This moment between these two incredible QBs. 


Gronk being Gronk!

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James Harrison is a beast.

Caption this shredded photo of him.

Super Bowl QB Meet & Greet!

What do you think they are saying?!?!?!?

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Sun's out, TONGUES OUT?

Caption this selfie Mark Ingram took with Saints mascot Grumbo. 

cicoletti just scored 19,259 points in Frankfurter Fling 2!


Caption this photo of Jalen Ramsey, Malik Jackson, Telvin Smith, and A.J. Bouye posing at the Pro Bowl!

Caption this AMAZING photo from Sunday's Championship game. 

That throw though... 

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The ultimate Viking, Stefon Diggs etched his name in NFL Playoffs history by keeping the Vikings Super Bowl hopes alive with one incredible play!

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The Vikings defense was NOT messing around on Sunday.  Caption this photo of LB Anthony Barr after he got the pick.

People are calling the Vikings win on Sunday the "Minnesota Miracle."

Caption this EPIC photo of the saviors of the game QB Case Keenum and WR Stefon Diggs right after their game sinching play.

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Sitting down on the job... Or Sitting UP in the air is more like it! 

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Speed that can change the game in one play.

Caption this pic of Ted Ginn Jr's game-changing play!

(Doesn't he look like he is skipping and dancing down the field?! LOL!)

Blake Bortles: tongue out and sneak fast. 

He had more rushing yards than passing yards. 

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Patrick Mahomes has quite the wind-up! 

Let. It. Fly.

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Quite the entrance: T.J. Watt jumping into the New Year like...

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DeAndre Hopkins with the catch of the year?

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With Beast Mode, it takes an army... (of Eagles.)

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We are calling it the " Smith Spike."

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You’ll need more than one to take down Beastmode!

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YAY! Piggyback rides! 

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This is an actual photo from the middle of an NFL game, and we still can't believe it.

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Caption this epic pic from the Panthers @ Vikings game!