At least it's Friday.... We are SO CLOSE. We barely made it through this week!


How excited are you?!

Who will be the last two standing?

Tom Brady and the Patriots will play in their 7th straight AFC Championship! 

Poll: Will Leonard Fournette be rookie of the year?
Leonard Fournette has more rushing TDs then Le'Veon Bell at Heinz Field
and he is the first player in the Super Bowl era to have 4 rushing touchdowns against the Steelers in a season (including playoffs.)

Will Leonard be Rookie of the Year?

A) Yes! DUH! He is breaking records in other team's stadiums.

B) No. He is great but it will be ___________________(tell us in the comments)

FINAL: The Vikings are going to the NFC Championship! #SKOL

janyecameron just scored 100 points in Helmet Sled Freestyle Bonanza!

Who advances to the NFC Championship? Saints or Vikings? 

Jaguars Win!

Ben Roethlisberger is the first player in the Super Bowl era to have 400+ passing yards and 5+ passing touchdowns in a playoff game.

Today is a great day. 

How much fun are you having???

The Jaguars have scored 8 defensive touchdowns this season, 3 more than any other team.

Are you surprised?

Jaguars @ Steelers

Who you got?

Tom Brady now has 10 career playoff games with 3-or-more passing touchdowns, passing Joe Montana (9) for the most in the Super Bowl era!

Titans @ Patriots

Who you got?

Who will be at Super Bowl LII?

Which bird will it be?

Who is the best QB in the playoffs?

A) Tom Brady

B) Drew Brees

C) Matt Ryan

D Nick Foles

E) Blake Bortles

F) Case Keenum

G) Marus Mariota

H) Ben Roethlisberger

Poll: YOU - A Future Referee?
Would you ever want to be a referee?

A) TOTALLY! That would be a cool job!

B) I would rather be on the field as a player or a coach, but ref could be fun?

C) No way! People are always getting mad at the Refs!

D) HMMMM... I think being a referee would be ________________ (Tell us in the comments)

Posing for the cameras! 

The Saints could get used to this kind of positive attention... Maybe even at the Super Bowl?!  What do you think? Will they make it to the big game this year?

Poll: Vote! Rookie of the Year?
Who should be Rookie of the Year?

A) Alvin Kamara

B) Kareem Hunt

C) Christian McCaffrey

D) Leonard Fournette

E) Marshon Lattimore 

“There is unfinished business. ... I’ve been traded, fired; I’ve missed coaching dearly. But I really missed the Raiders.” ~  Jon Gruden, Head coach of the Raiders (again!)




Who will be there on the final day?!

Victory for the Saints! 

They move on to face the Vikings in the Playoffs!

Panthers @ Saints

Are you watching this?!