Seahawks take it in a close one.

Winner: Seahawks

AFC Divisional Round

Steelers @ Broncos
In what I think will be a very good football game it will be interesting to see how Peyton Manning responds after having one of the worst seasons of his career. With the Steelers offensive clicking on all cylinders it will come down to the Broncos defense. And just like the old cliché says defense wins championships and I think Von Miller and the Broncos get the job done at home.

Winner: Broncos

Chiefs @ Patriots
After beating the Texans the Chiefs will travel to New England to take on a battered Patriots team. As depleted as the Patriots offensive line has been, I have been saying this all along experience wins in the postseason. I have no doubt that the Chiefs will give the Patriots a run for their money and challenge them in every way possible, but at the end of the day the Patriots do have Tom Brady and its hard not to think he is going to get it done for them like he has in the past.

Winner: Patriots

NFC Divisional Round

Packers @ Cardinals
In what will be a rematch of a blowout win for the Cardinals the Packers will be looking to come steal a win and get revenge for their week 16 loss. But with Arizona’s high powered offensive and ball hawking defense the absence of Jordy Nelson may be a big factor as it has all season for the Packers. I think the Cardinals defense comes up big for them in this game.

Winner: Cardinals

Seahawks @ Panthers
As the 15-1 Panthers come into the playoff as the best team in the NFL, the Seahawks come into this game after a resounding win against the Vikings in the cold. This game will come down to how well Cam Newton can get the ball to Greg Olson and not give the Seahawks defense any chance to get any big plays. If Newton can get the ball out fast and frustrate the Seahawks defense the Panthers have a great chance to win this game. That being said, I feel with Marshawn Lynch back in the Seahawks offense and with Russell Wilson on another level right now, I think the Seahawks take this one in a very good game.

Winner: Seahawks

AFC Conference Championship

Patriots @ Broncos
After the Broncos took down a good Steelers team led by Big Ben, they will have their biggest test of the year against the Tom Brady led Patriots. The Patriots confidence will be high after coming out on top against the Chiefs. The key to this game will be Gronk. If Gronk can get open and make an impact the Patriots defense should hold serve against a sub par Broncos offense.

Winner: Patriots

NFC Conference Championship

Seahawks @ Cardinals
As the Seahawks gauntlet of road games ends so does the Cardinals playoff hopes. The Seahawks week 17 win was very convincing that they are ready to take control of the NFC. The Seahawks just play with a certain energy in the playoffs that is very hard to beat. In a great game I have a rematch of the Seahawks and the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Winner: Seahawks

Super Bowl

Seahawks @ Patriots
In a rematch of last year's thrilling Super Bowl, the Seahawks and Patriots will once again clash for it all. In another great matchup I predict a Seahawks win. After battling on the road through the NFC the Seahawks will win in yet another classic between these two great franchises.

Super Bowl Champion: Seahawks

-Kid Reporter Jake
Kid Reporter Jake interviews QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and gets the scoop on his career, playing with the New York Jets, and going to Harvard...

This is your 6th team as an NFL quarterback that you have played on. Why has the situation in New York worked so well for you so far?

I have a lot of fun playing and each year brings a new challenge for me, and so, being on new teams as much as I've been, it's fun to get to know a new group of guys. We've got a lot of guys on this team that are veterans and have played a lot of football and I think that's why it's worked out so well.

Do your teammates ever joke around with you about going to Harvard and playing in the NFL and if so what kind of things do you hear from them?

Yeah, I still get jokes about going to Harvard. Anytime I mess up a play, or stumble over my words, all the Harvard jokes come out. And every now and then, you'll hear some from opponents as well.

This is your 11th year in the league, what would you say is the loudest and hardest environment to play in and how does that effect a quarterback?

There are a lot of great environments that are a lot of fun to come in on the road and play in. I would say, in terms of noise, Seattle is obviously up there, Kansas City is also another one that is extremely loud. Those are two of the loudest. The most difficult environments, each year it changes depending on how the records are of each team, but the division games are usually tough environments to play in. Pittsburgh is always fun as well.

You have been the starter and you have been the back-up. I always hear players say they have to prepare for when an opportunity comes. How have you personally prepared yourself when your role on a team has been uncertain like this year at the beginning of the season?

