Seattle Seahawks returner Devin Hester takes the kickoff 78 yards, then QB Russell Wilson hits wide receiver Doug Baldwin for a 31-yard touchdown.
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin secured 11 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown against the Detroit Lions in the 2016 NFL Wild Card playoffs!
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin brings in an acrobatic catch for the first down and gain of 10 yards from QB Russell Wilson!

Patrick Peterson and Doug Baldwin are playing Madden against each other.

Which player do you think will win?!

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson hands the ball off to wide receiver Doug Baldwin who changes direction before throwing the ball back to Wilson for a 15-yard TD!
kannubhaiya just scored 760 points in Lateral Collateral!
Find out which Fantasy superstars you need to get hyped about moving forward!
Doug Baldwin made a major impact as he helped the Seattle Seahawks defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Week 3!

Do you have Doug Baldwin on your Fantasy football team?
Deion Sanders reveals which players impressed in Week 3 as he breaks down the top 5 performances!

Which was your favorite performance of Week 3?
Akbar Gbajabiamila picks the most athletic plays of Week 3 including a big hurdle by Ezekiel Elliott!
Check out the one-handed athletic grab by C.J. Mosley, Kevin White's over the shoulder 32-yard catch, and the one-handed INT made by Patrick Peterson!
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin makes an incredible diving catch for the gain of 12 yards!

Did you have Russell Wilson as your NFL RUSH Fantasy football QB this week?
Check out the wild game winners and surprise endings from the first week of the NFL season!

Which play surprised you the most?!

What a catch! 

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin holds tight and catches a pass for a touchdown over Miami Dolphins cornerback Bobby McCain.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is voted the 72nd-best player in the NFL!
The NFL postseason started off with a bang during Wild Card Weekend. See which plays were the best of the best!

Which game shocked you the most?
TRENDING, TRENDING! The year of record-breaking continues. Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin have found some rare air.

When they combined for 10 TDs in four games, they tied the NFL record held by G.O.A.T Jerry Rice.

Can Wilson and Baldwin continue to shatter records? And will they win the Super Bowl?

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin had 1 touchdown catch in the  Seahawks loss to St. Louis, breaking his streak of catching at least 2 touchdowns in 4 consecutive games.

Only two other players have ever done that, Pro Football Hall of Famer Chris Carter (1995) and Calvin "Megatron" Johnson (2011).

With his name in the record books, is there a WR better than Doug in the league right now??
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry made an acrobatic, one-handed catch for a 26-yard gain against the Indianapolis Colts. Would you rank that as the #1 catch of the week?
Did you see the interception by Kam Chancellor with only 1:45 left in the game, the 48-yard TD rush by C.J. Anderson against the Patriots in OT, or how about the one-handed 21-yard TD by Odell Beckham Jr.?

Tell us who you think deserved to be #1 this week.

Arriving in Phoenix was incredible!

You can feel the Super Bowl energy. Walking into my hotel you can see legendary players such as LaVar Arrington and Terrell Davis hanging out in the lobby. I met Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg with their guest Charles Barkley on ESPN Mike & Mike show.

I didn't think this could get any better until I walked into Media Day at the US Airways Center, where I was able to ask questions to players and coaches from the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Patriots Tom Brady complimented my hair and I asked Russell Wilson advice for kids, which was to have a great purpose in life and surround yourself with good people. I was able to get up close and personal with Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin who had some great advice for kids who play football. "Tell yourself I am big enough, I am strong enough, I am fast enough!" Great advice!

As I walk through the floor, I was interviewed by LaVar Arrington and I was up on the big screen in the center. I also got to catch up with Brett Keisel who interviewed me for Head and Shoulders and introduced me as Troy Polamalu.

I also spoke to Kurt Warner from the NFL Network and Chris Berman from ESPN. I was also able to meet different types of stars such as Pick Boy and Barrel Boy.

Journalists wanted to interview me and I received many congratulations. My day ended with watching the NFL Play 60 Flag Football Championship and participating in a lot of the NFL Experience activities. What a great start to my amazing role!

