Will the Broncos Stumble?


I feel like the Denver Broncos COULD go undefeated this year. However, I don't think they WILL go undefeated.


The reason I believe that they will lose at least one game this year is because they will be over confident. The game that they will have the best chance of losing is in week 12, against the New England Patriots. They'll probably be 11-0 at the time, and the game is in New England. The Patriots are 4-0 and haven't played the most difficult teams. Last week they played against Atlanta, who is a challenge for every team, and the Patriots ended up winning. The Patriots had some injuries, but they will all be ready to play in week 12 against the Broncos. This will be the most difficult challenge this year for the Broncos in the regular season.

The most difficult challenge for them in the post season will be the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. That's going to be a real challenge for the Broncos. If no other team beats them, the Packer's may give them their first loss. Don't forget to BACK THE PACK!!!



Will the Packers beat the Broncos this season?

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