The biggest thing for me is just staying consistent every day, putting in the same amount of work whether I'm playing or not. Things do change when you become the starter, because as a backup, you're kind of the middle man helping out the starter with communication and film work with the receivers that are playing. As soon as you become the starter, you really have a voice and you're the one that gets to control the means and such. I always prepare the same way, I always spend the same amount of time, but your role definitely changes as the starter because your voice becomes louder.

-Kid Reporter Jake
Kid Reporter Jake talks with Dan Patrick to discuss the NFL and his career...

You handed out the Super Bowl trophy again this past season. Where does this rank in the highlights of your career and what are some other highlights?

I think the Super Bowl trophy the first time I handed it out. It was that was great finish between Arizona and Pittsburgh and it was a game going back-and-forth. You had Santonio Holmes the game-winner. John Madden's final broadcast, it was just an emotional moment. I'm watching the game on the sideline with Steve Young. He's sort of doing the color commentating for me as we watch Roethlisberger with this two minute drive down the field. You put that into the equation, it was just a memorable night. I didn't tell anybody in my family I was handing out the trophy because I wanted them to see me do it while I was on the air in real-time and the reaction was great. I came from a small town and to be able to get to hand out the Super Bowl trophy is certainly up there. I think hosting the Olympics the first time in London, that was something was on my bucket list that's another highlight. Being the first cable TV broadcaster sports broadcaster to win a sports Emmy was great. It signified the breakthrough of cable TV broadcasting as opposed to network broadcasting it meant that we were being recognized with the big boys there and then realizing that cable was just as big.

With all the big free agent signings this off-season, which player do you think fits their team best and will have the biggest impact?

Sam Bradford could have the biggest impact because he's going to Philadelphia and there's a whole at stake there for Chip Kelly. You could look at it LeSean McCoy and Demarco Murray, they better have a big impacts, but Sam Bradford could be the sneaky one there that if he does play well in that system it could be a playoff team so that could be a really really big impact.

-Kid Reporter Jake
Last Sunday, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was a credentialed member of the media for the San Diego Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns game in San Diego. I got to the stadium about an hour and a half before kickoff and walked to media will call, and picked up my credentials. I took an elevator up to the press box and found my assigned seat. (All members of the media have assigned seats)

As I settled into my seat, I read the game program and the information provided by the Chargers for members of the media.

I had some time to kill before kickoff, so I decided to take a walk and check out Qualcomm Stadium. It was interesting for me to see the differences between Qualcomm, one of the oldest stadiums in the league and Levi's Stadium one of the newest (where I covered the Redskins vs. 49ers game last season).

As kickoff approached, I made my way back to my seat. Even though I had done this once before, I was still just as shocked about how different the press box was from sitting in the crowd. Everywhere I looked there were working adults with computers and tablets surrounding me. Just like my prior experience, since I was the youngest person in the press box I can't tell you how many times I got weird looks from people wondering what I was doing there. At the end of the first quarter, I got to meet Bill Johnston, the Director Of Public Relations for the Chargers; he was beyond helpful with the whole experience.

It went back in forth the whole game until it looked like the Chargers were just about ready to take control of the game with an 8 point lead in the 4th quarter. But with 3 minutes left, the Browns drove the ball all the way down the field and got down to the 1-yard line off a huge crazy one handed circus catch by TE Gary Barnidge. Two plays later Barnidge would catch a 1-yard touchdown pass from Josh McCown. To no one's surprise the Browns went for 2 and converted off a quick slant route tying the game at 27. But 2 minutes was more than enough time for Rivers (23-38 358 yards 3 TDs O Int) to lead his offense down the field. With 2 seconds left rookie kicker Josh Lambo came out to try a 36-yard attempt... and he kicked it wide right! It looked like the game was headed for OT when the refs threw a flag for offsides on the Browns. Lambo didn't miss twice as he nailed the 31 yarder and sent Chargers fans home happy.

After the game was over, I took the elevator all the way down to the field level and waited for the coaches to finish up their post game speeches.

Finally, they opened up the doors to the locker room and I was free to interview the players. Even though I had had some experience in the locker rooms it was extremely overwhelming with camera crews and other reporters running around trying to do the same exact thing I was. I finally got my bearings and got to work. I got interviews with Danny Woodhead, Ladarius Green, Dontrelle Inman, and John Phillips.