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson throws pass to wide receiver Doug Baldwin for a 3-yard touchdown.
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@rajancajun87 Rookie Pats win pats win pats win the New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions

@rajancajun87 Rookie I went with Tom Brady and bill bills heck


@gocolts216 Starter crazy! !!

@rogerp13 Practice Squad Still alive Hawks!

@baseball16r 2nd Stringpats score so now the seahawks have to score or game over for sherman and the seahawks


Yeah, going to Gronk is not a bad idea.

Tom Brady has led 8 game-winning drives in the 4th quarter or overtime in postseason play, most in postseason history.

@raidersck2004 Starter doritos comercial

@jetman0909 Practice Squad Come on dont fail me now pats ! !! !! !!

4th quarter game of the quarter is CLOSE. kaepernickthecar in the lead.

Touchdown Amendola! And the Pats are BACK!

@rogerp13 Practice Squad " Perfect Spiral" : -)

Seahawks are 18-0 when leading by at least 10 points at the end of the 3rd quarter over the last 3 seasons.

CUT N SMASH is the Game of the Quarter. Person with the highest 20 scores win 50,000 NFLRZ Creditz.

@rogerp13 Practice Squad KEEP IT UP SEATTLE!

@blitzbergsteeler Free Agent lets gooooooo

redskater50 looking good for game of the quarter contest. Nice!

Let's hear from the Patriots fans: CHEER ON YOUR TEAM!

Tell us your favorite commercial so far.

@aaronrodgers7689 Practice Squad Katy' s Peformance was the best in Super Bowl History

The largest deficit overcome to win a Super Bowl is 10. Redskins in Super Bowl XXII, Saints in Super Bowl XLIV.

First time Tom Brady's thrown multiple interceptions in a Super Bowl.

@ztarin 2nd String TOUCHDOWN!

Doug Baldwin wide open for the TD!

Russell Wilson Passing:
To Chris Matthews: 3-3, 100 yards
To Others: 2-5, 29 yards

@gocolts216 Starter seahawks defense showing why they are one of the best

redskater50 currently leading the game of the quarter contest: Scrambled Legs 2.

BOOM again. Seahawks D starting to take command.

@cheetah890 Practice Squad nachos

SNACK CHECK! What are you all eating right now?

@raidersck2004 Starter 52 fantsy points

Um, greenbay1217, that was a field goal.

@greenbay1217 Rookie touchdown seahawks! !! !

@griseldasosa Draftee fireworks were awesome! !!

Are you all doing jumping jacks for every score? Check it out here.

Scrambled Legs 2 is the game of the quarter. PLAY!

@rogerp13 Practice Squad 47 fantasy points so far, if we keep going at this rate I' ll nearly have 100 points.

@uncool9365 Rookie Halftime need more jacuzzi! !! !! !!

Seahawks 1st 3 drives: 11 plays, 22 yards, 0 points.

Seahawks last 2 drives: 13 plays, 150 yards, 14 points.

Seahawks & Patriots didn't play in a game that was tied at halftime all season.

We're back!

HALFTIME. Take a break. Watch Katy Perry and get active. Come back for the 3rd quarter.

Wow. Just wow. HUGE play to Chris Matthews for a TD to tie it up just before the half.

@gocolts216 Starter huge play right here

@jetman0909 Practice Squad GRONK WAHOOOOOOO

@cheetah890 Practice Squad GRONKGRONK!

Ok at halftime we are taking a break and so should you. Watch the Katy Perry halftime show, be active, and watch some videos and play some games here too for DOUBLE MVP POINTS.

Looks like Blitzbergsteeler is going to win ANOTHER game of the quarter contest. Nice! Check back at the start of the 3rd quarter to see what game is the 3rd quarter Game of the Quarter contest game.


@lscott2000 Practice Squad good game so far

@gocolts216 Starter get a stop here seahawks

Marshawn Lynch passes Shaun Alexander for most rushing TDs in Seahawks postseason history.

@gocolts216 Starter beast mode is unstoppable!

