Big Ben's 5th AFC Conference Championship Game- How Will He Do?!

Big Ben makes it to his 5th AFC Conference Championship game!

Does he have what it takes to make it to Super Bowl LI?

Antonio Brown Keeps on Smiling!

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown celebrates during the Divisional Round game against the Kansas City Chiefs!

What kind of game will AB have today?!

This Catch Was Unreal!

Check out the close up of the catch by Packers tight end Jared Cook.

How do you rate this catch?!

How Do You Rate the Chiefs D?!

How do you rate the Chiefs defense against the Steelers? Tell us below!

You Won't Want to Miss This Game...

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs battle tonight at 8:20pm ET!

Which team are you rooting for?!

Touchdown Party!

The Packers are leading in the game against the Cowboys and are celebrating!

Can the Cowboys still take down the Packers?!

This Pass from Dak to Dez Is Pure Magic!

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott finds Dez Bryant for the touchdown!

Will the Cowboys take the lead in the second half of the game?!

Rodgers Finds Rodgers!

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is pumped after scoring the first touchdown of the game against the Dallas Cowboys!

Ready For Playoff Football All Day?!

When the rest of your day is all about the playoffs! Is this how you feel right now?!

Aaron Rodgers Hasn't Thrown an INT Since Week 10!

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has a 22:0 touchdown to Interception ratio since November 20th!

Can he keep it up?!

Packers and Cowboys Match Up Today!

The Green Bay Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys today at 4:40pm ET.

Which team will be victorious?!

Which Teams Will Move On?!

Check out the current playoff picture! Let us know below which teams will advance today!

Matt Ryan Finds His Wings in the Divisional Round!

Falcons QB Matt Ryan ends the Divisional Round playoff game with 338 yards, 3 TDs, and a win!

Patriots for the Win!

The New England Patriots are headed to the 6th straight AFC Championship!

Did you guess the Patriots would win?!

Tom Brady Gives Celebratory Hugs!

Patriots QB Tom Brady is all about the celebrations in the game against the Houston Texans!

For the 4th Time in NFL History...

For the 4th time in franchise history, the Atlanta falcons will rise up to the NFC Championship Game!

Will the Falcons make it to the Super Bowl?

The Texans Defense Say No Way!

The Houston Texans are bringing on the defense. Will the Texans hold back Tom Brady?!

Chris Can Catch!

New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan catches a pass against the Houston Texans!

Do the Patriots have what it takes tonight to beat the Texans?!


Touchdown, Patriots!

Tell us below how many touchdowns the Patriots will score in the game against the Texans!

Is This How Seahawks Fans Are Feeling?!

What a loss for the Seahawks!

Which team will Seahawks fans cheer on for the rest of the playoffs?!

Falcons Do the Shark!

The Atlanta Falcons do the shark in celebration!

What would be your celebration dance?!

Devonta Freeman vs Kam Chancellor

Can Kam Chancellor really hold off Devonta Freeman?!

Are You As Excited As Matt Ryan?!

Calling all Falcons fans! Are you as excited as Matt Ryan is right now?!

Julio Jones Flies Into the End Zone!

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones flies into the end zone against the Seattle Seahawks!

Can anyone on the Seahawks D outrun Julio Jones?!

Russell Wilson Takes Matters Into His Own Hands!

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson takes matters into his own hands and runs down field against the Atlanta Falcons!

Can the Falcons defense stop Russell Wilson? Tell us why or why not!