Who Missed Out? Pro Bowl Rosters Investigated!

"While this may seem like a foregone conclusion . . . that certainly was not the case!"

A lot has changed since the beginning of the season! Much of the intrigue each year is to see what new players will stand out. This is often most evident in the Pro Bowl rosters for each year. So, here are. . .


Arian Foster! If you had asked anyone at the start of the season who would have been the NFL’s leading rusher, I seriously doubt anyone would have even thought of him, much less said he would. He went undrafted out of Tennessee but kept his dream alive. Now, it’s alive and well!

Michael Vick! While this may seem like a foregone conclusion, this year was supposed to be the start of the Kevin Kolb dynasty. That certainly was not the case! By the way, Vick just signed his first endorsement deal since returning to the NFL.


One name that seems to jump out at me is that of Randy Moss. For all the hoopla that surrounded No. 81 (actually, No. 84), the fact that his production numbers took a major dive is, at the very least, disheartening.

Another player that seems to be leaving an empty space on the roster is Darren Sharper. He was one of the best ball-hawks in the league last year. What happened to him this time around?

The Super Bowl is coming up next week! I can’t wait!


Kid Reporter-KC

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