@who1 Rookie TOUCHDOWN!

@gocolts216 Starter beast mode beast mode beast mode


That's Chris Matthews' 1st reception of his career!

Fantastic catch by Chris Matthews!!!

Blitzbergsteeler in the Game of the Quarter lead again! Whoever has the top 20 scores in Jump Duck at the end of the 2nd quarter wins 50,000 Creditz.

@ztarin Practice Squad Kevin Hart

@GatorDavid This is the most consecutive commercials I've ever seen that don't feature Peyton Manning

Brady has 15 completions. Wilson has one attempt.

@cheetah890 Practice Squad crazy animal draft


Team to score first in the Super Bowl has won 32 times in 48 previous games (66.7% of the time)

In football there are only three main food groups: Drinks, chips, guacamole. #FirstDraftEver

@eagles98924 2nd String Brady VS Wilson! !!

Don't forget: DOUBLE MVP POINTS for everything today: comments, gameplays, video views...

@ztarin Practice SquadSkittles comerical

@gocolts216 Starter man looks like this is gonna be a crazy good game

Game of the Quarter game for the 2nd quarter = JUMP DUCK. Whoever has the 20 best scores in Jump Duck at the the end of the 2nd quarter wins 50,000 NFLRZ Creditz.

Correction: Blitzingsteeler has WON the the Game of the Quarter contest for the 1st quarter. 50,000 NFLRZ Creditz!

Blitzingsteeler is winning the Game of the Quarter contest right now

@raidersck2004 Starter minions comercial lol

BOOM! Brady interception.

@gocolts216 Starter blount is running like he' s beast mode


Hey we've got a GAME OF THE QUARTER contest going on! PLay Lateral Collateral 2 during the 1st quarter, whoever has the highest 20 scores wins 50,000 NFLRZ Creditz.

@rustylo Rookie I'm having a blast!


Whoa...@blitzbergsteeler is a Free Agent!

Who are the highest ranked people here? I see several STARTERS:

@gocolts216 Starter

@raidersck2004 Starter

@blitzbergsteeler Free Agentyeah lets go bobby i am wondering who you are voting for

IT'S ON! Here comes Tom Brady and company.

Super Kid Bobby is running the ball out on the field soon. GIVE HIM A SHOUT OUT IN COMMENTS NOW!

TAILS! Patriots get the ball first.

@49ersboyman, @carsonsaints, @who1 are rooting for the Patriots.

@uncool9365 is rooting for the Seahawks!

Who will win the coin toss???

Love the jets. Let's get this party started.



Does everyone know? DOUBLE MVP POINTS for everything today!

Keep refreshing this page a LOT to see all the chatter, all game long.

@EMDspace rooting for the Patriots, nice. So is @raiderssck2004.

Ok who is everyone rooting for? Tell us in comments.

And now the defending champion SEAHAWKS!!!!

Here come the PATRIOTS!!!!

ROLL CALL! If you are in the house, let us know via comments.

Welcome to the NFL RUSH LIVE online party!

We're live now!

Poll: Which set of WRs will have the bigger impact on Super Bowl XLIX?

From Lynn Swann's amazing grabs in Super Bowl X to David Tyree's miracle "helmet catch" in Super Bowl XLII, wide receivers ALWAYS seem to come up huge in the Super Bowl.

Who will it be this year?

The Patriots would seem to have the advantage at WR with their talented and versatile trio of Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and Danny Amendola. Tom Brady has the luxury of taking whatever the defense gives him, knowing he has the playmakers to strike at any time.

The Seahawks have an underrated group led by Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and the talented Ricardo Lockette. These guys produce big plays -- see Kearse's NFC Championship-winning TD catch against Green Bay -- and will be especially dangerous with the Patriots focusing on stopping the power running of Marshawn Lynch.

NFL Media's Michael Robinson is joined by former teammate Marshawn Lynch and Seattle Seahawks wide receivers Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin during his report from Seattle.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson finds an open Doug Baldwin for a 16-yard touchdown.