I asked Dontrelle Inman who had 3 catches for 88 yards, "With the 2 injuries today to Malcom Floyd and Stevie Johnson, how did you step up in the passing game and be so effective today?" His response was, "Preparation, I learned last year you just got to be ready and that's why I was able to step up today."

Then, I asked Ladarius Green, "After you had 2 big injuries today what was the mindset for the rest of the game?" He responded, "We just knew everyone had to step up with people going down and somebody had to make a play and luckily the whole team did."

Next, I headed to the press conference room where Philip Rivers was. Unfortunately, I came too late and there were only about 2 more questions asked and mine was not one of them. Even though the day may not have ended, as I would have hoped, it was still an unbelievable day. Thanks so much to the Chargers organization and especially Bill Johnston.

-Kid Reporter Jake
Kid Reporter Jake spoke with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown about his career.

Q: You are now a veteran player for the Steelers organization. What are some of your new responsibilities/roles as a leader of the team?

I start by setting a good example. I want to show people how I work and how I prepare for games, as well as how to keep a positive attitude.

Q: With Martavis Bryant out for the first 4 games of the year do you feel any added pressure to make more plays during the first 4 weeks of the season?

No. I have to be who I am and play my game regardless of who is out there.

Q: You had the best season of your career last year. What kind of steps did you have to take this offseason to yet again, have the best season of your career?

I made a conscious effort to get strong, smarter and wiser in all areas. My regiment is improved. I focus each day on taking care of myself and becoming a better professional.

Q: You were recently selected to be part of Sunday Night Football's open shoot with Carrie Underwood. What was that experience like?

It was amazing and a great opportunity to have a good time in the offseason. Not to mention, hanging out with an amazing country singer. It was a good time and that's what Sunday Night Football is all about.

Kid Reporter Jake got the skinny with St. Louis Rams star WR Tavon Austin:

1. This offseason, your team acquired a new Quarterback in Nick Foles. As a Wide Receiver are there any adjustments you have to make when playing with a new Quarterback. If so, what are they?

There's definitely things that you have to go over with your quarterback. For number one, you've got to get on the same page as far as route running, how he likes certain things to be set up as far as depth on a route and things of that nature. There's definitely things you have to do as far as getting adjusted to your new quarterback.

2. In your 2 years in the NFL you have had many highlight reel plays. Which one, was your favorite and most memorable and why?

I would say my rookie year when I played against the Colts, just because it was the first game that I had three touchdowns in one game. That was my coming out party and everybody knew me from there. I was just blessed to have a good game, so that was probably my highlight reel of my two years.

3. The Rams had some big wins last year as a team, beating the Broncos and Seahawks and showed a lot of potential in a very tough division. With a new Quarterback, Running Back and a much improved defense what are your expectations for your team this year?

For me, I'm the type of person, I'm more of a week-by-week person. I don't really look forward to what the future holds and things of that nature because that's what it boils down to - the team that's in front of you. Every team's expectation is to go deep into the playoffs, win a majority of their games and eventually go to the Super Bowl. But for me and our team, I feel like we're going to take it one week at a time and get it done.

4. Now that it is your third year in the league what, is the biggest lesson you have learned throughout your time in the NFL?

My biggest lesson I'e learned is just being patient. You really can't rush anything and for me that was the hardest part, the mental part of the game. Just being there when they'e able to call you. You've got to be there when the time is available, so you've got to make a play when they call your name. So that's the biggest thing, just being patient and making great choices when your name is being called.

What do you think? Are you going to play Tavon Austin on your NFL RUSH Fantasy Football team?

How does he do it?

Just a few days after talking with Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, NFL RUSH Kid Reporter Jake caught up with one of the top pass catchers in the league, New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.

How cool is that? You go, Jake!

Q. How has your life changed since the catch?

Drastically, and in a number of ways.

Q. What was the most valuable thing you learned as a rookie last year?

Just take things day by day and learn something new from every day.

Q. You did some pretty cool things this offseason, what was your favorite and why?

Just having the luxury of being able to go wherever you wanted. I've never really been able to [go on vacation] or anything like that, so it has been a lot fun.

