Caption this picture of Travis Benjamin getting lifting up by his teammate.  WEEEEE!

Hey, it could happen to anyone.

Caption this pic of Dak transforming into his mascot. 

Way to make an entrance, Kenny Golladay. Wow. 

Caption this flying rookie!

That is one way to not lose your gloves! LOL! 
Caption this pic of Beastmode arriving at the game today! 
Raiders @ Titans 



den1960 just scored 47,800 points in Blitz Bots Barrage!

HEY! Let your hair down! And have a happy Labor Day! 

Caption this EPIC shot of Miami Dolphin, Jay Ajayi, aka the Jay Train!

Cleveland Browns Jabrill Peppers and Jamar Taylor catching some air. Caption this celebration!

Mondays got us like.... 

Wide Reciever Squad Goals.

Caption this epic NY Giants crew posing for the camera after practice!

New York Giants QB Josh Johnson skipping past a Pittsburgh Steeler in their preseason match-up. LOL!

Caption this silly picture!

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson ran along the Great Wall of China with a bunch of kiddos wearing his jersey. It was a lifelong dream of his to run the wall. (Not the whole thing, that is 5,500.3 miles!)

Epic Stuff. 

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz is having too much fun at camp! Caption this pic of him looking so happy and wearing his helmet like a goober! 

Yep. That is Edelman and Amendola with a REALLY BIG CAT. 

Can you give it a purrr-fect caption?

OBJ has got the moves... on the field and on the dance floor! 

Name this sideline boogie.

Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle, Givens Price is plotting something with one of his coaches and that swiss cheese looking football on a stick... the question is: what are they planning?!

Give this a caption!

What in the heck is that guy doing to Edelman with that red poker?!

Give us your caption in the comments!

Detroit Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford is shredding on an emoji guitar. So, yea... that's gonna need a great caption. 

Hit us with your best shot in the comments!!!

Carolina Panthers Josh Norman has a ho-down in the end zone after a pick-six.  What is this move called?

That's some SERIOUS BLING, Tom Brady!!!!!! 

Can you caption this picture, because we have no words! That is so awesome!

This picture is pretty funny ... but it needs a caption. Tell us in comments.

So many places you can take this: have fun!

What are Houston Texans D.J. Reader, Jadaveon Clowney and J.J. Watt doing here?

No, seriously ... what are they doing?

Caption This in comments.

Sooooooooooo many possibilities here! Give us your best caption in comments.

Poll: How many sacks will Myles Garrett get his rookie season?
Myles Garrett goes horizontal with a tackling dummy. YOU get to give us a great caption in comments. GO!

And when you're done captioning, tell us: how many sacks will Myles Garrett get his rookie season?

A) 0-3. Rookie has a lot to learn.

B) 4-6: Not bad for year one.

C) 7+: Myles was the number one pick for a reason.

Caption This, referee edition.

Go ahead, tell us what's happening here and make it good!

Former NFL great wide-receiver Nate Burleson is joining the NFL Today Sunday pregame show ... yeah!

But what in the name of Lombardi is he doing in this picture?