Who Will Win Rookie Of The Year This Season?

The best rookie this season is going to be Robert Griffin III. I personally think this because he was amazing at Baylor. He actually knows how to read the defense, he has speed, and he is accurate. His nickname is RG3 and he won the Heisman Trophy.


Robert Griffin III is also very smart. He got his bachelors degree in Political Science and his masters in communications. His career stats are amazing with 10,071 passing yards and his total offensive yards is 12,294. He became the first player from Baylor to ever win the Heisman Trophy. He was by far the best quarterback in college this year and the most accurate. In 2011 his completion percent never got below 70.

In conclusion, I think RG3 is going to win rookie of the year this season. You can see why I say this by looking at his stats that I included. I'm looking forward to this NFL season and watching RG3 dominate the league.

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