Q. When did you decide to make the whip your touchdown dance?

I don't know what it was. It was one of my friend's dances and I just told him that I was going to help him get it out there. I think I definitely helped him out in that regard.

Poll: How will the Bills do this year?

Kid Reporter Jake spoke with new Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan about the upcoming NFL Season.

Q: You came to Buffalo this offseason. A team you know very well. The Bills are coming off a promising 9-7 season. What do you think the strengths are of this team?

I think the obvious strength is the defensive line. You have four guys, three of them went to the Pro Bowl and a fourth could have easily in Jerry Hughes. So I think that obviously is the strength. Some of the weapons that we have, LeSean McCoy as our running back, Charles Clay, Percy Harvin, already to a team that has Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. So I like our skill position players on offense and I think our defensive line is the strength of our team on defense.

Q: After spending six seasons with the Jets, what will your emotions be when you return to Metlife Stadium?

They are just another opponent. So it is an opponent we want to beat just like anyone else and they are in our division so that always adds a little more to it. I am not sure I will feel any differently, but you never know until I get there. But I know one thing--I want to win that game.

Q: The Bills have not made the playoffs since 1999. You took the Jets to the AFC Championship game in your first two seasons there. How far do you think the Bills will go this year and what will it take to get there?

I think we will be in the playoffs this year. I think the big thing is we have to stay healthy and get a great grasp of our new systems on offense and defense. I think when we do that, I think our guys are going to be able to play against anyone in this league.

Q: How do you think having LeSean McCoy will help EJ Manuel's growth this year?

Well not just EJ Manuel's but everybody's growth. Whoever plays at the quarterback position is really going to benefit from LeSean being our running back. Meaning that it is a lot easier to throw against man coverage or one-on-one coverage than it is double coverages and loaded zones and stuff like that. So I think all the quarterbacks will benefit will LeSean being back there and I think our receivers will benefit by getting the kind of coverages they are going to get because you are going to have to play us in eight man spaces.

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter Jake R was able to go fourth and goal with with Cincinnati Bengals star defensive lineman Domata Peko.

1. Would you ever think about cutting your hair?

No it's out of the question. I will grow my hair for the rest of my life. It really shows my roots and culture of my Samoan people.

2. What are some of your responsibilities as one of the captains of the Bengals?

Always setting a great example to my teammates through work ethic , style of play, and being a true professional on and off the field.

3. What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

My favorite offseason activities are spending time with my three lovely kids and my wonderful wife. We love traveling together to places like Jamaica, Hawaii and back to American Samoa. We also love going to theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios and Knotts Berry Farm. We also love barbecuing and playing soccer, my second favorite sport.

I love to spend time with my family because my family is my everything and that's why I play football; for them. Also we love to go to church every Sunday to give thanks to God for all he has done for us.

4. How different was it when HBO's Hard Knocks documented training to camp than other years?

It was cool because it brought the fans closer to our everyday life as an NFL player. I loved it because I can always go back and watch it when I am a lot older and show my grandkids that I played in the NFL.

1. You are the leader of the Carolina Panthers' defense and Cam is the leader of the offense. Do you ever talk to each other about the direction of the team, and what are your expectations for the team this year?

Cam and I talk about what we see and what we need to do to move forward. I think we've got a good group of leaders on our team. We've got Thomas Davis and Charles Johnson on defense, and Greg Olsen and Ryan Kalil on offense. We've got a good group of guys that understand where the team needs to go, the hard work we need to put in. They're able to set a good example just by being who they are.

Our expectations are to improve our team as a whole. We've added some good pieces this offseason. Obviously our goal is to win our division, get to the playoffs, and win the Super Bowl. Before that though, our first goal is to come together as a team this offseason and make a push when the season rolls around. 

2. Being the youngest player to ever win The Defensive Player of the Year Award, who are the people you look up to and who inspires you?

I look at Thomas Davis and what he's doing, what he means to the team, how hard he works (and) his passion for the game. He's one of those guys when I first got here that I was able to look to for direction. He comes in every day wanting to work. It's not about him, it's about the team. 

