Who Is Your Team Going To Get?

The 2014 -15 NFL season is ONLY seven months away!  How is your team going to improve enough to win Super Bowl XLIX?


There are three ways to do it:


1. Draft some stud college players when the NFL Draft begins on Thursday, May 8th 
2. Pull off a blockbuster trades

3. Sign an awesome Free Agent


NFL RUSH draft coverage will begin in the next few weeks, and you know we'll cover any big trades.

But what about the Free Agents?  Below is our short list of the best platers available...which one is perfect for your team?

Leave us a comment and tell us why you hope that your team adds one of these NFL stars during this offseason.


1.  Jimmy Graham (TE) - New Orleans Saints

Size, speed and awesomeness are Jimmy's specialties.  He tallied 1,215 receiving yards and 16 TDs last year...think your team could use that?


2. Eric Decker (WR) – Denver Broncos

If you like big, fast wide receivers with sticky hands, Eric's your guy.  He's 6'3", 214 lbs., and catches footballs like they're chocolate-chip cookies.


3. Greg Hardy (DE) – Carolina Panthers

Greg, aka the “Kraken,” unleashed the fury for 15 sacks last season. 15!!!  At 6'4", 280 lbs.,, he's an imposing force of nature who could make any team's defense better. 


4. Brian Orakpo (LB) – Washington Redskins

Close you eyes for a second.  Imagine your favorite team’s current defense.  Okay, now imagine that same defense with one of the leagues best pass-rushing LBs, Brian Orakpo.  Better, right?


5. T.J. Ward (S) – Cleveland Browns

Young, athletic strong safeties are in short supply in the NFL.  Ward covers TEs and RBs like a wet blanket and tackles like a mack truck.  Yes, your defense could use him.


If your team could add one of these players, which would you choose?

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