Ben Roethlisberger: 9th player in NFL history with 4,000+ career completions. 

Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers are the first trio from the same draft class (2004) to each complete 4,000+ passes. 

Poll: Cooler Color Rush?
Who looked better last night during Thursday Night Football?  

A) Steelers (black and gold)

B) Titans (blue) 

Marcus Mariota and the Titans. 

Antonio Brown and the Steelers.

Thursday Night Football!

Who you got?

Poll: Who You Got?
If the season ended right now... The 2017 playoffs would look like this picture. 

So, Who you got? Or, tell us, who is going to rally?!?!

A) Jaguars

B) Titans

C) Bills

D) Panthers

E) Saints

F) Patriots

G) Vikings 

H) Seahawks 

I) Steelers 

J) Rams 

K) Eagles 

L) Chiefs

M) NOPE! It will be _______________________! They will RALLY! (tell us in the comments) 

Sunday made back-to-back 300-yard passing games for Jared Goff

Go, Rams!

elyod just scored 1,206 points in Virtual Punt, Pass, and Kick!




Who you got? 

MiamiDolphins vs. Panthers 

Poll: Cooler Color Rush?
Which uniform looks cooler in the color rush theme?

A) Seahawks -- Neon

B) Cardinals - Black

Today, Eli tied his brother + Derrick Brooks for consecutive starts!

Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of heroes! #SaluteToService

Which matchup will be the most lit?

2017 Receiving Yards Leaders! 

(Through Week 9)

Who might join the list this week?

Quite the start for Dak Prescott! 

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Who you got?

Eli Manning: The seventh QB in NFL history to pass for 50,000 yards!

159 yards!

On a career-high 37 carries. 

At 32 years old. 

WOW, Adrian Peterson. 


Here’s how the No. 1 ( Jared Goff) + No. 2 (Carson Wentz) picks from the 2016 NFL Draft stack up this year. 

These sophomores are shining up nicely! 

Poll: Super Bowl Saints?!
Could this be the year for Super Bowl Saints?!

A) YES! Drew Brees is phenomenal and he will take the team to the top!

B) Nope! The best team is _________________________ (tell us in the comments!)
Poll: The Most Competitive Division
As the temperature outside cools off the competition in each division of the NFL is HEATING UP!

Which division is the most competitive?

A) NFC North

B) NFC South

C) NFC East

D) NFC West

E) AFC North

F) AFC South

G) AFC East

H) AFC West

Are you watching?!

Drew in the ‘Dome!

Poll: Better Color Rush?
Which team has the cooler color rush uniforms?

A) Jets -- GREENS

B) Bills -- WHITES

Raiders take on the Dolphins on Sunday Night Football.

Who you got?

Looks like AP is reliving the glory days! He may be 32, but he's still setting career highs! 

Awesome, dude!

Second-most points by any player EVER.

Which games are you the most PUMPED to watch???