3. What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

For me, it's fishing. It's relaxing and it's outside. I enjoy being outside. I can take my mind off of things and usually go fishing with somebody, have good conversation, hang out and have a good time. 

4. You guys fell short in the end this past season, but what were some takeaways from last year that you can apply to this year?

We've had two years of back-to-back experience in the playoffs. We understand what it takes to win in the playoffs now. We won one game and then we lost to Seattle, but I think we gained some valuable experience in the playoffs and we'll be able to take another step this year.

Bonus Question: I heard you were working towards your college degree this offseason. What are you majoring in and with all of your success why do you feel a college degree is still important?

I'm majoring in marketing. I'm in my final class right now and I should be finishing in a few weeks. It was a promise that I made to my parents to finish my degree if I left school. Hopefully in three or four weeks I'll have the degree and fulfill the promise I made.

I had the distinct privilege to sit down with Chris Harris Jr. Here is what he had to say: 

1) You have been on a roller coaster lately. You tore your ACL and missed the Super Bowl in 2014, recovered and came back to have your best season yet and then sign a 5 year extension. What has this all been like for you?

The injury was a roller coaster for sure. It was a lot of hard work and patience recovering from my knee injury. I've always been one to try and speed up the recovery process. I had to learn to be patient and take my time to come back and play.

2) Does your mindset have to change as a player when a new coach comes in?

New coaches mean lots of changes to a team. You have to build a relationship, chemistry and lots of trust. I'm really looking forward to coming back and establishing that. I've heard incredible things about Coach Kubiak and am really looking forward to forming a bond with him and the rest of the new coaching staff.

3) What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

Bowling, vacationing and spending lots of time my wife, daughter and family.

4) How did you get that nickname Pitbull and who first gave it to you?

Elvis Dumervil (DT, Baltimore Ravens) gave me the name my rookie season. He saw the way I played and practiced on the field and just began calling me "Pitbull".

Our very own Jake Robinson had a sit-down with NFL Network's own, Rich Eisen to talk his Combine experience and the upcoming NFL Draft.

1. After running a sub 6-second 40 yard dash last year, you ran a 6.10 this year. What happened and have we seen the best of Rich Eisen?

I didn't train, is what happened. I just figured I'd get out there and run and, due to my healthier eating habits over the last year, run faster than I did the year before. At age 45, I need to do a better job of getting off the line and running in a straight line! The 40-yard dash is harder than you think! I surely don't think you've seen the best of me, though.

2. Since running a 6.77 in the inaugural Run Rich Run in 2005, how has your training changed and can you share with us how you train for the combine?

Well, I guess I just shared with you how I train for the Combine. I work out and I do some agility drills, but need to actually start sprinting on occasion. Part of me feels the reason why my 40-yard dash resonates with some people is that I look like most people my age might look like if they attempted to run the 40 at the Combine. And in a full suit and tie, no less.

3. What do you think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should do with their 1st pick? Who stood out at this years combine and were there any surprise players?

I think the Bucs should take Jameis Winston. But only if they do all their due diligence on how he's conducted himself off the field and feel comfortable that the more dark portions of his past won't become part of their future. I really liked Vic Beasley of Clemson and also Byron Jones of UConn. I truly enjoyed watching their workouts and look forward to seeing how they turn out as pros. Same with Brett Hundley of UCLA.

4. This year you ran for St. Judes Hospital and fans submitted their own 40's. Did you receive many submissions and how much money did you raise for this great cause?

We got well over 100 submissions to Run Rich Run this year, which is the most we've ever received. And thanks to the matching 25K donations from the NFL, DirecTV (which is the partner of "The Rich Eisen Show") and Under Armour, we were able to raise over $105,000 for St. Jude.

Bonus Question: You running in your suit has become the logo for The Rich Eisen Show. Have you spoken to Roger Goddell about becoming the Jerry West of the NFL?

I have yet to speak to the Commissioner about changing the logo of the NFL to reflect my running style! I think I'll just have to be happy with it being the logo for "The Rich Eisen Show"! That's enough for me! For the moment...

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter Jake was able to speak with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. Yes, two-time Super Bowl winner Tom Coughlin.

1. The Giants have the 9th pick this year. What are some needs you are going to try and fill in the draft?

We are like every other team. We have multiple needs, and our objective in the draft is the same as it always is, to pick as many good players as we possibly can.

