Is Deshaun Watson the best QB in the 2017 NFL Draft?

Poll: Is Deshaun Watson the best QB in the 2017 NFL Draft?
Is Deshaun Watson the best QB in the 2017 NFL Draft?

Top Performers: Broad Jump!

The results are in! Here are the Top 3 Performers in the Broad Jump during the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine!

Tied for #1
RB Daniel Lasco, California
Broad Jump: 11'3"
Top Performer: 3 Cone Drill

CB Jalen Ramsey, Florida State
Broad Jump: 11'3"
Top Performer: 60-yard Shuttle, 40-yard Dash

Third Place
OLB Darron Lee, Ohio State
Broad Jump: 11'1"
Top Performer: Vertical Jump, 40-yard Dash

Which is your favorite Combine drill?

Top Performers: Vertical Jump!

Poll: Top Performers: Vertical Jump!
Check out the Top 3 Performers in the NFL Combine Vertical Jump!

Tied for #1
RB Daniel Lasco, California
Vertical Jump: 41.5 inches
Top Performer: 40-yard Dash, 3 Cone drill

CB Jalen Ramsey, Florida State
Vertical Jump: 41.5 inches
Top Performer: 20-yard Shuttle, Broad Jump

Tied for #3
WR Josh Doctson, TCU
Vertical Jump: 41 inches
Top Performer: 60-yard Shuttle, 3 Cone Drill

CB DeAndre Elliot, Colorado State
Vertical Jump: 41 inches
Top Performer: 20-yard Shuttle, Broad jump

Kid Reporter Avery: Representing FUTP 60 at the NFL Combine

The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine was one to remember for every football fanatic from Ohio. From the hopes of finding a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, or watching the 14 draftees from Ohio State perform at the most elite level yet. Being a native of Cleveland, Ohio, both of those reasons would’ve sufficed as to why I should’ve stayed updated on how things were going in Indianapolis. Until I got invited there myself. In the early weeks of the New Year, I was asked to speak at the NFL Combine on behalf of Fuel Up To Play 60. I spoke to Community Relation and Team Services personnel from various teams in the NFL in the Indianapolis Convention Center while the real show was going on right next door, in Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Upon standing at the podium for my presentation, I had three full pages of a speech that I was determined to get through, by the end, I had used not a single sentence directly from those papers. During my presentation I spoke about why FUTP60 is such a vital partnership with their teams, what opportunities are given to both students and teams when they’re involved and how to enhance their experience with the program. I also gave a rundown of my history with the program and all the opportunities I’ve been given because of my involvement and the involvement of my hometown team, The Cleveland Browns. My lengthy monologue was accompanied nicely with a powerpoint showing the audience all that I’ve done with the program as well.

Along with this extraordinary opportunity of voicing my experiences first hand with the representatives there, I got to reunite with a familiar face I had met back at the FUTP60 Student Ambassador Summit in 2014. This person happened to be none other than, Super Bowl 50 champion, Team Captain and Safety for the Denver Broncos, David Bruton Jr. David is a cherished player representative for the program and spoke to the audience promptly following me about just that-his role and love for the program.

From the moment I walked into my hotel the night before, seeing a sea of NFL personnel in team logos from head to toe, and receiving hotel room key embossed solely for the NFL Combine, I knew this would be a special experience for a 15 year old, especially me. Just as I did in my presentation, I would like to close with praise to this program for the opportunities I’ve been given through it-especially this one, it takes the cake! (Some type of healthy cake, of course-if that exists?) Some of my favorite memories from my involvement thus far include speaking to audiences where I am undoubtedly the youngest in the room, just like this one!

Keep Fueling Up and Playing 60!

-Kid Reporter Avery

Top Performers: 3 Cone Drill

Check out the Top 3 in the 3 Cone Drill.

1. WR Devon Cajuste, Stanford
3 Cone Drill: 6.49
Top Performer: Vertical Jump

2. FS Justin Simmons, Boston College
3 Cone Drill: 6.58 
Top Performer: Bench Press

3. WR Trevor Davis, California
3 Cone Drill: 6.60
Top Performer: Broad Jump, 40-yard Dash

Do you know who holds the current record from the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine?

Combine Workout: Jalen Ramsey

Check out the workout from the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine of Jalen Ramsey. See why he's being compared to Cardinals CB Patrick Petersen.

Top Performers: 20-yard Shuttle Run

Check out the Top 3 Performers of the 20-Yard Shuttle Run. 

1. FS Justin Simmons, Boston College
20-yard Shuttle Run: 3.85
Top Performer: Bench Press, 40-yard dash

2. CB Tavon Young, Temple
20-yard Shuttle Run: 3.93
Top Performer: 3 Cone Drill, 40-yard dash

3. CB Andre Elliot, Colorado State
20-yard Shuttle Run: 3.94
Top Performer: Vertical jump

Deion Jones Does the 40-yard Dash!

