In this episode of "Vikings Huddle" the Vikings mascot, Viktor goes head to head against a young fan in a US Presidents Quiz.

Play along and let us know in the comments, are you smarter than Viktor? 

On this episode of "Vikings Huddle," Everson Griffen goes head to head against a young fan in a quiz show! The competition is tense! 

Play along and let us know in the comments  -- Are you smarter than a Viking?

On the "Vikings Huddle," the show produced for the young fans, Stefon Diggs learns all about building rockets to go to space! 

The Vikings produce their own show for their young fans called "Vikings Huddle." Isn't that rad?! 

On this episode, they shoot rapid-fire questions at Vikings star Eric Kendricks! 

This Pitbull song is totally going to be stuck in our heads!

The Kids Choice Sports Awards are this Sunday, at 8 PM. We can't wait for the show! Are you planning on watching? 

"It's going to be slimy, wild and it’s going to be impactful," said Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, who is returning as the host for the Kids Choice Sports Awards. 

Will you be watching this Sunday at 8 PM?

Check out new Raven Jermaine Eluemunor (wait! first say that name five times fast) who started playing football after he played video games.

And then tell us: what is YOUR favorite video game?

How cool would it be for an NFL player to come to your school?

Get your school to become part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team and it just might happen.

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Which was the BEST catch of the year?

Watch as we find out the winner in the GMFB Tournament of Catches.

Do you agree?

"Wrong ... wrong, wrong, wrong ... bada bada bada bum."

50 questions in 12 minutes.

Check it out as Scooter and Spice take on the mental test of the NFL Combine.

Scooter Magruder vs. Spice Adams in the funniest NFL Combine video you're ever going to see.

Watch as they go mano-y-mano in the broad jump, 40-yard dash, vertical jump and 3 cone drill.

Who ya got: Scooter or Spice?

"Milking the cow."

New wide receiver training method?

Latest dance craze sweeping across Minnesota?

Watch the Vikings Adam Theilen and find out.

Tells us what Jeremiah catches in comments!

Check out the Vikings Everson Griffin go on all the scary rides!

Minnesota Vikings Matt Asiata explores the cosmos!

What do bears, African pancake tortoises, falcons, and Minnesota Vikings Sharrif Floyd have in common?

Watch and find out!

The Vikings Charles Johnson learns about the ghosts of the Guthrie and gets an acting lesson at the same time!

The Vikings Stephen Weatherly gets -- dare we say it? -- down and funky with the Minnesota Orchestra.

What do you say? Does Stephen rock the tuba or what???

Poll: Best Doug Williams accomplishment?
Best Doug Williams accomplishment?

First African-American to be winning QB in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXII MVP.

First QB in Super Bowl history to pass for four touchdowns in a single quarter.

Check out Minnesota's Jerick McKinnon continue the Vikings long history of exploration!

NFL stars try to crack each other up with corny jokes … first to laugh loses!

This video is awesome.

Be honest: which joke made you laugh???

Follow Reilly's journey of playing football!

WE Day is a commercial-free national broadcast airing on August 28, 2016 at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT on ABC. Celebrating the transformative power of individuals acting together, WE Day will inspire action through the stories of every day Americans joining the WE Movement and making extraordinary impact in their homes, schools and country.

Awesome Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, cornerback Kevin Johnson and their Houston Texans friends race go-karts to raise money for our soldiers.

Tons of good fun for a great cause, check it out!

Could you beat Brian Cushing in a go-kart race???

Making touchdowns with Texans star OLB Whitney Mercilus is a blast!

Tell us one good tip you know for playing safe.

How much fun would it be to bike, swim and run with the Houston Texans???

As Brooks says: "it's beast."

Check out everyone having a blast with Toro and former Texans star safety Eric Brown.

Which is your favorite: biking, swimming, running or all 3?