2. Can you give us an update on how Victor Cruz is recovering? What can we expect to see from him and Odell Beckman Jr. both playing together?

Victor has worked very hard. He looks good. It is a very regimented rehabilitation program. He has done a good job with it. He is where he should be. I think very shortly he is going to start running.

Victor and Odell are two very, very talented individuals, two guys that have been extremely productive. Obviously the more weapons you have, the better the opportunities are. The only thing any of these guys are interested in is winning. That is all we talk about. The complementing each other, complementing our team, helping our team win - that is what it is all about.

3. What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

From a football standpoint, it is trying to improve your team and building the sense of team and the camaraderie that a groups needs to be successful. Otherwise, it is the work we do with the Jay Fund and spending quality time with my family.

4. The Giants have let many great tight ends go in the past (Jeremy Shockey, Kevin Boss, and Martellus Bennett). After a breakout season, what are your plans for Larry Donnell in the future?

Well, we haven't just let those people go. Change is the nature of our business. And the ability to adapt and adjust is essential if you are going to be successful. Larry has been very, very productive in one area. I think he has learned an awful lot about what it is to play in this league over an extended period of time.

The entire season, the ups and the downs, I think he realizes he physically has to do a better job of preparing himself. We would like him to be a little bit better blocker. He has had huge games as a receiver and does complement a lot of what we are doing and continues to improve and get better in that regard.

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter Jake spent some time with Pittsburgh Steelers super cool defensive end Brett Keisel. Check out what he had to say:

1. You just had shoulder surgery this week, how are you feeling? When will you be back? And what are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Thank you I feel great! My shoulder is healing well. I have been rehabbing and will continue to work with our trainers. I am excited about this young football team. We have a lot of potential.

2. Recently, you cut your beard for charity. Who first gave you the idea to do that? How long does it take DA BEARD to grow back?

I did just cut my beard for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pediatric Cancer. My wife and I came up with the idea after watching our close friends Aaron and Jamie Smith's son Elijah battle Leukemia. I started growing this year's beard last March 2014 and shaved it February 4th 2015. Since starting Shear Da Beard, we have raised over $250,000.

3. Why is it so hard for a defensive end to get in a rhythm when a quarterback is getting rid of the ball as fast as Brady was in the Super Bowl?

Getting to the quarterback is complicated, but great defensive ends never get deterred and continue to stay after the quarterback no matter the circumstance.

4. What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

I enjoy spending time with my family doing many different things such as basketball, sledding, hiking to name a few. We like to stay active and outdoors. I also enjoy hunting and fishing.

Read Jake's report from the Patriots media day.

Now that I had a better understanding of how Media Day worked, I wanted to get off to a good start with the Seahawks. In the first 10 minutes of the Seahawks' Media Day session, I got questions into KJ Wright and Jermaine Kearse. I made my way to Marshawn Lynch's podium. Unfortunately, I missed him by about 3 minutes. Marshawn was gone. All of the players who don't have podiums walk around the arena floor. I spotted John Ryan who is the Seahawks punter who threw a touchdown pass in the NFC Championship game against the Packers. I asked him how long he thought the ball hung in the air on that play. He replied, "Everything in football happens so fast but when I threw that pass it felt like the ball was in the air for a very long time."

I made my way over to one of the most crowded podiums of the day, Russell Wilson. Joining him on the main podiums were Pete Carroll, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor. As I had seen earlier, there were no holes to Russell Wilson's podium. Luckily, Brett Keisel spotted me. He helped me push my way to the front of the podium. With the clock ticking, Marshall Faulk from the NFL Network came over to Russell Wilson to do what seemed like a long interview. Then, backup running back Christine Michael was with a Spanish TV station and had their host salsa dance with all the Seahawks players including Russell Wilson while I was standing there. I asked Wilson what advice he had for the younger players. To which he replied, "I told them to have fun with it. But at the same time when you get between the lines on the field you have to be in tune with the situation."