Watch LSU linebacker Deion Jones run the 40-yard dash at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine.

Top Performers: Bench Press!

1. OG Christian Westerman, Arizona State
Bench press: 34 reps
Top Performer: 40-yard dash

2. DT Chris Mayes, Georgia
Bench press: 33 reps
Top Performer: 40-yard dash

2. OG Conoor McGovern, Missouri
Bench press: 34 reps
Top Performer: Broad jump, 20-yard shuttle

3. DE Ronald Blair, Appalachian State
Bench press: 34 reps
Top Performer: 40-yard dash

Combine Confessional: Eli Apple

Ohio State defensive back Eli Apple has a serious passion for football. His domination on the field is only matched by his domination in Madden.

Top Performers: 40-Yard Dash!

Here are the Top 3 Performances in the 40 Yard Dash

1. Running back Keith Marshall, Georgia
40 Yard Dash 4.31
Top Performer in: Bench Press

2. Wide receiver Will Fuller, Notre Dame
40 Yard Dash: 4.32
Top Performer in: 60 yard Shuttle 

3. Cornerback Jonathan Jones, Auburn
40 Yard Dash: 4.32
Top Performer in Bench Press

Current record: Arizona Cardinals RB Chris Johnson with 4.24 set in 2008.

Top 3 Fastest 40-Yard Dashes of the Combine Day 2

Check out the top 3 fastest 40-yard dashes from day 2 of the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine!

Combine Confessional: Paxton Lynch

Memphis QB Paxton Lynch believes he's the best bet for success at the NFL-level. Also, not all of his teeth are real!

Jared Goff: 40-yard Dash

Cal quarterback prospect Jared Goff runs a 4.82 in the 40-yard dash at the 2016 NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Combine Confessional: Rashard Higgins

Colorado State wide receiver Rashard Higgins has some swagger and backs it up with his route running. He's a leader on the field when he's not watching "The First 48."

Combine Confessional: Hunter Henry

Tight ends can be mismatch nightmares for a defense, and Hunter Henry is no exception. There's a little more to Hunter Henry than just being a clutch performer. Here's a hint: Footloose.

Who is Faster?

Poll: Who is Faster?

The scenario: It's the Combine and the 60-yard shuttle and 40-yard dash are the next drills.

Who would be faster?

Brandin Cooks

New Orleans Saints WR Brandin Cooks is fast. During the 2014 NFL Combine, he set a new record for the 60-yard shuttle at 10.72 seconds making it the fastest time ever in combine history. He is also a top performer in the NFL Combine for the 20-yard shuttle and 40-yard dash.


Listed as one of the top 10 fastest animals in the world, the gazelle is sometimes able to out run a cheetah. Some gazelles are able to run at bursts up to 60 MPH. To keep a consistent pace, they usually move at around 30 MPH.

Combine Confessional: Glenn Gronkowski

The younger brother of Rob Gronkowski. Kansas State full back Glenn Gronkowski shows that the family personality doesn't stop with his older brothers.

Combine Confessional: Jerell Adams

Jerell Adams, TE out of South Carolina, is more than just great athlete. Not only does he love kids, but he always has a smile on his face!

Super Stats: Bench Press

Poll: Super Stats: Bench Press
Washington Redskins defensive end Stephen Paea is the man! He holds the NFL Combine record for lifting 225 pounds not once, not twice but 49 times in a row! That's a lot of strength!

Combine Confessional: Jared Goff

University of California QB Jared Goff talks about his football heroes, what makes him unique, and why he should be drafted by the NFL. He also reveals that he's a fan of Taylor Swift.

Super Stats: J.J. Can Jump!

Poll: J.J. Can Jump!
When J.J. Watt was in the 2011 combine, he proved he has a very impressive jump.

The vertical jump measures how low players can get and how much power they can get off the line. This is used most often to see the power of linebackers and defensive linemen.

Combine Confessional: Willie Beavers

Willie Beavers is ferocious. This O-lineman from Western Michigan is a relentless competitor. Comparing himself to Jake Matthews, he believes his athleticism and his footwork set him apart from the rest of the pack. Also, he's a fisherman.

Combine Confessional: Braxton Miller

Ohio State wide receiver Braxton Miller demolishes the competition on the field and in Call of Duty. Find out about his play style, level of dedication, and what he brings to the game of football.

Combine Confessional: Will Fuller

What do you know about Notre Dame WR Will Fuller? Hear about his strengths, work ethic, and communication style on the field! See which current NFL player inspires him the most.