Time was running out and I still had questions for some big names. I saw Pete Carroll with a crowd around his podium. I found my way to the front of his podium. I asked him what he was doing to prepare his team and he told me, "This is harder than it sounds with all of the attention to the Super Bowl, but we are just trying to keep the same routine we have been having all year long. As I said earlier, it's much harder than it sounds." I still had 10 minutes left and I wanted to take a crack at Richard Sherman. I got to the front with about 5 minutes left in his session. There was a minute to go and I didn't want a repeat of what happened with Tom Brady so I bee-lined to Offensive Lineman Russell Okung's empty podium. I got my question in just as time expired. I asked him the same question as Russell Wilson about advice to young players. Okung said, " I tell them this is the same game you have been playing your whole life. The field doesn't get any bigger. Just keep preparing the way you have all season. It's just a football game." As he said that we heard over the loud speaker, "That's the end of Media Day. Thanks for coming."

As I was walking out I got a quick picture with Cliff Avirl and thanked Brett Keisel for his help. One of the biggest things I noticed throughout the day was the energy in the building when each team had its session. The Seahawks fans were much louder and the players had cameras and GoPros. The Patriots fans were not that loud and the players were all business with no cameras.

In all, it was an amazing day in my life.

Read Jake's report from the Seahawks media day.

About 15 minutes before the Patriots' Media Session started it became very crowded with media. The reporters stood almost shoulder to shoulder. The Patriots had Gronk, Vince Wilfork, Darrelle Revis, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick as their main five people in the middle at podiums. On my way to Legarrette Blount's podium, I stopped to take a picture and talk with the guys from Dude Perfect who were there making a video for their YouTube channel. They were nice, funny, and cool in person.

At about 10:30 the Patriots Media Day was finally underway. As I pushed through the crowd to get to Legarrette Blount, I realized Steeler's Defensive End Brett Keisel was right next to me! I said, "You are the only guy I wouldn't try and push out of the way!" He laughed and we started talking. He was there reporting for Head and Shoulders and he asked me if I ever wanted to grow a beard. I told him I don't even have a mustache yet! He was so helpful throughout the day helping me navigate through the crowds and get to the podiums of the big name players.

After asking questions to Legarratte Blount and Brandon Browner, I decided it was time to take a swing for the fences. I made my way through the swarm of reporters and cameras to the front of Bill Belichick's podium. After what seemed like forever, I was finally called on. I asked, "With all the distractions how has this been a challenge to prepare your team this week?" He gave me a classic Bill Belichick answer, "We are only worried about the Seahawks right now."

At Media Day, each team gets an hour for their media session. With 15 minutes left to go after the Belichick question, I tried to fight my way through the crowd of reporters to get to Tom Brady's podium. I finally made it to the front of his podium with 7 minutes left in the session. For 7 minutes, I called out to Tom Brady and for 7 minutes, those calls went unanswered. The session wrapped up and there was a 45 minute break before it was the Seahawks turn.

Read Jake's report from the Seahawks media day.

On Tuesday, January 27th, I attended Media Day as a Reporter for NFL Rush. The day started at 9:00 AM when I picked up my Media Day Credentials at US Airways Center. With press credentials in hand, I walked the floor of the arena to get my bearings. There were five podiums setup across the middle of the floor with 10 smaller podiums behind it. Fans were already gathered in the stands and you could feel the excitement in the stadium.

I ran into Steve Levy from ESPN on the floor of the arena. I introduced myself as a Kid Reporter and he was kind enough to offer me two tips on interviewing. Levy told me never to say "Tell me about...or Talk about...when interviewing someone and to never give someone the answer in the question. It was generous of him to give me some pointers and they are tips I won't soon forget.

I noticed Chris Berman working nearby and introduced myself as a Kid Reporter and fan. He was very friendly and encouraging. He told me he didn't even start in the business until he was 25 years old! Meeting people who do what I dream to do was inspiring.

Read Jake's report from the Patriots and Seahawks media day.
This past weekend I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was a credentialed member of the media for the Washington Redskins. I got to the stadium about 45 minutes before kickoff. I went to media will call and picked up my credentials. I took an elevator up to the 8th floor (the top) and walked out and into the press box. It was incredibly different from what it's like to be in the crowd. It is strangely quiet and you can't hear the crowd at all. Also, you are surrounded by working adults with computers and tablets. I can't tell you how many times I got weird looks from people wondering what I was doing in the press box. I got to meet Tony Wylie, the Senior Vice President of Public Relations for the Washington Redskins. He was beyond helpful with the whole experience. At the 2 minute warning I left the press box and headed down to the locker room. I watched the final minutes from the tunnel and waited for the coaches to finish their post game speeches. Finally, they opened up the doors to the locker room and I was free to interview the players. It was extremely overwhelming with camera crews and other reporters running around. I got my bearings and got to work. I got interviews with Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon, Keenan Robinson, and Colt McCoy. Next, I headed to the press conference room where I got to ask RGIII a question. It was a unbelievable day and hopefully the first of many. Thanks so much to the Redskins and Tony Wylie. Here is the first of my 4 interviews with the Redskins: COLT MCCOY (before he was named the starter) Jake: Obviously you came on the scene this year as the backup quaterback, what was the transition like from being on the bench to winning games as a starter? Colt McCoy: It was fun, I have been in the league a few years now and I got to play early and last year I backed up Kaepernick, then I came to Washington to be the backup. When Robert got hurt I was able to win a couple of games which was really good and now I am back to supporting Robert and the team. Jake: As you just said you were the back up Kaep and now RGIII, is there a certain mentality you have to have backing up 2 superstar quaterbacks? Colt: Kaep is really good. I enjoyed backing him up and I learned a lot and you just try to take lots of mental reps and be the best teammate you can be and always stay ready because you never know when you number will get called. Jake: What's your favorite place to travel to on the road? Colt: It's always nice to come here; to Santa Clara. Every game I have ever been apart of here has been sunny and nice. I lived out here last year, the weather's great. This would have to be at the top of the list for sure. Jake: You guys are sitting at 3-8 right now, what's your role to turn this team around. Colt: I think we just have to stay the course, keep trusting in our each other and our coaches. If you look at all our losses there all within a touchdown, most of them. We just have to find a way to grind it out and get on a winning streak.
Every 10 years or so there have been game changing players who redefine their position. But, there are not many players who have redefined the game of football. The last one might not have been a player, but a team. About 5 to 6 years ago the Miami Dolphins started running wildcat formation which eventually evolved into the pistol offense today. Now a player is changing the game by himself, and that man is J.J. Watt. Ever since he was drafted 11th out of Wisconsin he has been dynamite for the Texans and the League. Last year he took his game to the next level by swatting every pass down that came his way. His media attention went through the roof with slogans like "swat like Watt" or "J.J. Swat". Even through all of this, Watt had never scored a touchdown until week 2 against the Raiders when he caught a 1 yard touchdown from Ryan Fitzpatrick on offense. He followed that up in week 4 with a pick 6. Then, in week 6 he recovered a fumble becoming one of very few defenses players to catch a touchdown pass, have an interception returned and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. The first to do in over 40 years. J.J. Watt is really changing the game of football. Maybe next week he will be returning punts!

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter, Jake Robinson, got an amazing opportunity recently. A one-on-one interview with New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl tight end, Jimmy Graham.

How cool is that?

Take a look at the interesting conversation they had below. What would you have asked Jimmy Graham if you got the same chance?

1. What are your expectations for the team this season?
"The expectations at the Saints are always very high. We've had a good training camp and now it's time to get the regular season started. Every year the schedule looks difficult but our coaches and our team do a good job of not getting caught looking too far ahead. We really do take it one week at a time and just concentrate on ourselves and our opponent that week."

2. You had a very busy offseason, how did you feel about being ruled a tight end and are you excited about your future with the Saints?
"It was a different off-season in many respects but everything worked out in the end. All that is behind us and I believe everyone is satisfied. I've always enjoyed being a New Orleans Saint and I am looking forward to the upcoming season and beyond. These are exciting times for all of us."

3. When I'm with my friends we talk about your dunks, any chance we see more of those?
"The rules have changed. I will have to adapt but scoring touchdowns is a good thing."

4. I love watching Hard Knocks, if the Saints were on Hard Knocks who would have the biggest personality?
"We have a lot of unique personalities on our team so it would probably just be what your preference is. We have some guys that are more outspoken than others, we have some guys that are pretty quiet and then some guys that have subtle senses of humor. We have a good locker room."